Islamist’s Lies – Believers Are Being Duped

UI – Part 575 – Islamist’s Lies – Believers Are Being Duped

Marrying Your Mother

Muslims cannot marry their mothers. Must that really be stated. Does anyone believe marrying your mother is appropriate?  Aisha is referred to as the ‘mother of believers,’ Muslims could not marry their mothers, and thus Aisha could not marry after Muhammad’s death; her husbands would have violated Islamic Law and been subject to severe chastisement.  But it has been revealed that Aisha had many affairs for which she was never accused. (Sura 33:6). She had power and those around her sought to build upon Muhammad’s ideology. They thus hid what they knew, forgiving her, and telling a story cleansed of the facts. She may not have married but many had sex with their mother Aisha. Scholars hide this reality.

It is said by Islamic scholars, those that wish to perpetrate a lie and purify those they choose, and not those they have no need for, thus useful politically, can do so to advance Islam. Aisha was forgiven of murder, adultery and other deviant acts by god, in truth by Imams or the rightly-guided, to include infidelity and adultery, to avoid having Islam tainted by that which might otherwise offend. The lie helps to perpetrate Islam and make Aisha into something she was not, but it is a better story for Islam. 

Fatima and Ali, Fatima’s Death

Fatima was married to Ali, Muhammad’s cousin.  She was the only offspring of Muhammad, her children, and Ali’s, the inheritors of his legacy.   They never accepted the right of the early Caliph’s to Muhammad’s command, withholding their allegiance. Fatima was never given her inheritance (Sura 59:7), instead the Caliph’s took it for themselves.   Many felt Ali, as a direct descendent of Muhammad’s (by way of marriage), should have been the successor, the 1st Caliph.  That was not to be. 

There was conflict and chaos among the companions as to the rightful successor.  Abu Bakr insisted on Fatima’s loyalty.  The caliphate would be stronger and more respected with her support. To force her backing Abu Bakr directed Omar (Umar), a callous, misogynistic, brutal, bully to burn her house and all inside, including children, if she did not pledge herself to the king (Caliph). He needed her to justify his title and keep Muhammad’s followers in tow. She, pregnant at the time, stood her ground.  Omar pushed open the door to her home, hitting her, a nail impaling her, then proceeded to beat her with his sheathed sword. A miscarriage resulted.  All this while kindling was heaped about the property and lit. The fire burned down the house.  Lady Fatima was taken to safety but died shortly thereafter.  She never caved.

Fatima’s death followed that of Muhammad’s by 75 days.  

People today are severely attacked if they defame Muhammad’s name, yet the earliest commanders of the believers of Islam killed Muhammad, killed his daughter, and killed other heirs (Hussein, son of Fatima and Ali). They were never punished. They established, wrote much of the more strident Laws, Sharia Laws, many incorporated into the Quran, and are respected by the scholars of Islam. There is no logic or congruity in all of this. 

Crimes were committed that were against the laws structured by Muhammad.  The early Caliph’s became brutal dictators employing practices against their people, Muslim and non-Muslim, that instilled fear.  ISIS and Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi are more the example of the early Caliph’s than Muhammad. The Caliph’s were conquerers and terrorists, seeking territory and wealth, more for themselves than those overwhelmed, then killed, beheaded and burned regularly, oppressed, coerced to convert, and made to live in fear, as slaves of the caliphate. This they did in the name of Allah. 

Is Islam a lie? Is God being used for political purposes by the ulema of Islam?


What Muslims are taught is not what really transpired.  Who Muslims are to revere and worship are not the saints, even the persons, they have been made out to believe.  Tactics used by Islamic governing bodies are not those Muhammad would have employed.  Many of the laws of Islam were structured into the Scripture by those who succeeded Muhammad, the Caliphs, as it was the third Caliph, Uthman, that finalized the Quran, burning all other copies.  Targets of hatred were used to incentivize those engaged by the Caliph’s to do battle, not to defend their faith, but to take the offense and grow an empire. Destroy what we hate; those hated became victims, killed, raped, or enslaved.  Islam was made into a method to overthrow settled lands and impose the will of the Caliph’s; not the Will of Allah or God.  

Muhammad may have, in my view, corrupted the truth of God’s Word, the Holy Bible, with his own ideas.  It was the early successors, the Caliph’s, that coopted Islam, or Muhammadism, for themselves.  Islam is not the Will of Allah. 


There are reformers that want Islam to be peaceful, and truthful.  Inspiration for this article (and others), and much of the information, came from the book, The Tragedy of Islam, Admissions of a Muslim Imam, by Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, 2018, Reason Books, Adelaide, South Australia.  

Many of the reformers that I have written about live in free nations.  They were born free, but also Muslim.  When they grew up, learned in their ideology, they came to see political Islam as a threat to what they comprehend as a reason to love and fear God, and how to go about their faith.  They view “political Islam” and the “Islamists” as thieves, having stolen what they view as ‘true Islam’ that is tolerant and peaceful. With each lie they spew, with each truth they cover-up, the political Islamists and the ‘hardline’ scholars further distort Islam. It is done for the purpose of humans, not for God’s purpose.  Terrorism, violent jihad, oppression, a lack of women’s rights, a lack of human rights, irregularities in their religious laws that treat men more favorably, honor killing and many other practices of Islam, to include the open hatred of Jews, is to them anathema, as freedom is anathema to the leading political Islamists and Islamic organizations that promote or silently ignore the barbaric habits of jihadists. The reformers believe Muhammad never intended mosque and State be joined, nor the rule of law of a nation be just Sharia Law, nor apostasy punishable by death. 

Beware of radical Islamic teachings being imported into the West, into free nations, to head madrassas and mosques, funded primarily from foreign sources, funding too from extremist’s political ideological centers.  It is not Islamophobic to attack Islamic extremism.  It is the right thing to do. 

More will be written in future articles about Islamist’s Lies.

No longer a slave of fear when living as a child of God, saved by his Grace.

Grace and Peace


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