Know the Evil that is Iran

UI – Part 639 – Know the Evil that is Iran

Iranian Revolution and The Ayatollah

In 1979 there was a revolution in Iran. The Ayatollah returned from exile to overthrow the government of Reza Shah. President Jimmy Carter did nothing to prevent this theocratic zealot from taking control of a nation that had close ties with the free world and the strongest military in the Middle East. The Ayatollah had a very effective propaganda machine that enabled him to stir the fires of hatred within the Iranian Shiite community towards the Shah and his secular government. The lies spread worked to his advantage. There is more to this story  The Ayatollah found a place from which he could launch his globalist desire for an all Islamic Shia world. Iran was but a vehicle, a vessel, for his poison to be spread first in the Middle East, and then to the world as a whole. Targeting America and Israel as independent democracies threatening the purity of Islam, the Ayatollah has been able to create many terrorist groups to attack Christians, Jews, and free loving people worldwide. He has provided funding, equipment, and training.  Neighboring countries have become victims, their citizens along with those in Iran, are but chattel.  His effort to arm violent jihadists against the world, conquering territories for his Allah, is ongoing. Know the evil that strikes from the corridors of what was once the Peacock Throne.

There is a vital point to be made. This is fact. Be aware. Be prepared. Be observant. Do not be fooled by false tolerance on the part of political persons, operatives, principally progressives, liberals, and I will say it, Democrats. “Iranian terror will stop at nothing short of global domination” (Unholy Alliance, by Jay Sekulow, pg 130 of 310, Kindle). The UN and many others turn their backs, fixing from the truth they know exists. Obama appeased, gave billions, for what end. A fool, an ignorant self-effacing feckless Islamist sympathizer doing more harm that good. 


Some history.  Hezbollah is a big part of this conversation.  The foundations for this hate faction with Iran’s full support began before the Ayatollah (Khomeini) rose from hades, or his exile, outside of Iran and his Shia constituents.  It was in Lebanon.  It became a Shiite combat group training and preparing for the return of the Imam (the label for the top spot in the Shia world – their Caliph) to Iran.  They would arrive at the same time and provide the protection and armed resistance to any that might try to prevent the Revolution.  Hezbollah has become the example outside Iran of the Ayatollah’s plan to attack all that is not Shiite, or Islam, with nearby Israel a main target of hatred and extermination.  


The Flag of Hezbollah

An American presence or influence in the area is a problem for the Imam. Every American is a voice or face of democracy.  Democracy, freedom, is anathema to the Imam and Islam.  Their standards are not the standards for independent or free people.  Having them as a potential influence in the lens of their most immediate opportunity to coerce and change populations to the ideals of Shiism and Sharia is a nuisance.  They encourage their departure, using any means, to include seeking the opinion of Americans in their homeland, through polling and propaganda, to pressure the Federal Government and the President to pull out any troops.  It is not in our interest to do so.  We need intelligence on the ground. But it is not in the Ayatollah’s interest to have US stay.

Jay Sekulow informs us, “History does not hide the fact that Iran has “played the leading role” in creating and sponsoring Hezbollah. Iran is clearly Hezbollah’s ideological parent. From Iran’s perspective, Hezbollah is the realization of Iran’s ‘zealous campaign to spread the message’ of the Islamic Revolution“ (Unholy Alliance, pg. 129/310, Kindle) 

Many of the militants trained in Lebanon prior to the 1979 Revolution became members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG), and Quds Force. The Ayatollah is the leader of Hezbollah, who has a headquarters in Tehran and receives an estimated $140 million annually from Iran.  

From the Lebanese civil war in the 70’s the contingent comprising Shiite adherents emerged. From the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Muslim leftists and radicals against Lebanon’s Christians the Ayatollah saw an opportunity to exploit Allah’s violent fighters, the suicide bombers, for his purposes too. 

Lebanon had a Shiite presence from inception after WWII resulting from mandates granting France control of the area. Ill defined, as was the case for Iraq, Syria and Transjordan (British), there were several religious or ideological elements already living within the borders established, Muslim (Sunni and Shiite) and Christian. After the 1948 Israeli-Arab War Palestinian refugees, including those displaced from Jordan (not welcomed in Saudi Arabia), moved into, occupying, Lebanon as well. Al-Sadr, a Lebanese Shiite, born in Iran, organized the Shiites into a political party. They grew in numbers, strength and influence. By the mid-70’s al-Sadr’s Party had a militia called Amal. Fatal, the military branch of the PLO, trained Amal personnel. The Shiite resistance joined forces with the PLO against Israel. An eventual split with the PLO led to Hezbollah’s creation. 

After the Revolution the Hezbollah Clerics pledged allegiance to the Ayatollah and succeeded when seeking financial support. They became an arm of Iran’s zealots whose mission became more revolutions to achieve added Shiite theocracies and hierarchies. Competition for Middle East hegemony began. The final say when decisions are made by Hezbollah is the Ayatollah. 

Iran established a presence in Lebanon, and today they have gained traction in Syria and Iraq. Iran has diplomatic missions all over the world. They are often as eyes and ears for opportunity at subterfuge, especially against Jewish or American interests.

The Model of Terror

Iran is the model for radical jihadist terror.  The Iranian Revolution to the Ayatollah is more; it is an Islamic Revolution.  There are Iranian Revolutionary Guards stationed with Hezbollah in the Bekaa Valley in Northern Lebanon.  Since 1979 Hezbollah, encouraged or directed by the Ayatollah, has kidnapped over a hundred persons, ran suicide bombers into Marine Barracks in Beirut, as well as French military quarters, killing hundreds, aided bomb attacks on American Embassies in East Africa, maintained cells in Iran Embassies, and attacked an Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Soleimani, now gone, led many of the Iranian Mullah inspired Hezbollah terrorist incursions. 

Hezbollah is a tool of terror for Iran.  

Iran, oddly, has supported Sunni terror groups, such as Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why?  Well the first priority is Muslims against the infidel, emphasis Israel and America.  The second priority is Shiite against Sunni.  Each priority involves violence, extirpation and global domination for Islam.  The Imam ranks Shiite’s as Priority One. Iran’s network, headed by the Imam Ayatollah at the time, now Khamenei, is terror.  Nations that do not accede to the wishes of Iran can expect trouble.  Iraq is a current target to convert to a Shia compliant subservient nation to the dictates and demands of the Ayatollah. Progress is well underway. 

Aided by Iran’s Mullahs the Sudan (early 90’s) became a haven for multiple Islamic terrorist groups and their leadership, such as Al Qaeda’s al-Zawahiri. It was like a safe house, a safe haven for terrorists with logistical and military training imported from Iran. The fingerprints of the IRG, Soleimani and the Ayatollahs are on weapons, bodies and the bodies of suicide bombers and innocents worldwide. Bin-Laden had ties to Iran as he grew his demonic cabal of rabid terrorists against democracy. 

Even Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq, saw the evil soul of Iran and strived to reduce Shiite influence in his Country. For eight years, 80-88, the Iran-Iraq war raged. 

After 9/11 Bush 43 wrongly targeted Iraq as abetting Al Qaeda. It was Iran. Their provisioning of Islamic, Jihadist, destroyers of humanity continues. Iran is the fulcrum of the axis of evil.  Iran has spread its black cloak of influence and today we find Ayatollah’s sickle cutting a swath is Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. They may also be in the southern Caucasus region. Beware of the terrorist Shiite terror-mongers without borders. 

Wake Up

America, the free world, our politicians, must wake up.  Iran is led by a cabal of evil bloodthirsty horror driven hate-filled and hate-fueled jihadists.  These are not godly persons.  There Allah is not the true God.  There is nothing Holy, loving or caring about Allah or the Mullahs that act as if they are his representatives on earth.  They are more satanic, more anti-Christ, than humane.  The free world needs prayer and understanding to deal with the evil that has become politically popular by leftist factions, ignorant of truth and reality. 

As US forces are reduced in the Middle East, Iran moves in. Just as did Russia in Syria when Obama removed US troops instead of defending his red line which Assad crossed. America must be careful and mindful when our presence in the Middle East is lessened. The forces of evil, that is Iran, will seek entry. Russia wants a piece of the Middle East too to show its strength in competition with the USA. Beware a bare chested Putin astride a bear crossing the Tigress & Euphrates. However even the Soviets may prove no match for the Ayatollah when there usefulness as a joint agent against America is no more, and the supremest Shiites stir the wrath of hatred towards Russian Orthodox and pagans to seek their blood and territory for Allah-the-Globalist.  

As Jay Sekulow writes in his book, Unholy Alliance, “when the United States fails to lead, enemies of freedom will fill the vacuum and do everything they can to spread terror and oppression. This is not just a matter of geopolitical gamesmanship between global superpowers. Real lives are on the line—the lives of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, women and children, and innocent people of all ethnicities and nationalities. But as history has also made clear, in a globalized world, terror and chaos are not contained in one region. What happens there will impact our lives here in the United States as well” (pg. 173/310, Kindle). 

The Shiites are of the Twelvers, awaiting the return of the Mahdi. Upon his return there will be a righteous cleansing of evil from the globe. Armageddon.  The Shiites lost 11 Caliphs to Sunnis, all martyred, so they claim.  Number 12, at age 5, disappeared into a well somewhere in Iraq (Samaria).  They call it the occultation.  He is hiding, awaiting his opportunity.  The Ayatollah with his desire for nuclear weapons may be trying to rush his return and create a world disaster of his own.  The Ayatollah is not the Mahdi, but will he be patient?  The belief is that the Mahdi will return with Jesus, a revered prophet of Islam, a mortal in their teaching, and together they will rid the world of evil, that is that of the non-Muslim, or the non-Shiite.  Humans will convert to Shiism. 

Well, I say, won’t they be surprised!!!

A final comment, “Let those who love the Lord hate evil…” (Psalm 97.10).

Grace and Peace


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