Vote No to Islamists for Political Office

UI – Part 615 – Vote No to Islamists for Political Office

At a November (2019) conference in Washington D.C., held by the Council for American Islamic Relations ( C.A.I.R.), it’s Chairman proclaimed,  “A strong CAIR equals a strong community. A strong community will produce a strong and confident and successful Muslim … .So I’m telling you tonight we are going to work in the next years, inshallah (God willing], to elect at least 30 Muslims in the Congress. This number is equivalent to our size and our potential as American Muslims. Including at least two [U.S.] senator Muslims.”

These words from the Executive Director of C.A.I.R. must be taken seriously. Nihad Awad is, to many, the leader of a seditious, terrorist, anti-American Islamic organization. They are funded by international Islamic support groups that cater to the call of the Koran for a world all for Allah with laws and constitution’s structured to comply with Islamic law.  Ilhan Omar – D, MN5, reflects the ideals of surreptitious jihadists whose anti-Semitic and other incompatible views towards free nations and their citizens, has attained a seat in Congress, as a Muslim, perpetuating the destruction of our Nation. She attends C.A.I.R. Conferences, has spoken to those gathered. She was quoted saying about the 911 terrorists that, ‘Some people did something.’  Her ugly divisive comments have not gone unnoticed, nor have other lies and deceptions she has made. (Omar blog).  Her anti-semeitc views are know too.

Omar is not the only Muslim in America’s Capital. Tlaib – D, in MI13 is another bitter American that ties herself to Palestine and calls for Jews to be hated. (Blog on Tlaib).

Andre Carson – D, IN7 is another.  From, “Rep. André Carson has spent his entire political career in the company of, and advocating on behalf of, Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations. Carson has extensive ties to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the Muslim American Society (MAS), and others revealed in federal law enforcement documents to be tied to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, and (in the case of CAIR and ISNA) to the terrorist organization Hamas. He has been both funded by Islamists, as well spoken at fundraisers on their behalf.

C.A.I.R. promotes Islamic fundamentalist ideas and along with the muslim brotherhood, the Muslim student association, and other Islamic organizations, are viewed by many as terrorist groups that should be denied their tax free status, as well as their ability to function inside our borders. 

Americans need to understand Islam. This blog site is a good starting point. Authors and speakers as Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are also good sources. Bridgette Gabriel of ACTS, has a website that provides unique insight. Americans need to unite in keeping these Islamic and potential Jihadist foxes out of our hen house by speaking with their feet, as an expression, and never vote for a Muslim for office. Even a moderate Muslim will find extreme pressure from C.A.I.R. and others and be corrupted by the dollars they will put forth to aide them in remaining in office. Their funding will not be without strings. Those strings are attached to the ideology and objective of Islam. Their Holy War has been ongoing since Muhammad was murdered, over 1400 years, and may never end. 

Note: by murdering Muhammad Abu Bakr and Umar, the first two Caliphs, stole his ideology and made egregious, obvious, modifications favoring their avarice and thirst for power. The alterations built upon the most hateful examples and sayings of Muhammad, adding their own restrictions on infidels. They became imperialists taking possessions and territory for themselves, conscripting more to their ideology by coercion. Marauding, raping, pillaging, beheading, destruction, decimation, enslaving and hate for those not in accord nor subservient became the standard for their methods and the road to riches as they desired. Allah, Arabic for God, became their almighty to whom they credited their success and justified death when engaged in the aforementioned terms as a path to salvation. It was from the Age of 7th Century  life that humans felt the presence of a greater Being than themselves and sought God for protection, guidance, hope and joy. The early and subsequent Caliphs sucked the hope and joy from an evolving humane Judea-Christian world blaspheming God with their own idol whose Messenger was also a male self-styled prophet for a hate-fueled system of control. That is Islam. 

Consider what we enjoy as Americans living in a Country that loves freedom. As a Christian I must admit I do not subscribe to the full extent of our freedoms, yet the individual must not allow the government to be their source of their values, moral, ethical and humane, but a higher power. For me that is Christ and the Bible. Humans are wired knowing right and wrong. We cannot allow the dictates of evil minds, wrong-headed concepts, to either become part of our governance or alter common law to favor one religion or ideology over another. That goes for Islam, Atheism, Catholicism, Protestantism, or any other self-style religion. Not all religions have the almighty as their god, and some blaspheme God in an effort to deceive and make followers believe in a false narrative of what is righteous.  

We are all sinners, but have the freedom to deal with our sin nature privately. I am of the mind marriage is between one of each sex which can produce offspring. And their are but two biological sexes. Today there are those that wear their most decadent nature in parade dress. But why? Is it government now permitting what the innate nature of the person knows is wrong? We should deal with our sinfulness by seeking forgiveness, even when overwhelmed by our addiction. It need not adopt a public face of permissiveness. In freedom we can sin with only God as our judge. It is not to be flaunted. For the Muslim such freedom is anathema, as another sinner casts stones daily. Secular governance can go too far in making laws permitting the protection of classes of sinful persons, aware it is not normal. There must be independence to think and discern from learning, experience, and exposure and follow a right path.  When a majority becomes corrupted and seeks comfort in the error of their ways by their peers and legislates accordingly then freedom itself is diluted by the prejudices and bias of those who govern. A corrupt society rules for itself and not for God. There is a balance. To achieve this America’s Founders embraced Biblical values and teaching while avoiding the imposition of a manmade edict that was exclusive. Yet they knew there was God. They also knew God and Allah were not equal. America is a Judea-Christian Nation. Let’s keep it that way. Allow neither an Islamist nor a heathen serve our populace.

San Francisco recently elected as its District Attorney (public defender) to oversee regulations on its citizens, a liberal whose intentions are more anti-police and pro addictions, allowing petty crimes to be overlooked. From November 13, 2019 WSJ, “Af­ter col­lege Mr. Boudin moved to Venezuela to work for Hugo Chávez’s dic­ta­tor­ship and in 2009 wrote an ar­ti­cle hail­ing Chávez’s suc­cess­ful elim­i­na­tion of term lim­its. A Marx­ist can in the­ory faith­fully en­force the laws of Cal­i­for­nia, yet Mr. Boudin says he won’t. ‘Crimes such as pub­lic camp­ing, of­fer­ing or so­lic­it­ing sex, pub­lic uri­na­tion, block­ing a side­walk, etc should not and will not be prosecuted,’ he said in an ACLU can­di­date questionnaire.” His State has become an example of when immoral persons are able to take charge, “Cal­i­for­ni­ans look like they’re in­tent on em­power­ing a left­ist lead­er­ship model that is wors­en­ing liv­ing stan­dards for all.” Thus the common good is not the focus. As a public defender Boudin redefines ‘public’ as only those he chooses to serve, not everyone and certainly not those hired to provide protection, safety and security equally for everyone. This is a disturbing outcome. Liberals have become an ideological class ignoring the whole of society for what has become their choice of mostly immoral law-breaking citizens and non-citizens of their neighborhoods and Nation. 

Another recent election in Virginia. (Read about it).

Back to the specific issue of not electing Muslims. Islam has a strategy. When a minority stay silent, abide by the system in place. As numbers grow ask for more, specifically in compliance with the ideology, such as footbaths, prayer rooms and a few laws as an appeasement for Muslims. Seek sensitivity towards Muslims. Label any doubts, concerns or criticism as Islamophobia as if that is a form of hate-speech. More Muslims, more concessions. When in a majority enjoin all Muslims to impose Islamic Law, not just for Muslims by for all people. Common law will be eroded to be law for just Muslims, the Islamists in charge. Then freedom will be no more. America will be more like Muslim majority nations today. Woman’s rights will be restricted, the less fortunate or educated or privileged will be oppressed. A cabal of Islamists will take charge of Congress and impose the Will of Allah. Allah’s Will is not godlike nor the will of God. 

Beware of Islamism encroaching on our society, our culture, or any free nation. Globalism is a desire of the Islamist. No border protection. No patriotism. No nationalism. No sovereign Countries. Just Islam. Is that what you want? If not, never vote for a Muslim nor support any form of Islam. A moderate Muslim is not Muslim enough for an Islamist, but fodder for change and radicalization. The moderate Muslim will become a jihadist before a non Muslim. The choice for the moderate Muslim is to side with the free or not. In fact their choice should be to leave Islam, to be honest with their nature opposing much of the obvious terrorist and hateful concepts of their cultural heritage. If not in compliance with Sura 9, they are not True Muslims. They are heretics. They are equal to the infidel. They should not vote for Muslims to serve our Nation either, as they would be most aware of the pressure the Jihadist will exert financially and as a peer. Islam’s punishment for Apostasy is a hurdle too great for the moderate to jump. But jump to a different path they must, or serve the Jihadist.

Say no to Islam in every possible manner.


Understand Islam.  Protect our Constitution

Grace and Peace

(CAIR’s objective – read more)

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