Islamic History of Imperialism and Terrorism Cannot Be Forgotten

Islamic History of Imperialism and Terrorism Cannot Be Forgotten

History cannot be forgotten. Islamic history is founded upon the destruction of Christians, Hindus, Jews, and Persians (Zoroastrians). Islamic history must grapple with the enslavement of Christian women and children and perpetuating this ideology from birth resulting from relationships with Christians. Those born had to be Muslims. For the boys, they had to become militant hate-fueled jihadists. To control the masses, those under the thumb of the jihadist or Islamic autocrat, the example of Muhammad, killing those who chose no longer to follow him, became law and the means by which to maintain Muslims in what many consider a caged community. It is an oppressive ideology blaspheming God as a device to claim it as a religion. Allah may mean God, but the Islamic Allah is not God.

Never forget. Islam is aggressive. Islam is imperialistic. Islamists lie to serve Islam. Islamists are taught to hate. They are compelled to fight, in defense and as aggressive executioners of infidels. Jihadist wantonly destroyed multitudes of Christian settlements, Armenian, Augustinian, Corinthian, Carthaginian, Greek, Assyrian, Spanish, and so on since the death of Muhammad. All in the name of Allah, but in truth for the avarice of men who found a means to justify their egregious actions and command lemmings to fight to satisfy their lust and desire for riches. Alone they would all be cowards, hiding behind their children on other innocents when facing their own demise. More rabid dogs as was al-Baghdadi. Is it for this reason Muslims detest dogs? They remind them who they really are?  The Ayatollah took exception with Islamists claiming Islam is a religion of peace.  He declared that simply not true.  There is no fun in Islam.  There is but war, until the world is all Islam.  But that can never happen and even among Muslims the definition of ‘true Islam’ will always be elusive, thus killing the heretic will continue.

Never Forget

Never Forget.  Never Forget. Never Forget.

Grace and Peace.

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