Islam’s Greatest On-going Lie – Islam is not Aggressive (2 of 2)

UI – Part 595 – Islam’s Greatest On-going Lie – Islam is not Aggressive (2 of 2)

Foundations of Christian Life

Hundreds of years before Muhammad the foundations of Christianity were laid.  It was over 600 years since the birth of Christ.  The followers of Christ spread to the west along the northern coast of Africa; Egypt was a large center of the faith.  But so too Alexandria, Corinth, Carthage, from what is today Cairo, Libya to Morocco, Christians lived peacefully and worshipped in many churches.  There were sinners among them as we all sin, but God’s presence was felt, and the Word of God continued to be spread. Certainly the Roman Empire, from Spain, through France, Germany, England across Vienna, Hungary and Romania into Constantinople the foundational belief of most people was in Christ, the saving Grace of God.  The Byzantine Empire was a Judeo-Christian world.  The Old Testament paved the way for the New Testament and a worldly view of the righteousness of Christ, as God’s Son, and as man’s savior, the Messiah, was evolving.  The Pax Romana embraced Christ.

Easy Pickings

For the Caliphs this Christian world was for the taking; the surprise element would be on their side, and the opportunities for plunder incredibly great.  Allah was to them great (“Allahu Akbar became their chant) for laying this all before them.  They would be aggressive in converting these polytheists.  M (Muhammad) never did understand the trinity, the oneness of God, and so they followed by example.  There would be conversions. There would be treasures in abundance.  There would be much death, raping, plundering and total destruction of advancing cultures, growing communities, architectural and historical artifacts.  Records of history written on papyrus and other forms became kindling to light the way at night for those bullies terrorizing new lands of opportunity (for them). These precious articles of ancient history also became torch lights for use in latrines.

Within 75 years after the 1st Caliph began his aggressive foray into the world outside Arabia the Saracens took the north of Africa and ventured across the straits of Gibraltar into Spain. The land was bespoiled with the blood of Christians. The Justinian Plague of the 6th Century took as many as 40% of the population of the area, and the Muslims a half century later virtually completed the eradication of what survived.  Joined by the Berbers, even more heartless, they accepted the Islam way (as it was in concert with their own habits of plunder), this growing pack of animals continued spoiling a world evolving for Christ. To the east the Sassanid empire fell to Umar, the 2nd Caliph, and the lands of Mesopotamia became additional territories to ply the aggression of Islam.  Constantinople was a major target.

However as lava bursting forth from a volcano in time it would slow, the flows would be less aggressive and so was the case for Islam.  Slowed in conquest, but not without hundreds of years doing battle, Islam settled predominantly in areas today referred to as the Middle East, North Africa and parts of southeast Asia. These were transformed in less than 100 years after the death of M, areas once Christian emptied, destroyed, left to smolder, to become lands of Islam.  What took over 600 years to form, was aggressively, violently, stricken, beheaded, in less than 1/6th the time.

Aggressive Methods Employed By Islam

  • Priests immolated, some during communion
  • Virgins defiled
  • Nuns defiled on altars
  • Infants taken from mothers
  • Churches used as stables for horses
  • Youths circumcised, boys and girls, without anesthesia
  • Women raped by multiple men until death
  • Cities obliterated
  • Sodomy
  • Free rein to carnal pleasure
  • Sexual debasement of women
  • Acres stained with Christian blood
  • Lands plundered, fields burned.
  • Taxed (jizya) or die, no criticism of terrorists or whole groups massacred
  • Sexual or cruel acts with knives and swords committed before the parents
  • Focus of attacks on church high holidays
  • Use of overwhelming force and mass executions
  • Destruction of all that was sacred
  • Religious hostility, hatred (enmity), accompanied raids
  • Starvation
  • Ambush, trickery, contrivance, surprise, furious charges, and the use of overwhelming force.
  • Whipping prisoners and slaves
  • Making targets of captives for the arrows of training warriors
  • Impalement using lances
  • Heads severed and catapulted towards defenders
  • Crucifixion
  • Peace missions were used as stalling tactics to buy time to increase forces and in turn attack with greater strength.
  • Dead piled high as no one left to bury the bodies
  • Used books & scrolls, on papyrus and parchment, precious historical records burned, to provide light at night and in latrines.
  • Forced conversion, killing group leaders who may refuse, to instill fear in others.
  • Erase or destroy symbols of Christianity, especially crosses.  And Bibles.
  • Erect mosques where churches once stood.  Replace crosses atop structures with crescents.
  • Create slave emporiums
  • Besieged villages taking women and children as sex slaves and captives to do other demeaning acts
  • Boiled and ate captives to let others know and fear the potential beasts, the godless savages they would face as the aggressive Islamists continued.
  • Burned churches with parishioners locked inside
  • Infidels dehumanized in unimaginable ways
  • Fought to exterminate, cause genocide
  • Beautiful women cherished and as slaves sent back to command posts at the center of the kingdom for use by the kings and their courts.
  • Mutilation of resisters

From Raymond Ibrahim’s book, Sword and Scimitar, the terrorists were “Arabs (Muslims) untamed and beastly, illogical in mind and maniacs in their desires” (pg. 126).


Efforts of the Islamists were held at bay in areas between Spain and France. But not without massive loss of life. To the east the Muslims were prevented from invading Europe at Vienna.  But the Mediterranean Sea became free reign for Muslim pirates, taking total command of this sea by the 10th Century.  The Berbers, from Morocco and Algeria, loved kidnapping for ransom. It was Augustine that proclaimed in describing the Muslims, the Saracens, “The real evils were their love of violence, cruelty, and enmity…”  A thirst for blood characterized the need to be satisfied by the aggressive marauders.

What resulted from the constant aggression by the Muslims, as noted by Ibrahim, “The results of these incessant raids are well-known, even if the cause is forgotten: increasingly impoverished and illiterate Europeans withdrew from the coastlands and fled to the fortresses and castles in the Highlands, where they pledged their vassalage to whichever Lord or Knight could protect them. Europe’s”Dark Ages” had begun” (pg. 90, Ibrahim’s book).

We studied in history classes the Renaissance, which followed the Dark Ages, but what was the cause of the Dark Ages.  The answer – Islam.  The aggression of barbaric, hate filled, hate fueled, plunderers, brainwashed into thinking in victory or death the Almighty was their protector, because they were of a superior ideology whose god was Allah and the example, the Messenger, was initiated by Muhammad.  It was mastered by the Caliphs. What they did was thus alright as long as Islam was advanced.  They could enjoy the spoils, sex with infidels, as long as there were converts and more territory for Allah.  Really it was the greed and corrupt Kings of Islam, the Caliphs and their military leaders, along with self-described and necessary scholars or Islam, that used this ideology and the cover of god to carry out their bloodthirsty aggression.  Their enjoyment was conjured up by evil black hearts and demented minds.  The Caliphs became rich, their soldiers poor warriors constantly prodded to continue to spread and develop territory for Allah.

Depopulation of Christians took place with rapid speed by aggressive ideological cowards seeking personal gains, physical and material. I say, however, this was not the Will of God. Islam is not God’s doing.

In Summary

The Sons of Ishmael came from the desert with swords held high, on horse and camel, their teeth bared as fangs wanting more bites, their weapons glistening in the blazing sun.  They wanted to be feared and not loved, to destroy at will and keep what they desired. Thousands upon thousands of cities destroyed.  Countless churches plundered, burned, and razed to the ground. Women captured, beloved for their white skin and blond hair, to be brutally and repeatedly raped, many to bear children and occupy the harems of sheiks. They were treated as caged animals, in servitude to the whims of their captors. The Levant, the Persian Empire, Armenia, Caucasus, Libya, Northern Africa and on and on these forces of evil sought the destruction of the Byzantine (Roman) Empire. Also the remnants of the Sassanid Empire.

Today the world is their target, and we know inroads have been made into Europe and America.  The church has managed to eat itself from within while the Islamic political establishment continues to force its followers to revere M and Allah, and fight for Islam until they die, destroying those in their way, those that resist, those that try to recapture what they once had.  They do so saying it is in defense of Islam. We know from history.  It is a lie for any Muslim to say Islam is not aggressive.

We did not mention the Ottoman Empire which covered Southeast Europe, Western Asia and North Africa (1300’s until early 1900’s). It was the Ottomans that ended, aggressively, the Byzantine empire with the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. This Islamic empire was the result of hundreds and hundreds of years of Islam’s aggressive nature.

Understand Islam.  Know its history.  Do not be fooled by those who intentioally mislead.

One Last Comment

There have been attempts to stop the advance of Islam.  Due to its historical aggressive nature and conquests many nations do fear Islam and its violent, terrorist manner.  Europeans fought to suppress Islam’s presence obtained by the sword.  It took Spain hundreds of years of fighting to quell and eliminate the presence of Islam.  Muslims today refer to the retaking of Christian lands acts of aggression towards Islam.

The Crusades (3 Crusades from 1095 to 1291) were an attempt to restore God’s Holy Land (Jerusalem) to what thousands of years of History had laid, only to be captured in a few years by Umar.   The Crusaders were supported and blessed by Popes.  They succeeded and failed, but in the end lost to the Saracens.  Saladin became a historical figure representing the strength and determination of aggressive Islamists.  His black uniform a symbol of the darkness of evil. The Christian Crusades have been criticized.  They were not perfect people, but the goal was to restore areas taken violently by the Arabs.

The crusades of the Muslims, the Islamists, has been on-going for 1400 years and receive little criticism compared to the Christian Crusades.  Islam remains an aggressive force against the world of infidels and will repeat their fear and violent ways into new territories whenever possible, by conquest, or invitation (as is the case today for migrants coming to Europe and America.)


When Islamists say Islam is not Aggressive, they lie. When they say Islam is a religion of peace, they lie.

Grace and Peace


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