Imam’s Lie (political Islamists) & Distort

UI – Part 576 – Imam’s Lie (political Islamists) & Distort


As for Islamic fabrications – There were prior blogs on the falsification of Aisha’s age and purity when she married Muhammad (…). Another on the murder of Muhammad by close Companions (…). Muhammad’s daughter, Fatima, was killed by close associates of Muhammad within several months of his murder (…).  Today we can discuss more lies and distortions promulgated by scholars of Islam, Imam’s and muftis and clerics, used to make Islam seem practical by telling altered truths to deceive believers into believing is what it is not.  The fact the Islamists, scholars and autocrats, cannot be honest clouds the whole of Islam.  The argument that it is an ideology constructed by human for humans, and not nice humans, is valid.  It is not a religion and god, or Allah, is being used to provide justification for a false claim. 


From the book, The Tragedy if Islam, Admissions of a Muslim Imam, by Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, 2018, by Reason Books, Adeilade, South Australia, pg. 117, “the clerical institutions always strive to maintain a noble image for the wives and relations of Prophet Mohammad for the ‘greater purpose’ of upholding the positive reputation of the religion and its messenger.”  

Armies for Imam’s and Islamist Autocrats

Muhammad had a rag-tag following.  It was not an army.  There were a few that were loyal and represented a base upon which Muhammad could then go forth to raid caravans for profit. Other tribes in the area would join with his team when they saw the opportunity would be fruitful, or worthy causes to achieve victory.  It was not until after his death when the first Caliph’s and subsequent Caliph’s used terrorist tactics to include beheadings and the burning of victims to instill fear in people in occupied areas. Muhammad did behead his enemies, but not as a means to conquer, more to raise up the flag of his monotheistic religious proclamations and quiet those who offered resistance.

Islam has a murderous history of occupation, coercion, corruption and conversion.  It is not the history of Muhammad but that of the Caliph’s, the earliest two who were murderers of Muhammad, that represent the patterns of Islam that ensued.  Muhammad as the complete example is a distortion. Even the rules of engagement as practiced by the Prophet were altered. The Caliph’s (like Kings) became the generals of their own armies, no longer rag-tag or an ensemble of tribes gathered for separate and distinct raids.  They united and grew a band of well compensated warriors and began to take lands well beyond the borders Muhammad had in mind.  They became totalitarian dictators and oppressive autocrats that would extirpate dissenters and any who interfered with their personal agendas in the most viscous and horrendous ways conceivable. Their agenda, their greed, was more important than the arguments of Muhammad.  However they allowed for Muhammad’s faith, as he enabled them, gave them strength, and provided an ideological cover, as a religion, at a time when god was important throughout the lands they sought to conquer.   

Recall that in Muhammad’s youth, his hometown was the location of the Kaaba, his family its keeper, and it housed idols for all believers, over 360, including that of Jesus Christ.  Those who visited the area to trade would seek blessings, or pray, to the god of their choosing. Muhammad grew up in a pluralistic society. 

Those that inherited Muhammad’s movement, as killers of the Prophet, used what Muhammad achieved for their own purposes, citing Allah as their champion too, and crediting their success to Allah’s Will.  But it was their empires and not heaven on earth that became the early nation of Islam.  Most Islamic Nations today are empires more associated with the exploits of the early Caliphs and not of Muhammad.  

Sunni & Shiite

The first three Caliph’s are associated with the Sunni side of Islam, representing the bulk of believers.  The fifth Caliph, Ali (Fatima’s husband and Muhammad’s blood, as cousin), are associated with the Shiite side of Islam.  The murderers of Muhammad (and his daughter) have never been condemned for their actions.  The battle rages, too, between Sunni and Shiite for hegemony of Islam.  The Shiite side had no role in the poisoning of the Prophet. The Shiite’s historically, until Iran’s Ayatollah was corrupted by the power provided at the time of the Iranian Revolution (1979), kept mosque and state separate from governance, more tolerant of pluralistic societies and more in favor of Shiite Islam as private practice. 

Empire Builders

Abu Bakr, Aisha’s father was the first Caliph.  He was not related to Muhammad, except through the marriage of his daughter.  He did not have the DNA strain of the Prophet.  He assumed the leadership role after killing Muhammad and claiming Muhammad named him as successor.  That was despite months before his death Muhammad having told an audience of over 100,000 (event at Ghadir Khumm) that Ali would be his successor. 

The second Caliph, Omar (Umar) was a callous blood thirsty marauder, a deviant leader, a hypocrite whose actions displayed his preferences, justice ignored, and punishment meted indiscriminately. He was not a fan of women, often ill-treating them without regard for their sex, their strength or their character, but just because they were weak and female. Heinous acts have been glossed over in the annals of Islamic history; Islam finding ways to sanction the many terrible things Omar committed.  Omar was a savage tyrant that oppressed people while enriching himself.  It is not the story the Imams will tell followers.  Omar is the one responsible for the death of Muhammad’s daughter while in service to Abu Bakr, threatening to burn her house down with her and her children inside if she did not declare loyalty to the thieves of Muhammad’s legacy and her inheritance. She escaped the fire but not physical damage inflicted by Omar in the process which led to her dying. She never gave her pledge.

Abu Bakr died within two years.  Omar became Caliph, and was murdered ten years later.  After Oman came Uthman. Uthman was also assassinated (served for 14 years).  The Quran contained rules and regulations stipulated and practiced by the early Caliph’s.  Uthman choose the final copy which was also lacking many of the verses history suggests were lost when Companions who memorized them were killed in battle soon after Muhammad’s death.  The scripture of Islam contains abstracts from biblical history, rules made-up by Muhammad’s murderers, and stories told to encourage the hatred of Christians and Jews that knew history, that of Jesus, and the Prophets (those of the Bible).  Many Jews during Muhammad’s lifetime never accepted his self declaration as a Prophet. He resented the Jews for this.  The Caliph’s used Muhammad, the revered character he was, to lay the foundation for their own kingdoms.  They were not godly kingdoms. 

Ali became the fourth Caliph (first Imam of Shia Islam), his reign lated 5 years.  He was assassinated during prayer.  His son, Hasan, followed, but abdicated in less that a year (est. 6-7 months). He was succeeded by a Sunni (Mu’awiyah). 

Is Islam Truth?

Much of Islam as shared with believers today is a lie.  It is political in nature.  It is designed to create fiefdom’s for the scholars and the autocrats that accept them at their side as religious leaders adding to a false sanctification and justification for their control and personal desires.  They (Imams, Ulema, autocrats of Islam) are never subject to the laws of Islam they police and enforce.  This follows the example of Muhammad and the Caliphs. 


Muslims must recognize they are slaves and victims of a false ideology using Muhammad and Allah as Messenger and god.  Muslims, as every person, are born as children of God, not the Allah that dictates via humans.  Everyone needs to understand Islam and the freedoms Muslims can enjoy when following a different path, a more truthful, honest, way of life.  The grace of the Lord and the blessing the Gospel provides needs to be wholly considered.  It is the Word of God they must embrace, not the Quran.  Freedom comes when the person, the individual, finds his heart and mind engaged with the living God, Christ, aware of the sacrifice made, as only God could do, to make us all right anew.  Be assured of your salvation. 


Allah deceives.  In the Quran verses 8:30 (“…and Allah, too, had arranged a plan; and Allah is the best of deceivers.”) and 3:54 (“And Allah is the best of planners.”) claim Allah as the best of deceivers. 13:42 (“…all planning is Allah’s.”) as well.  It is interesting to note also that verse 57:14 identifies Satan as the arch deceiver.  The authors of Islam whose wants are outlined in their Scripture  are as Satan’s scribes. They were not godly, and the masters of Islam cannot make that so. 

No longer a slave of fear when living as a child of God, saved by his Grace.

Grace and Peace.

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