Never Ignore Islam’s History

Never Ignore Islam’s History

As with the Armenian massacres Christians must never ignore or forget the taking of Christian lands developed peacefully by indigenous people who accepted Christ and the Gospel. Even before the Crusades by Christians blessed by Pope Urban II in 1095 the Turks, having converted to Islam, wiped-out earlier Armenian villages, as well as other Christian sects in areas from East Asia to the eastern edge of Europe and south into Egypt. Shia groups were often treated as Christians, heretics, considered non-Muslim, and extirpated.


Janissaries, Christian children enslaved and forced into Islam, were raised as soldiers. They lived in compounds with other enslaved kids. They were taught the Koran.  They were brainwashed to hate the infidels. They were impelled to obey their Islamist masters. They were engaged in daily practice and methods of war. The Jihadists have always trained and maintained large numbers of men in armies so that in strength they can attack the weak and take property, possessions, women, and slaves with little resistance. The number of janissaries in one instance grew to become Islamic commanders, the Mamluks, and were military leaders, autocrats, in the Islamic caliphate. In 1261 the Mamluks resurrected the Abbasid Caliphate in Cairo. Many factions, all righteous Islamic sects, or tribes, fought for control of their dream of an Empire to which the Mamluks, and others were always in conflict, at war. The Mamluks were defeated by the Ottoman Turks (1516-1517 war) in Cairo, Egypt.  It was a battle between Sunni and Shia.

Civil war among Muslims has been non-stop. Groups, tribes, seeking to be the most pious, aware Allah only loves those who love him (which is not assured), fight each other. To those most obedient to the directives of Allah, and his messenger, Allah bestows his blessings.  All others, I would presume, are heretics, go to hell, and do not enjoy the virgins and other pleasures of the Quranic Paradise.  It is by the definition of the mightiest Jihadist, the grand Bully, Ayatollah or Imam, that ‘true Islam’ is proclaimed. All others are infidels. Thus, there can never be peace in Islam.

The Jihadist Rule is that land once conquered is always Islamic land. Any attempt to retake such property by those dispossessed is considered an aggressive act against Islam. They are then justified in defending this property, even though they murdered, raped, pillaged, burned, and decimated property to obtain possession in the first place. An interesting note is that the Muslim conquerors seldom attempted to develop the areas taken, as imperialists. They simply moved on to new areas where they continued their aggressive practices, as bullies overtaking the weak, and calling them adversaries.

Most Muslims today, if their DNA was tested, would find they were of a Christian heritage. Women and children, especially female children, bore children for the Islamic oppressors, the Caliphs, the sultans, the viziers, the aghas, and others on the hierarchal ladder. Children taken from Christian areas were also raised as Muslims. They bore children. The Islamic community is comprised of many (if not mostly) from the bloodline of Christians and Jews. The question that I raise, ‘would Muslims remain so if the Islamic apostasy laws, requiring punishment for those who leave Islam, to include death, were eliminated?’ If Islam was open-minded and allowed its people to think independently, to study, to read, and to pursue other avenues, philosophically, ideologically, and even from a religious perspective, would the majority of Muslims today remain Muslim?

Never forget.

Grace and Peace

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