Islam’s Greatest On-Going Lie – Islam is not Aggressive (1 of 2)

UI – Part 595 – Islam’s Greatest On-Going Lie – Islam is not Aggressive (1 of 2)


Oh my, oh my, oh my, how the Islamists, and Muslims (maybe not the heretics) lie.  In prior issues on this blog we have discussed the lies of Islam. There are many.  At the end of this posting I will refer you to a few of the prior posts. And keep reading as more will be written on this topic in the future.  There is so much deception in Islam, from its basis in history, its history and its current teaching and preaching that exhausting the material for this subject is impossible.  But today we will discuss the claim that Islam is not ‘Aggressive.’  Anyone who says it is not is but a fabricator of reality. 

The Bully Prophet

The Founder of Islam is Muhammad (let’s call him ‘M’).  A mortal who by his personal lifestyle might be considered a bully.  His preference was a personal god, Allah.  Just one god was sufficient.  Proclaiming only Allah as god made him a minority in his hometown of Mecca.  He was disruptive as a street preacher and denounced by his family and others.  A pluralistic society surrounded him, honoring many gods.  There was relative peace during the time of an annual bazaar in Mecca.  Many factions brought goods and wares for sale during a time agreed upon as free of conflict. The Arabs were constantly at odds with each other, the bedouins when necessary seeking new oases for water or grazing lands for their camels, even coins to buy from others.  One tribe would strike out against another to achieve superiority.   But once each year they would gather in Mecca to trade. There were pagans and Jews, but many Christians.   Over 360 gods were worshipped by Arab bedouin tribes that came to Mecca,  Idols were displayed in the Kaaba.  The Kaaba was maintained by M’s family, the Qurashi.  M’s penchant to stand on street corners and condemn those who did not honor his Allah was disruptive.  There were friends and family, his wife Khadija, that went along with his claims, converted you can say, but few others.  He felt persecuted.  He was hesitant to fight back, maintaining a more humble profile, as the majority were against him.  

M left Mecca, invited to Yatrib.  He was invited by Jewish persons seeking a negotiator to help settle differences between bedouin arabs and themselves.  They were aware of his history as a successful trader and felt his skills with business agreements would be helpful.  They were. They desired a compact between the tribes and the Jews that would engender peaceful co-existence.  At the same time M was accorded, along with the few that followed him to Yatrib (today’s Medina), the opportunity to speak about his ideology and Allah.  He needed money to grow his followers.  Knowledgeable about caravans and trade routes he decided raids could enhance his treasury and spoils shared could grow a greater constituency for his program.  The aggressive nature of the Muhammadian’s enabled this force to grow, not as an army initially, but as a disparate group willing to join together each time they were called. It was M’s band of marauders, plunderers and rapists.  He referred to himself as Allah’s Prophet and Messenger, telling his contingent of aggressors what they did they did with god’s blessing.  As bullies they could conduct themselves as a party of robbers and be blessed by Allah. He sought to unify them as his tribe.  Those from Yatrib that had originally invited him to come to their city felt betrayed; they were not happy with M.

Those closest to M became his Companions, loyalists and commanders.  They pledged their allegiance by saying, at M’s insistence, that Allah was one, and M was his Messenger (the Shahadah).  Those that made the decision, and commitment, to be part of M’s aggressive raiding parties and benefit from the lucre obtained could never choose to not do so in the future.  Such apostasy, their loyalty to the self-proclaimed-Prophet a casual thing, would be punished.  A sword to the neck of an apostate convinced others of the serious nature of M’s intentions.  The tribe of M grew.  They enjoyed the loot and the often captured female and young sex-slaves.  M had first dibs. As a majority they could be even more aggressive, make more raids, take more captives, woman and children, and face any who might disagree with their actions with the power of their sword. Within Yatrib they were able to take control, dominating policies. The blood of victims of raids and non-supporters became as a stimulant.  M told his tribe that ‘fear and violence’ would insure others would know them.  With greater numbers the Prophet became more bully than evangelizer coercing persons to say the Shahadah, commit, pay a fee for safety (jizya), or be terminated. 

The bully-tribe continued to grow until M used them as a large force to return to his hometown and exact vengeance on those who disliked his claims when he lived among them (as a minority).  To avoid their aggressive action and death, the only requirement of the people of Mecca was to say the Shahadah.  Once said they were trapped, as leaving was not possible, and acting as M commanded, claiming it was the Will of Allah, was necessary. It was submission or else.  

The Struggle of Islam

Fighting and supporting M and Allah became the struggle, the jihad of those who submitted, willingly or not.  The command from M was clear, Jihad was to now course through their veins.  They could enjoy the spoils of his ‘openings’, or conquests, as they captured new territory for Allah, M and his tribe.  It was a gang, a bully pack, as wolves, thirsty for blood, conquest, and wealth. They continued to increase in numbers. It was a male cabal for which women and children could be captives, slaves, and sex-tools, with the blessing provided them by M.  To die in their aggressive efforts for Allah and M was to find houris and an eden in the afterlife, as the best of women on earth multiplied many times over, and the fruits sweeter and more abundant than any similar delights ever experienced.  In victory they would have life, blessed as soldiers of M and god, Allah.  The struggle was for M and Allah, in victory or death. 

Christians coerced to join were confused, had their doubts, but preferred life to death. For those that refused, they were killed, often in front of others who also resisted.  To be boiled and eaten, or beheaded, was a statement that the bullies, the M gang, was in town, large and in charge.  Fear and violence was at the doorstep.  If those that converted changed their minds and fought M’s men, they were now against M, his ideology, and the Muhammadians could only defend themselves. 

Murder in 632

M was murdered at age 62 by Aisha, her father (Abu Bakr), another wife and her father (Umar).  It was the year 632AD, the murderers were crafty in taking charge of the force M had developed.  The Companions and the followers, the marauders, the bullies, the gang, were organized into an army, promised conquests and rewards, women and wealth.  They were hungry for blood, treasure and sex, and now under new leadership it would be even better.  They would be more aggressive.  There was much territory beyond their Arab lands to be vanquished.

Abu Bakr – 1st Caliph

From Wikipedia: “Abu Bakr thus assumed power, ruling over the Rashidun Caliphate from 632 to 634 CE. Once in power, Abu Bakr launched the Ridda Wars to quell an outbreak of “apostasy” in various lands outside Medina (Yatrib). The Ridda Wars, however, were expanded to include the use of force against Muslims who did not recognize Abu Bakr’s government, instead of solely focusing on those who had left Islam. After the conclusion of the Ridda Wars, Abu Bakr launched campaigns into Syria and Persia, but died before their conclusion. Another significant event during Abu Bakr’s reign was the seizure of the land of Fadak from Fatimah, Muhammad’s daughter.” After Abu Bakr, Umar (Caliph #2) continued to exploit Syria and Persia.

Abu Bakr was an aggressor. He was succeeded by Umar, who was even more aggressive. 

Arab Lands and Surrounding Areas 

The land of the bedouins were surrounded by non-M followers, mostly Christians whose faith was supported and protected by the Roman Empire, their Byzantine leadership in Constantinople.  Since the time of Christ, 600 years prior, followers of Christ became more dominant, cities grew and churches were built.  The Byzantines, the Christians and Constantinople became the targets, primary targets to the north and west where this new army for Allah could aggressively find success.  

To the east lie the Sassanid Empire, or what remained of it after years battling Byzantines. They too were ripe for slaughter, but first the Christian areas. 

Syria was near, and a base for the Byzantine army.  The murderers of M as kings, the Caliphs, enforced the law of apostasy and insisted upon the Shahadah.  A goal of the raids was to grow Islam, a plan of the terrorist leaders.  Allah was a convenience as attributing their accomplishments to the almighty was an incentive. If they died, they died doing god’s Will and would find those pleasures outlined by M. It was a win-win situation for the aggressors for Allah, M and now the Caliphs. The people of that time revered the unknown.   And god, Allah, was unknown (an unknowable).  But for many, as was the case in Mecca before M, many gods filled the idea of the void that was the incomprehensible.  All those non-M believers were as plums to be plucked for the M ideology or Islam. 

The battle of Yarmuk in 636 became a major success for Umar and his army leading them to be even more aggressive, as superior people, in their effort to plow the fields laid by Christ followers to the West.

…to be continued…. 

Grace and Peace

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