Knowing Islam is to Know Evil

UI – Part 655 – Knowing Islam is to Know Evil

In clear, cryptic, straightforward terms, Islam is the personification of Evil.  

That said, let me explain.

We are guided in life by principles.  Those principles are intended for good.  Good is not evil.  It means safety and security, It means the ability to play in your yard or streets without fear.  It suggests courtesy and kindness towards others. Objectivity exists and open discourse, to include opposing views, is conducted without retribution.  It mitigates bias, prejudice and racism, to a condition called love.  Love of neighbor and love of God.  Inherent in good is hope and joy, opportunities to achieve and succeed without threat, to be encouraged, not discouraged.  Good is to equal rights as bad or evil is to oppression, to include suppression.   

Islam provides it own principles.  Taking the Quran, dictates of Caliphs following the demise of their leader, Muhammad’s words and actions, and those recollections recorded and published hundreds of years after the death of the Prophet (hadiths), a construct of how a Muslim is to conduct his or herself in life was formulated.   Propagated as a plant having many self-appointed gardeners, followers, born, adopted, coerced or as a choice, are to grow and exist according to manmade principles.  The evil inherent in Islam, the principles, is the use of god, or Allah, taking liberties with the Christian and Judaic God, as the almighty to be obeyed.  As punishment branches of the Muslim plant can be taken, any future use eliminated, and such chastisement can include extirpation, or death.  The plant must be removed when it does not flower according to the manual for the eden created by the Imam’s or ulema (scholars) of this ideology. 


The umma (community) that Muhammad formed has been co-opted for the purposes of subsequent militant dictators, many religious zealots cloaked in thobes, as white purists for their false claims. From their positions of authority they can choose who lives and who dies, whose hands remain in tact and whose bodily parts are removed, those who are stoned or whipped (flogged), even crucified, and those who are banished, incarcerated, or vanish.  Dissidents are not allowed to speak, publish, sing or dance, let alone oppose, using words the authorities find offensive, demeaning or counter to their narrative. For those so inclined the sword of Islam can be unsheathed and given an executioner. The executioner dressed in black to avoid bloodying a thobe. 


Wrapping the ideology of Islam in Allah, more as protective aluminum foil, alters the truth, the reality of Islam as a diabolic plan of power and control by those who rise to power. Allah does protect Islam from exposure, the lies of Islam repeated often enough that a belief system is formed, with a false god mantle.  It has worked for centuries, since the 7th Century in fact, and continues to grow.  This is Satan’s doing.  Since creation Satan, as the fallen angel, has opposed God and promised to dominate.  Those who lead Islam may not be the anti-Christ, but certainly the barbaric practices employed, the lack of human rights, the oppression of women, the handicapped, even homosexuals, the hatred towards Jews and Christians, indeed against all non-Muslims, the infidel, paints a gruesome, a black picture of violence and fear towards those non-compliant. The darkness, the shadows of Islam, even lurk in the corners of a Muslim majority area as friends, neighbors, watchmen and Islamic police are the eyes and ears for the ulema and autocrats conditioned to rat on their associates, as if they can be Allah for a day. This is neither liberty nor freedom.  In fact see Islam for what it is, a manmade political system.

In America the secularist Democrats, the more left wing of the Party, the socialists and progressive extremists, find those who believe in the Christian-Judaic God as weak, preferring they depend on government for their moral and ethical values.  They also find family a structure that alters the minds of children who they would prefer be led, taught, induced and conditioned by a liberal education system with opinion and thoughts input by liberal minded, already conditioned, educators.  They want to remove God and family from our Nation.  Theirs is a manmade system.  Islam is a manmade system too.  But Islam recognized people are wired to believe in forces much greater than themselves, that is God, and thus found a device, Allah, one god, singular in purpose, having however many appellations (88 if I am correct), as their almighty.  They convince Muslims that Allah and the Christian, the Jewish God, are the same.  They are not. Allah is Evil.  God is Love.  Is that easy enough to remember? 

Matthew 12:35, “A good man brings good things from the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him.”

Food for Thought.

by Thomas W. Balderston

Author and blogger.

The book:  Damascus Quran, a novel, is readily (now) available at Amazon on Kindle.  

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