Israel & Saudi Arabia vs Iran & Biden

UI – Part 661 – Israel & Saudi Arabia vs Iran & Biden 

Biden Leans Towards Iran

President elect Joe Biden may be stuck in the Obama/Biden era when it comes to the Middle East. He is leaning in the direction of Iran with the thought of re-establishing an agreement with this terrorist advocating nation. Recently Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel traveled with the Secretary of State, Pompeo, to Saudi Arabia. The meeting discussion topic, in all likelihood, involved relations with each other and their joint opposition towards threats being made by Iran. Iran versus Saudi Arabia is a Shite vs Sunni dispute, and battle for hegemony in the Middle East. But Israel is also protective of itself from threats made by Iran to destroy this Jewish nation. What will result from the recent meeting in Saudi Arabia will be something to follow.

It is my belief that President Biden should not cater to the Iranian Ayatollah’s regime of Clerics as we are well aware of their support for terrorism and hatred for America as well as Israel. Obama had sympathies towards Iran, his adviser Valerie Jarrett is Iranian.

Biden Advisors/Team

It certainly seems that the Biden presidency will exist in the shadow of Obama‘s prior administration. He is already hiring persons that were involved during their eight year reign. At times it is more class reunion than serious Cabinet staffing.  Many of these are Washington insiders and lobbyists who like the work in the administration, but as history has shown they accomplish little while building their resume, maintaining a diary, and eventually writing books about their experience.  The Obama/Biden Administration was a place to engage in political activities to make money.  The same will be possible under Joe B.  Potentially with greater leverage, and more influence. 

Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas) recently said, ““One thing’s for certain: Joe Biden’s Democratic dream team has a lot of fancy titles. They’ve worked in Washington a long time, but credentials are not the same thing as achievement. If this is the A-Team, we need walk-on tryouts immediately.”

Evil Iran Empire

Iran is an evil Empire. I don’t  think there’s any question about that. Iran is a country run as a theocracy, combining the ideology of Islam, and the tenets of Islam, to include crimes and punishment.  How laws are adopted and applied is inhumane. Laws are not applicable to all residents, unless all residents were Shiite Muslims. For those that are not, or do not adhere to the ideological claims, directives, as the Islamic/Shiite teachers, managing to identify as in the lineage of Mohammed, are not protected by the Laws.  Those who are strident and Shiite adherents are the protected class.  Iran’s Laws are not common laws.  This is not a proper government fair to everyone. It is limited to only those people that totally agree with the Ayatollah’s dictates. If they do not they must stay quiet, or be subject to punishment, as dissidents. You have to wear the clothing that is prescribed; you have to act according to the dictates of the administration; women are oppressed in the historical traditions of the most brutal Islamic thinking, and the people, the lesser people, not the elites, are just used by the administration. They are pawns in their larger chess game that can be eliminated at will and actually put on the front lines of defense as human obstacles which have to be destroyed to get to the house of the leaders.  (See Blog:  Iran is Evil)

So, the United States should not cater to Iran. The United States should not yield to any of the ways of the Ayatollah and his cleric cadre. 

Biden Voice of Others

Biden, however, does not seem capable of thinking for himself. His words are not his own, his actions are not his own, and those that influence him must be analyzed as to who’s voice is the loudest and will eventually be mimicked by Biden himself in presenting what he claims to be his policy.  Biden is not his own man.  And with Obama living in his wall protected estate in Washington DC, not far from the White House, will he become the Oz behind the curtain that stands behind the desk in the Oval Office where Biden will simply sit. 

Should We Be Worried

This question is valid.  Should we be worried?  At the moment, the answer is ‘yes.’  There is so much uncertainty as to the Biden election and his ability to think for himself.  Others will decide and he will choose, either based on polls or consensus.  But he may remain a dove, as he was among the very few that did not want to kill Osama Bin Laden?  Would he have taken the action Trump did to eradicate Soleimani?  What actions might he take that involve risk?  Who will be the voice he listens to the most?  Trump was decisive.  He was a bully too.  Diplomacy was not his forte. Many world leaders will be more comfortable with Biden.  Trump intimidated foreign leaders and may have made it more difficult to achieve ends desired, except for the fact his focus was America, nationalism and not globalism. If foreign leaders wanted america’s support demands placed upon them needed to be met, without compromise.  I do not see that happening with Biden.  

Biden had 12 million Twitter followers and received 75 million votes.  Trump had 80 million Twitter followers and received 74 million votes.  I do not understand these numbers and the outcome of the election.  Was their fraud?  I don’t know, but an investigation is worthy if for nothing else but to protect our Democratic voting system and insure it is not subject to corruption.  Biden may be friendlier than Trump, but that is his political nature.  He will appease to please, but appeasement doesn’t work with Islamic leaders.  They see it as weakness.  The Ayatollah knows Biden is weak.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) knows Biden is weak.  They are in his camp, as liberal sympathizers, and will not ask him tough questions.  I figure they already know it might embarrass Biden as well as the MSM.  I suspect also that press conference reporters are given a list of questions they can ask Biden, as his notes already contain the answers prepared in advance for him (certainly not by him).  Biden often challenges his dissenters to pushups, well I’d like to see him in action.  Not sure he can take the challenge, unless he has a surrogate take his place, just as he will in his decisions and actions in Washington.  The Oval may well become his Basement. 

Frankly I do not believe most Americans understand or even know the thinking of the Islamists.  And whatever Biden tells you he knows, he does not.  You cannot negotiate with the Ayatollah.  Restoring the Iran nuke deal would only be an effort to restore what the Obama/Biden team created and Trump correctly ditched, only to save face and to tell Americans who is bigger and better, while really being smaller and dumber.  Trump corrected many mistakes that Biden will attempt to remake.  Why, because he wants to do push-ups to show his strength.  

Israel and Saudi Arabia

It is not just Israel and Saudi Arabia, but other Sunni Middle Eastern Muslim nations that are reaching agreements with Israel.   That does not include Palestine.  And Biden has persons coming to his potential Administration that are less favorable towards Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu and more favorable to saving face, like Kerry and the Iran deal. Saving face for a Democrat has nothing to do with saving America.  As they have shown during this Covid pandemic, the Democrats will strive to impose their will when and wherever, just to show they are the big guy; although in truth they are more the bully.   Already Congresspersons, like Tlaib and Omar, are speaking out against Israel, their obvious anti-Semitic feelings impossible to hide, wanting less for Israel and more for those who oppose Israel.  They will be heard and Biden will listen.  That should be a concern. 

The next few years will be quite interesting, as if 2020 with Covid, the elitist politicians locking us down, Trump’s Tweets, Joe’s basement escape, and the chaos of the Presidential election has not been enough.

Grace and Peace


Thomas W. Balderston, author and blogger. For his books goto and type in his name. 

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