Israel after 1973 War, PLO and UN

UI – Part 638 – Israel after 1973 War, PLO and UN

Yom Kippur War

A sudden attack on Israel came from Egypt to the southwest and Syria to the northeast at the same time. The day, the holiest on the Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur.  It lasted only 18 days.  Israel prevailed. That was 1973. 

The reaction by the UN was a surprise. Zionists, those historically seeking a home for the Jews in their homeland, were labelled ‘racist.’ They did not initiate this battle.  The Arabs did. 


PLO – Late in the Game

The PLO appeared on the scene, recognized, Arafat, from their base in Lebanon, as arbiters for Palestine.  The PLO became a belligerent organization, more hostile and terroristic in their actions toward Israel than as an overseer seeking peace.  An attempt in 1982 to assassinate an Israeli ambassador in London (he was maimed by a bomb)  prompted an attack by Israel into Lebanon.  Why did the world peace organizations ever give credence to Yasir Arafat?

The Muslim Brotherhood, with support from many Islamists around the globe, in 1987, formed Hamas in Gaza. The Iranians soon provided funding, military and political support for Hamas.  From exile now in Tunisia, in 1988, Arafat declared statehood for Palestine. Territory that might have been Palestine was not even occupied by Palestine Arabs at the time. 

Years that followed brought the Madrid Conference, the Oslo Declaration, a Jordan/Israeli Peace Agreement (1994), an Interim Agreement providing for Palestinian Authority (PA), but Arafat never wanted peace. He profited excessively from the discord. Suicide bombings, a favorite of Arafat, occurred all too frequently.  Israel rightly enhanced their security, to include border protection. Then there was Abbas, the PA leader.  He too resists the settlement of differences, created by a false authority in my view, with Palestine (Ill-defined) and Israel. Israel’s sovereignty is well established.  The conflict continues. Trump offered a 2020 Plan. It recognized for the 1st time a State of Palestine.  Abbas rejected it. 


Anti-semitism appears to be ongoing as even organizations as the ICC, International Criminal Court, sympathize with the Palestinians, even though clearly not a State (a requirement for arbitrage). The Palestinians had no standing and were attempting to bring criminal charges against Israel (2010). In cases of debate with Islamists facts do not matter. It is more about emotion, their hatred and their blinding brainwashed claim’s under Allah. Also personal attacks by Muslims are a favorite deflection against the reality of truth.  So too at the ICC. Representatives for Palestine emoted, unprepared, why representatives for Israel were well prepared.

And who are the Palestinians at the time seeking UN status?

The UN Security Council has given Palestinians (who?) non-member observer status which enabled them to appeal to the UN over the legitimate Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This would have been defeated had not the USA under Obama (2016) abstained from voting. Does this suggest the UN is anti-semitic? Note that the Palestinians will not, so it seems, negotiate directly with Israel, instead seeking third party arbiters, primarily the UN (and at times in the past US Presidents attempting to build a legacy).


Palestine was not a people or a defined area.  The British Mandate referred to Arabs, living in the mandated area of Palestine, or Transjordan, as Arab Palestinians.  Under the Balfour Declaration an area was designated for a Jewish homeland.  That was early in the 1900’s.  In 1948 Statehood for Israel was declared.  Still no State of Palestine. Jordan became an area for the Arabs, to include the Arabs from the Palestine defined territory.  Even the Arabs, those not from this location, did not refer to the Arabs as Palestinians.  It was simply defining where the Arabs lived. 

A war transpired immediately.  Arabs that stayed in the Jewish State have remained a part of Israel.  Those that left, the refugees, were not allowed to return, for obvious reasons. Israel was victorious.  It took just a few days. The State of Israel had a sovereign status.  No so for Palestine.  It took until the 1960’s, a voice from Lebanon from the mouth of Arafat, for the world to hear the cry for Palestine as a state. They wanted what they never had. It became a political demand, an appeal to those who joined Arafat and Islamists in their penchant to hate Jews.  History was forgotten.  The Ottomans lost their grip on this land.  There was an Arab-Ottoman war with the British as arbiters. The area was then defined, Transjordan emerged. (see a prior Blog). Decisions were being made, with the west side of the Jordan River and Dead Sea for Israel (to include Gaza), and the East side for Jordan, an Arab State. Arafat became the face for the Palestinian appeal, nations looking for a representative.  Support flowed and while Arafat became a billionaire, Palestine continued to suffer.  Arafat ruled from Lebanon and then Tunisia, never from his purported homeland.  It is all about politics, profiteering, and anti-semitism. There had not been a true call for peace.  

Trump’s 2020 Offer – A State for Palestine

For the first time the offer of a State of Palestine was put forward.  The Prime Minister of Israel, and his closest political competitor agreed.  Thread of Hamas was offered a seat at the table, but refused. 

Even Abbas said no to Trump’s 2020 offer that would have declared a State Palestine.  This is proof the Arabs do not want this victory.  It takes away their Islamist posturing and politicking. 

No End in Sight

There may never be a settlement between Israel and Arab support groups seeking a State for Palestine.  The hatred by the Arabs, Sunni and Shiite, is so great that any form of agreement would nullify the opportunity to continue to spew the venom of Islamist hatred toward the Little Satan.  To agree would be politically damaging to remaining superior to their enemy.  

We can pray for peace, but unfortunately the ‘we’ excludes Islamists, jihadists, and even many moderate Muslims. But, as said in the past often, if the Muslim world, or the moderate Muslim leaders seek peace, they must campaign most fervently as the number one (#1) priority, abolishing Islamic Apostasy Laws calling for death to those who leave Islam.  

Show Some Respect

Israel has a State of its own.  It is not a Jewish State.  They have a secular government.  This State is occupied by a plurality, Muslims, Christians, pagans even, and Jews. Within each religion or ideology are sub-sects.  Israel is not a theocracy or a State, as is the case for Iran, seeking expansion and a world all for one of their many prophets, the biblical Prophets. They do not champion hatred towards any, not even the Muslims.  They have been open to peace with the Palestinians.  They are a productive nation making contributions to benefit the whole world.  They have given up territory which, as a sovereign nation, was not necessary, to include Gaza and parts of the West Bank.  In their short history they have produced many Nobel Prize winners.  They deserve respect, not hatred or disdain. The UN has a bias that suggests the UN is not worthy of its purpose.  For a religion which a total population of less than 20 million, about 6 million in Israel, and a State that has succeeded in defending itself against significantly larger military forces, the world should join together in giving them praise.  Israel is here to stay, a democracy in the desert surrounded by other semis, Arab mostly.  Their neighbors can learn a great deal from Israel which can improve their lives, their lifestyles and their attitudes.

Grace and Peace

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