$100 Billion Obama Iranian Deception

UI- Part 613 – $100 Billion Obama Iranian Deception

Nukes and Obama

President B Hussein Obama gave Iran $100 Billion to entice them into his potential legacy nuclear arms agreement.  That is a lot of money.  In addition there was a skid loaded with $1.8 Billion in cash, a variety of denominations, which appeared on the tarmac in Tehran the day of the Bergdahl exchange.  That is cash pocketed by, I suspect, the corrupt ulema and clerics of Iran. Suspicion is a perfectly applicable term and thought. Obama paid a ransom to the Muslims (the Shia Ayatollah and Clerics) whom he held in high regard. Note, that was $1.8 Billion – cash. Certainly he denies this.  But Muslims lie. So does Obama.

There was the Green Movement in 2009.  The Iranians gathered in protest of the Ayatollah and his oppressive regime and a recent Presidential election.  Obama sided with the Ayatollah and Clerics over the potential freedom for the people.


The nuclear deal (nuke deal) was but a halt in Iran’s plans for their armageddon nuclear bomb development.  Many believe Iran continued (surreptitiously) regardless.  In addition they worked on missile delivery systems for their nukes to be. 

Trump did the right thing in stopping this terrible agreement. 

Obama the Pleaser Appeaser

Appeasement of an Islamist never, never, ever works. They see the infidel, or heretic, that makes the offer as weak.  Diplomacy is not a word to which respect by a jihadist is offered. Muslims, the true, the Pure, are strong and superior.  Allah tells them so. They saw Obama as weak.  So did many other world leaders.  His legacy may end up on the concrete before the Chinese Grauman Theater in LA, a testament only to his desire for celebrity status.  He was a feckless President more interested in being with entertainers and actors than doing his job.  The Oval office was but a place for photo opportunities.  Becoming President was his socialist accomplishment, as now he needs do little, he never really worked, while the rich, the tax-payers, take care of him and Michelle.

Maybe we can learn from our failures in dealing with member countries of the Islamic world.  Deceit is their mantra, acceptable and exemplified by the best, both Muhammad and Allah (per the Quran). 

Knowing Islam

We cannot lose sight of the fact that Islam seeks world domination.  Many liberals who feel they are the most discerning and accepting of all identity classes have all too often catered to Islamists.  We have allowed the likes of C.A.I.R., the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Student Association, and other Islamist and/or Jihadists organizations to operate as non-profit organizations sanctioned in America. Their goals, the Quran as their guide and Islamic (Sharia) Laws as their desire, are not compatible with our freedoms or our Constitution.  Hatred for Jews prevails. They do not respond kindly to Christians either.  Even an elected congresswoman, Ilhan Omar (MN-5), a Muslim, sides with these anti-American, pro-islamist groups, to condemn America as imperialistic (which it has never been) and a threat to Islam. She is not alone, as Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) agrees with her.  Where sedition appears, and traitors arise, suppression of such movements against our Constitutional and Democratic values must occur. 

Liberals have acted as Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), more loud-mouth than practical.  The media is on their side which I believe is a result of the trend in our education system, from bottom to top, elementary school through universities, to belittle success and the American ideal, as well as overtly attack Judeo-Christian values, even a ‘live-and-let-live’ attitude.  They believe in free speech limits, predicated on their own definitions of permitted speech. Socialism has become a governmental construct for those campaigning without regard to history or its impact on the reason for America’s progress and success far greater than any other country in our world. Why seek to diminish opportunity and the chance to develop, instead favor dependency and indolence? The liberal thought process, and it is amazing to believe they are unaware, can only make USA weak.  And in weakness we are prone to the $100 billion deception.  We are prone to appease and subject to vile terrorist violence and fear tactics by Islamists.


Seek individuals to lead our Nation that are strong, independent, embrace our Constitution in its original form, are aware of history and surround themselves with others educated in America’s history, but also biblical history, world history, the aggressive and non-peaceful history of Islam and their ungodly Holy War, and what makes success and peace possible.  Fight for them with your support and your vote.  Deception is a way of life when Islamists are dealing with non-Muslims.  Beware. Understand Islam. 

When we are weak we will lose.  Let not our egos take hold of our decisions for legacy. Politics is messy, it is corrupt, and it needs persons less prone to succumb to the temptations of office.  That is why Trump, despite his many flaws and his non-PC demeanor, is the right man to hold the office of President of the United States. He had done well for the American people. 

Trump is a strong, intelligent, American President. Taking the opportunity to eliminate the worlds most well funded, and Iranian supported, terrorist was the right thing to do. I suspect most Iranians agree, as Soleimani killed thousands of his own, dissidents of the regime.

Those mourning his demise in Iran were provided 3 days from work to parade the street, shed fake tears, and provide TV coverage showing loss. More for appearance than the reality of life in Iran. The regime needs to be changed, and not for a new Ayatollah or Clerics in charge.  Iran needs to reflect on life before the Shia theocracy and seek to restore the freedoms they enjoyed and the progress they were making on the world stage.

Grace and Peace



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