Islam’s Tribal Birth

UI – Part 682 – Islam’s Tribal Birth

From the Desert

Arabia was a desert land inhabited by tribes. Bedouin’s roamed the area, settling when possible at an oasis. There they grew their family and enlarged their tribe. When resources became scarce, the water supply insufficient, camels would be readied to carry the leaders and warriors in search of a new oasis. If others occupied the area, it was as a chess game, the black pieces against the white pieces, facing off until one side mated the other. Checkmate. And so the Arab world lived, survived, until one mortal sought to create a large tribe around an almighty pole, called Allah. Yes ‘god’ was an unknown, feared, as history has written often. Man feared the unknown, the dark, lightening, violent storms, an eclipse, a dust storm or a sand storm. They were omens. But of what. Time, experience, study, and education would eventually explain unexpected phenomenon. No reason to fear God; but knowing him would provide comfort, even hope and joy. Not so, though, for the Muslim.

Islamic Aggression

What the Muslims conquered at the sword of the first 3, possibly 4, Caliphs, is today the Middle East. No Muslim can claim Islam is not aggressive.  This was not the doing of Mohammed. Mohammed plied his religious fervor primarily on the Arabian Peninsula which would’ve extended from today’s Yemen to Damascus, Syria. After his death those that assumed the power of Mohammed’s creation took this newly formed tribe of Mohammedians, or Muslims, and used them as their pawns to advance into lands occupied by others. If any of the pawns chose to leave Mohammed‘s tribe the Caliphs, Abu Bakr, would pursue them and kill them. It was the earliest stages of apostasy laws within the ideology of Islam. They saw the opportunity for power and treasure and took it.

The Islamists hate the Cross.  A bit of curiosity is the characteristic shape of the sword, is that of the cross. It often appears the cross is to an Islamist as it is to Dracula. But most people know the Cross is the true sign of the saving grace of our Lord.


Seventh Century Today

The Middle East remains as a 7th Century Bedouin culture infused with the hatred for non-Islamic-believers instituted and instilled in their education, their training, their thinking, their religious practice, their Scripture and their habits exemplified by Muhammad and those that took the sword of Islamic justice into their own devious hands. They created a religion, blasphemed the Biblical God as their own, modified for their purposes, and spread a story, their views and news, that in victory Allah would praise and reward, and in death Paradise awaits, with treasures, immoral pleasures and all that is not permitted during one’s earthly existence in abundance. Do you think that is what God provides those saved for his heavenly domain. 

Allah’s only guarantee of salvation and paradise found is as a martyr for the goal of Islam. Good works might get you there, but only Allah knows, the great deceiver that’s he is. But for a Muslim there is no salvation, no paradise, no future. It is a deception, and proof is in the fashion in which Muslims are forced to remain. Apostasy laws require death for those that leave, as if there is any truth when an Imam says “there is no compulsion to remain.” To the Muslim, Islam is not voluntary.

From Jay Sekulow’s book, Unholy Alliance, pg 41 of 310, kindle, “Not all Muslims today live in the Middle East, but the Middle East represents much of Islam and the Islamic mentality.” Let’s focus on the Islamic mentality. One point to mention, outside the ME Muslims are radicalized in mosques and madrassas, in underground and clandestine settings. The youth bribed and primed to become jihadists, lovers of the blood of the infidel. It is their cross, their demonstration of a love for the means to achieve Islam’s objective. A world All for Allah, all Islamic, will be fraught with the same tribal nature of history, never peaceful, lacking joy, hope and love of neighbor. Loving death more than life is the mantra of Islamist’s. 

The Tribe of Islamists

Born in and of a tribe, Islam’s want for one tribe, that of Muhammad, can never exist. For one thing after Muhammad was murdered, his murderers took the reins of the camels, herding beneficiaries of the Prophet into armies to do their bidding. From the day after his demise the scholars of Islam began to differ and bicker. It remains today, Sunni, Shia, Kurd, Druze, Alawite, Wahhabist. There are many factions within the boundaries of the Quran all with their own ‘true Islam.’ They will fight for the purity of the form of this diabolical violent ideology they subscribe to, all others, while Muslim, are heretics and infidels too. 

Modernity Verboten

Modern times at the Islamic high schools are not permitted. When the subjects of Imams, the Ulema of Islam, the autocrats and totalitarians of Islam, strive for modernity, oppression,  suppression, will result.  The tribal nature of the clerics, the mullahs, that command their attention, their dedication, and their devotion, define the purity of the Muslim. It is what they seek, although seldom practice. The fundamentalist elite deny the sinful nature of the human. They exploit their lust to take charge of new territories for Allah. New territories, once conquered, are theirs. There is no shame or guilt when murdering infidels. The citizen, Muslims or remnants, are as chattel and looked upon as a nuisance, especially when there is dissent. Those that attempt to reclaim land once theirs, as the Christians and Persians, their lands that now comprise what is today the ME, would be labelled aggressors against Islam.  Islam’s right is thus to defend themselves. The Holy Land is not theirs. Egypt and the Maghreb was never theirs. Constantinople was never theirs. That is not their stance though. 

Islamists want what others have. What others produce is but a treasure the jihadist can take, an oasis to conquer. Until the day they are defeated!  Islamists are deceptive, Allah the most deceptive, a liar, from their own Scripture. What other culture would be so heartless as to murder those who sought their friendship, even providing gifts at their baby shower, to visit them a week later at their common place of employment, high powered repeating weapons in hand, firing rapidly and with the objective of killing them all, all infidels. Such bloodlust is for Allah. And so you know, Allah is not God. Allah is an artifice of Satan being used to advance what Muslims wrongly claim is a religion.

Repurposed Muslim

Each Islamic tribe must be repurposed for good, not for the evil their hearts now possess.  The demons that preach and exploit the gospel of Islam must face the true cross and see for themselves the reality of God, his saving Grace, his love, his charity and the hope and joy offered to those that believe in Jesus Christ. In the Quran Jesus is also referred to as the Messiah. 

“It’s impossible to comprehend just how often jihadists shed innocent blood and butcher men, women, and children around the world,” so writes Jay Sekulow (Unholy Alliance, pg. 3 of 310, Kindle). Politicians who ignore the reality of Islam’s terrorism, trying not to appear discriminatory, or offend, should never receive a vote. They are playing the wrong hand, offering appeasement to rabid dogs. 

The Islamic mind is trained, educated, formed, told and controlled for ideological purposes only.  It is Islam daily, 5 times a day at least. The mind of the free thinker, the Judeo-Christian founded cultures, is focused on freedom, equality and the rights of all humans. The individual is important, every individual. ‘Shame’ is a call to action for the Muslim. Bringing dishonor to the family, or the tribe, can engender a father taking the life of his daughter, his wife distraught but accepting. It is the Will of Allah. For the non-Muslim, in free societies, it is more about ‘guilt.’ The sinner in us all knows when we err, and accept our guilt, or not, simply denying what we know is the truth. 

In Islam there is no separation. The law is Islam. The government, it’s constitution, is Islamic. The Quran and associated documents (Hadiths and sayings) control. The rule of law is at the discretion of the Islamic scholar chosen to decide, as well as the punishment, guided by the documents of Islam. The religion is the ideology of Islam, evolved from Muhammad and shaped by subsequent Caliphs and dictatorial rulers and self-appointed scholars of Islam. It is manmade. Few Muslims, even the elite, can comprehend their own Scripture. Man makes the law, yet not common to all citizens, just Muslims. 

The free world rule of law accepts each person, regardless of religion or persuasion, equally. Neither Allah nor God decides. Although the moral and ethical values that are biblical are applied. The ten commandments fit. Love of neighbor, respect for the rights of everyone, is inherent in policy. 

The Muslim world and the free world are at odds. They provide a choice. Assuming you can properly discern the facts, and enjoy the freedom of independent thought, what would you choose?

View of the Almighty

A question, or statement, in conclusion, agreeing with Jay Sekulow, “How the Muslims’ view of Allah and his teachings differs from the God of the Bible may be the most important factor in understanding the Islamic world“ (Unholy Alliance, pg. 43 Kindle).  That discussion has been presented several times on this blog. (Here is one).    Sekulow goes on to note, “At the most fundamental level, a culture is influenced and shaped by the way it views God, and so the vast differences between the Christian God and Allah cannot be ignored if we are to truly understand the Muslim world“ (pg. 43, Unholy Alliance).

Grace and Peace

by Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

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