Iran Since the Revolution – (Part 2 of 2)

UI – Part 620 – Iran Since the Revolution – (Part 2 of 2)

Two days ago this Blog, same title, discussed Iran before and after the 1979 Revolution.  Now we conclude what Iran is like today, and what to expect.  Now for the Conclusion.

Peace Not War

I am not for war.  I want peace like everyone else.  But I also do not wish to be walked-on.  “Do Not Tread on Me” depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike became a symbol of American ideals and society.  I like the symbolism.  However we cannot simply say ‘no’ to any war, especially when threatened and American lives are being lost and/or at stake. I do not feel we can constrain our President from striking when there is a clear opportunity to stop aggressive acts against our people, anywhere in the world.  Iran does this on a regular basis.  Democrats appear as cowards.  They want all decisions made by committee.  That is totally inefficient, and far too controlling. There is critical information that just should not be shared.  A concern for loose tongues warrants keeping strategic critical information from pockets where wagging political operatives congregate.


Incidents caused by Iran, backed and encouraged, range from assassinations, kidnappings, suicide bombings, ethnic cleansing, the use of IEDs, missile strikes (rockets), artillery shelling, and guerrilla warfare.  Proxies are used to carry out Iran’s plan, such as  Hezbollah, Kataib Hizbullah (Iraq), Hamas, in Iraq the Mahdi army, and in Yemen (via the Houthis).

The reach of Iran has been felt in Albania, Denmark, Bahrain, Germany,  India, Kenya, Thailand, France, Great Britain (after Salman Rushdie), Argentina, Bulgaria, Kuwait, and the USA.  In addition to overt actions by the proxies in Middle East areas there have been US Embassy bombings, hostages taken, and severed heads used as soccer balls.  In 2011 on US soil, Washington DC, Iran plotted to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the US. as well as bomb Saudi and Israel Embassies.  Iran has sponsored hundreds upon hundreds of terrorist attacks.

Forty Years in Iran

Iran since the Revolution has eliminated millions of dissidents.  Children have been educated, 40 years of schooling, to embrace Shiism and the current regime.  It is the elderly population that remembers.  Opportunities to take action over the years have been debated and generally ignored.  The regime could have been eradicated years ago, in my opinion. Carter should have never allowed for the Ayatollah to return.  He could have found a different way to replace the Shah, a more secular leader, not a religious zealot.   The Parliamentary system could have been restored and allowed for a people’s vote for a new Prime Minister.  What could have been done or should have done is now just talk.  But something needs to be done.  Iran cannot be allowed to continue its strikes against the enemies they perceive.

Civil War

Should it be left to a civil war in the Middle East?  Should our role be to insure the internal battles are kept within the boundaries of the Middle East?  Since the days of the early Caliphs there has never been peace in Islam.

Whose Side Are We On?

Are we now to take sides?  Who with? Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt?  What will the Sunni do, the Kurds and the Turks?  What will Turkey’s role become? Are we to leave Saudi Arabia to fight for themselves?  I lean strongly to letting them have at each other, while protecting Israel.  Let them form their own coalition and use their financial resources to arm themselves and to defend themselves against an aggressive Shia Iran. Let it be the blood of others spilled, not American’s blood, to defend the interests of those in the Middle East. We cannot do their bidding or dirty work. We have been drawn into the battles of others all too often.  We can become a mercenary, a supplier, for payment, of weapons.  Let the strike force be citizens of the fighting nations, not ours.  If they cannot defend themselves, so be it.

We can and must maintain a watchful eye to insure the spread of aggression within the bounds of the Middle East do not spill onto the soil of free nations, God loving nations, and non-Islamic nations.  Yes, the spread of Islam cannot cross borders, at least not without local laws that totally eliminate the Islamic Law of Apostasy.

Evil Nation

Iran is an evil Nation.  It is a communist nation hiding behind a false god, Allah.  The leader is a despot.


Democrats should beware their policies against church, against God, against capitalism, against a moral society (which needs God), against properly vetted immigrants, against the Wall and closed or policed borders and against nationalism (favoring globalism), spells failure for the America we know, and the America our founding fathers believed they were protecting with our Constitution.  The Democrats have come to lack objectivity, seeking safe spaces and a return to segregation. The do not wish to associate with those that may disagree with them.   They are confused when dealing with our Constitution, seeking only those parts that fit their truth, and then altering it, or misinterpreting it, when it fails to meet their truth.  The same happens to persons who deny God.  They know God, but refuse to admit it.  God’s standards interfere with their preferred way of life.  America is a Judeo-Christian Nation predicated on Christian Biblical values.  That just adds to the conflict that fills the internal workings of the liberal mind.

Know this. Freedom of religion to include Islam was not considered when the framers were in debate.  They ignored Islam thinking this retrograde ideological system would never be embraced by America, those seeking the freedoms being addressed by the Founders and framers of our Constitution. The Democrats seem to favor the Islamist, in my mind, due to their communist ways, their dictatorial practices, their love of big government, their isolated thinking and logic and their hatred also for the Biblical God.

Obama gave Iran money (Read Blog on topic), knowing, I am convinced, they would use it to advance their terrorist nature.  It did not benefit the people.  Democrats know Trump did the right thing in killing Soleimani when the opportunity arose, but they will not admit it. Their Trump hatred and their loss of power frustrates and blinds them. The 2016 election was as a massive burst of white hot light causing Democrats pain and an inability to see clearly.  Their massive migraine continues. I fear the Democrats would allow Islam creep into America. They have dumbed down our children with the decline in our public education system, the liberal thinking that the study of ‘-isms” should take precedent over history, and minimizing educating students on the classics, family values, civics, the Bible, the founding of America and creation of the Constitution.  Universities and Colleges fail to equip journalists to be journalists, making them more opinion-ists, as they are more exposed to protesting and voicing their ‘truth,’ not knowing actual truth nor history.

Thank You Abe

America has been progressing, thanks to the conservatives in our Nation, with history as proof.  Who led the defeat of slavery and the elimination of the ku klux klan, and policies towards integration, a less divided country? The Republicans did.  Democrats claim they are the tolerant, objective, all inclusive Party, yet their actions tell the truth as they seek ‘safe spaces,’ restrictions on speeches by ‘conservatives’ on college campuses, violent attacks on Trump supporters, their hats and banners, and the removal of a duly elected President using lies, innuendos, and unfair tactics that are obvious and demeaning to many in their Party.  They see most Americans, those that vote for Trump anyway, as ‘deplorables,’  his base of ignoramuses, rubes, and from hillbilly country.  Trump adherents do not meet the standards of CNN hosts or the Democratic elitists. It was Democrat House member Adam Schiff that said, expecting a 2020 Trump election victory, it cannot be, “decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”  Instead he wants to use (actually abuse) the Impeachment process for political purposes, as a tool, to remove a President with whom he does not agree or simply dislikes.

We are a Nation of Abe Lincoln.  The Democrats today would try to impeach ‘honest Abe.’ Trump is doing his best to carry Abe’s water.


As an aside, it has been suggested as a modification in interrogating terrorists that speeches made by Adam Schiff be played over and over and over, Nadler too, to drive them to confess.

Democrats do not seek balance, appear themselves to be unbalanced, and even today appear to apologize to the terrorist nation Iran for decisions made by America’s leadership to protect Americans.  WeThe People are represented by Trump.  Democrats claim that to be their position, however it is obvious they are for the elitists (themselves).  They attempt to avoid discrimination, while in their hypocrisy discriminate against conservatives, Republicans, Christians, Trump supporters, MAGA hat wearers, Fox News, and the office of, role of, and rights of the President itself.  No Republican President would meet their standard, only a Democrat.


We all want peace.  Understanding Islam is an imperative to achieving that end.  Islam is not a peaceful ideology.  The one they call god, Allah, is not a loving God.   From the time of Muhammad until today Islam has been fighting Christians and Jews, Zoroastrians and pagans, Buddhists and Hindus, as well as other Muslims.  The civil wars began shortly after the death of the Prophet.  The aggressive nature of the Islamists/Jihadists resulted in significant treasure, as well as hundreds of slaves (women and children mostly).  More than one militant Islamist took the title Caliph or leader of a Dynasty only to fight their counterpart.  It was a battle of who controlled the most and who had the most.  Plunder and marauding is more in their nature than being productive, thus stealing is the practice and the intent of the imperialistic ways of Islam.  Iran fits the model.  A Shia nation, the Ayatollah, an ideological Imam, wants more.  He desires  the treasury of his neighbors, as well as whatever prestige obtainable in battle.  Saving face to not lose stature can suffice, if the power of the purse and the oversight of the army remains in the Ayatollah’s hands.

Iran will not give up wanting more.  There will be militant actions, overt and covert, taken by these ideologues. Rockets, missiles, have already been launched against sites in Iraq a moth after Soleimani’s death. Trump may have to prepare the Congress and Senate for measured responses to be taken under different scenarios.  Iran will keep poking, especially when they observe the conflict between the Democrats and the current Administration that seeks to tie the hands of Trump.  Trump is strong, yet the Democrats want to weaken America.  So too does Iran.  They want a weak America, US troops out of the Middle East region, and out of their way so they can proceed in an effort to make the Middle East, by force, more Shia and more Iran compliant.

Other Nations

Think about what is right, how to respond, and what America should look like.  I feel also that other Nations need to take a greater role.  It would be wonderful if drones of another Nation could be used to strike hot terrorist zones.  In that case Nancy Pelosi, the Squad, and other vocal Trump-haters will have little to complain about.  What we do when we counter the terrorists benefits all free people, all free nations.  They must engage and not leave us to bear their burden as well.  Trump has made that clear.

Stay Focused

Never change the lens that is focused on Iran.  Do not ignore other Islamist nations or self-absorbed, egocentric leaders, such as Erdogan of Turkey.  Trump is watching out for us.  He needs our support.  This November may be a unique opportunity for voters to replace representatives in Congress and the Senate with those who support our President, our Constitution (originalists), embrace capitalism, desire continued progress (not progressives), are patriotic, seek to close our borders and properly vet immigrants (which we need), want smaller government, less regulations, and will be honest, truthful and fair in the practice of governing.  That will help our focus on foreign entities, such as Iran, who want to see the destruction of the greatest nation ever.

We Conclude

Since the Revolution Iran has become increasingly violent and supportive of terrorism, of a jihadist nature, worldwide.  The leadership has enriched themselves at the expense of a wonderful people. Change is necessary.  It is a desperate situation for which the correct answers are elusive.  We cannot appease them.  We cannot trust them.  Islamists lie if it serves their purpose.  They cannot be trusted. Do not be fooled when they suggest the Will of Allah, as if Allah is God, is on their side.  It is a ruse used by the elite to convince their people they are holy, or righteous.  They are cowards, bullies, that use muscle, military might, to enforce their desires. They hide behind an almighty excuse.  God loves.  Allah does not.  God seeks peace and freedom.  Allah does not.  We must continue to show strength and respond with force, if and as necessary.

in attendance for Donald Trump Town Hall on the NBC Today Show, Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY April 21, 2016. Photo By: Steven Ferdman/Everett Collection

We are fortunate to have the right man in the White House.  We must be thankful to be Americans.  We must also protect who we are, our foundations, our Constitution (as ‘originalists’) and our freedoms. We need God on our side.

Grace and Peace

Note: Coronavirus and Iran

The clerics, Mullahs, Ayatollah are being challenged by the Coronavirus. This is a test the people will experience, the results demonstrating the leadership and concern the government has for its people. So far they are doing little to provide any comfort to Iran’s citizens. The theocratic ivory tower can call on Allah, but pro-active measures are necessary. Leave it to Allah and many more will die than necessary.

 The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard blames America, suggesting, “Today, the country (Iran) is engaged in a biological battle. We will prevail in the fight against this virus, which might be the product of an American biological (attack), which first spread in China and then to the rest of the world.”  Ask yourself, Why would America ever want such a crisis, the economic impact of which is already visible. Iran’s leaders are in crisis. That is the real story.

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