Ideologies as a Problem.  Islam a Problematic Ideology

UI – Part 570 – Ideologies as a Problem.  Islam a Problematic Ideology.






After the failure of Marx’s communism/socialism, Hitler and Mussolini’s fascism, fear not only of these ideologies but of any ideologies is rational. When the ideology becomes the master, the exclusive control mechanism of a society, the leadership focused on one ideal to the exclusion of other thoughts or ideas, with prejudicial overtones towards any dissenter or those not included by definition, it becomes an evil oppressive regime mechanism. 

Islam – Ideology, not Religion

Islam is considered by many an ideology, not a religion.  The primary reason is the demand that Muslims live their lives constrained by the tenets of Islam.  No escape is possible as ‘severe chastisement,’ or punishment, to include death, is called for.  The fundamentals of Islam have many requirements for its adherents.  Independent thought, even exploring other pathways of living, are forbidden.  There exists a call for hatred of non-believers, even resistance to any actions on their part to encourage Muslims, even share information and teach, to think about alternatives. Proselytization by non-Muslim groups is viewed as persecution, or ‘mischief,’ acts of aggression against a Muslim that can expose them to truths that Islam blatantly denies.  Such aggression, as labeled by Islamic leaders allow for defensive actions to include violence, actions that will stop those voicing their own feelings which are in contrast to Islam.  Actions include demands for laws to be written designating words spoken adverse to Islam as ‘hate speech.’ Freedom of speech when it contains criticism, even questions asked about this ideology, are ‘hate’ as defined by the more strident, or educated, Islamists.  The elements of Islam allow scholars of this subject to teach and preach enmity towards Christians and Jews, religions whose God, or those who embrace the two faiths, find Islam anathema.  Persons born into a family that is Muslim or converted are educated that any consideration of another religion or leaving Islam is not permissible.  It is not the god of Islam that provides punishment, it is humans, acting for Allah.  The government becomes entangled, by Islamic law, and functions according to the rules. Common law, to include non-Muslims, is not considered. 

This discussion will address Islam as an ideology.  It is not a religion, accept when the term ‘religion’ applies to any group that believes in the same thing.  In that regard atheism is a religion.  Religion would not require a belief in a supernatural being, but more a devotion or dedication to a designated program, structured with those that govern and those that can explain the rules of the game. 

Protest Movements

Movements have been formed to oppose the double standard against those citizens who are concerned about the immigration of Muslims and Islam.  The people oppose Islam, consider it violent, replete with terrorists and incompatible persons and culture. While the authorities oppose the groups, their attitude favors the political Islamists. Authorities do everything they can to make life difficult if not impossible for the leadership of the protest group. If they walk through Muslim areas they have been arrested, and strange things have happened with mortgages, bank accounts frozen, homes raided and computers taken. Assaults and threats by Islamic groups were ignored. Examples:

England – EDL – English Defense League – lead by Tommy Robinson has found itself on the outs with government whose policies they claim favor Islam and curb freedom of speech. Tommy Robinson was arrested and imprisoned for his views, his comments.  After considerable cries of ‘foul’ from the populace, he was released. However the UK’s posture towards free speech, labelled ‘hate-speech,’ has been made clear, and is someone subjective.  The ideology of Islam, in EDL’s view, is being protected at the expense of the historical culture of the UK, to include pluralism and the freedom to criticize seditious outlets that exist as parallel societies within Great Britain.   Robinson describes himself as “… a journalist, activist and public figure fighting for the forgotten people of the UK.”  From Wikipedia, “the EDL presents itself as a single-issue movement opposed to Islamism and Islamic extremism.” 

Germany – Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) – opposed to mass immigration and radical Muslims, hate preachers, Salafists and other extremists. Their agenda platform has 6 points, “First: qualitative rather than quantitative immigration; second: compulsory integration (assimilation) for foreigners; third: no entry visas for jihadis; fourth: referendums; fifth: a good relationship with Russia; sixth: more money for the police.” The participants have been spurned by government authorities, yet the movement has spread to other EU countries, as well as the UK.  A favorable tilt towards radical Islam is troublesome even for those who speak out and resist. 

Secondary Symptoms

“This habit of attacking the secondary symptoms of a problem rather than the primary problem has many causes. Not the least of them is that it is infinitely easier to criticize generally white-skinned people, especially if they are working class, than it is to criticize generally darker-skinned people whatever their background….Any criticism of Islamism or mass immigration –even criticism of terrorism and rape attacks – can be seized upon by anyone else as a demonstration of racism, xenophobia or bigotry” Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe, (4261 of 6815).

“…from the moment that Tommy Robinson emerged (EDL), the desire was to pin the accusation of ‘racism’ and of being a ‘Nazi’ to him, whatever he did. The Islamists against whom the EDL and similar movements protested were innocent even when found guilty, whilst those who reacted to them were guilty even when they were innocent. European governments tried to avoid finding the Islamists guilty but went out of their way to find movements that reacted to them guilty” (4261 of 6815), Douglas Murray.

Question asked by Murray, “what does a political class and the media do when they discover that the views they have tried to make beyond the political pale are in fact the views of the majority of the public?” (4317 of 6815). 

Do politicians actually listen to the people when it is not in concert with their own agenda?  In the USA Democrats have become overt in seeking to over-throw Donald Trump as President, for political ideological reasons, to re-take the White House, and to be the controlling political voice for America. With control they can grease the pockets of their supporters, their cronies, in a pay-for-play Clinton fashion.  The Clinton’s, the Obama’s too (Pelosi, Schumer and now AOC) are the faces on Posters that make clear the aim of Democrats.  It is the ‘We Too,’ if the ‘too’ is a Democrat Party advocate.   But where they are failing is in representing the people they are elected to represent.  It is as if they do not care for anyone but themselves.  ‘We The People’ are not the ‘We’ nor the ‘People’ they cater to.  The ‘We” is for “Democrats.” The Border Wall is a great example.  For just $5 billion they can provide what the majority of Americans feel would make them more comfortable, a Wall to keep out illegals.  It cannot keep them all out, but will certainly help.   Why was it so easy under Obama for the Democrats to agree to repatriate Iran’s $150 Billion?  When it comes to government shut-down, it would have been statesmen-like (not a habit of Democrats) to yield to the Wall, a measure that benefits every American (even liberals), and keep government worker’s pay flowing.  Instead they weakly use the shut-down as an attack by Trump on government employees and their needs (baby sitting, food on the table, etc.) and ignore that the Democrats by a simple accord for the Wall could have the matter readily settled. Hatred by the Democrats has created a level of resistance towards anything Trump that only hurts Americans, and the Democrats.  Even I have come to referring to them as ‘Democraps.”    

The Democrats seek tangential issues, often unrelated, more personal attacks, to divert attention from actual concerns.  Islam is one.  Democrats join with the political Islamists in using a ‘race’ card, although Islam is not a race, by appearing sensitive to Muslims, when most Americans resist the practices of this ideology when allowed to operate in the USA.   Part of such a stance is resistance to anything GOP related, but another is Democratic palms being greased with Middle East petro-dollars covered in the ‘Allah Willed’ oil.   And as with illegals, Democrats, Schumer and Pelosi as Party leaders and faces, would rather provide benefits for illegals, opening our nations doors (not their personal front doors) over protections for American citizens.  Their history may even show support for a Wall, but that was when Democrats were in power.  Their other face, that of ‘resistance’ shows clearly when conservatives properly guide out nation.  Democrats love secondary symptoms.

Debunk the Religion of Islam

Everyone must take the opportunity to Understand Islam.  This blog site can help.  The history of the spread of Islam is an imperialist conquest unique in that a single sovereign nation is not attempting pack-man style to expand its borders.  However by imposing an ideology in areas where it is not wanted, and by enforcing an ideology to remain in areas where it is established, is in no way a religion, even if the translation for ‘Allah’ is ‘god.’  On a grander scale, as with the Ottoman Empire, where the ideology roots itself, local governments and then regional governments and finally whole national governments are operated with their rule-of-law from the tenets of Islam, having Imam’s or mufti’s as advisors, and only Muslims wholly considered by law. They become the superiors, while any non-believer an inferior, even a slave. Blasphemy law dominates as any criticism or dissension towards the Islamic way of life is met with severe chastisement, or punishment.  Punishment is not at the hands of Allah or at a decision point upon your death at the gates of heaven or paradise by angels or god alone.  It is by human beings, self-imposed arbiters of the Will of Allah to carry out god’s wrath with a sword, knife, bullet, whip, stone or prison. 

When enough areas in the world are under the black banner of Islam, a gathering of ulema, Imams, muftis, clerics, Sheiks, and whatever authoritarian political Islamist is invited, may gather to select from their ranks a caliph, a pope for Islam. This King of the Muslim world will then dictate, fatwa upon fatwa, the rules for all to obey.  The banner of Islam is black, in my view, for a reason.  The imperialism of Islam has a goal, All for Allah with a Caliph to dictate, as if he were Allah himself, infallible and in all likelihood corrupt.  There will be an army or armies at his disposal as well. Oddly this was not the method employed by Muhammad, but one assumed by those that followed that gave rise to political Islamism. 

Apostasy Laws alone should be anathema to everyone, even Democrats.  There should be no tolerance of the intolerant.  

An LGBTQ Democrat supporting a political Islamist just does not make sense, when knowing that given the opportunity a gay liberal will be tossed from a 5 story or more structure by the strident Muslim.  A radical Muslim is a well-educated Muslim in the tenets of this ideology.  The non-radical may well be a heretic.  Reformers of Islam today fear for their lives.  Ask why, because they are defying Allah’s Will as interpreted and carried out by the strident scholars of Islam and their authoritarian cohorts. The reformers are the Islamophobes. 

Political Ideology

Islamists want the same control the Democrats seek politically.   Islamists may have a right wing conservative element in their claim and demand that temptations be removed from their culture and societies, as such they hate freedom (which offers choice).   But the methods  employed to enforce obedience use tactics, humans tactics, that most would consider horrific or terrorist-like.  At the same time Islamists have a liberal attitude towards disagreements with their programs, even their membership.  Critics are ‘racists.’ But Islamists and Democrats also have the connection of wanting only what they want, all else to be sidelined, destroyed, condemned, impeached, resisted and hated.  Hatred is an emotion seen in both; they are not tolerant of the tolerant, but tolerant of the intolerant instead.  They are blind to reality and the views, opinions and preferences of those that are not theirs.  Peer group pressure is applied to an extreme.


So ideology can be a problem.  Islam is an ideology.  It is an ideology that is a problem as it was devised by man, uses many of the essential elements of established religions or faiths, and hides behind a fabricated almighty. Much of Islam since the time of their Prophet has been fabricated, built upon lies and deception.  It is contrived to gain an upper hand, to establish a superiority, and bully tactics are not lacking.  It uses violence and fear to coerce others to join and to insure no-one leaves willingly without adverse consequences.  It uses scare tactics, threats, and actual terrorist acts to make the threats more plausible, to demand attention and protection be provided their people, the ardent adherents, the culturally born, and the moderates.  The moderates are as inventory awaiting the opportunity to become more learned, brainwashed, and rise up the pyramid structure of Islam to achieve the designation at the top of jihadist. If the moderates do not conform to the political Islamists they, as reformers, are considered ‘heretics’  As heretics, they as non-believers are subject to eradication. 

Understand Islam.  

No longer a slave of fear when living as a child of God, saved by his Grace.

Grace and Peace



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