Iran Since the Revolution   (Part 1 of 2)

UI – Part 620 – Iran Since the Revolution   (Part 1 of 2)

Iran’s history must be understood.  The balance point will be January 1979, the time of the Iranian Revolution that brought the Ayatollah to the seat at the head of state. 


Iran became a Nation committing terrorist acts from the first day the ideological self-styled ruler Ayatollah Khomeini returned from exile.  Hardly a man of god, more a man for himself, hiding behind his Quran and clerical garb as ruler, magistrate, religious counselor, and despot.  The Ayatollah acts for Allah, as if his will is Allah’s. He claims he is in the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad (Shiite), as if the blood of this tyrannical, ego-centric, marauding, one-god (Allah), anti-Christian, anti-Jew, runs through his veins as well. The blood he spills are of innocents seeking independence and freedom; which are anathema to this Shiite Mullah and his cadre of clerics. There is no love from the Quran, in the heart of the Ayatollah or from Allah for the people of Iran.  Guns, weapons, are ready to kill those who disagree with this god-man, Allah-man, even other Muslims, as he attempts to spread his Shia ideology and control nations surrounding Iran for his purposes. 

Prior to the Ayatollah’s Revolution

Before 1979 the Shah (Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) was the autocrat in charge. From 1941 until 1979.  However he was weak and insecure.  The Shah was a dictator, the King. Dissent was repressed and political freedoms restricted, but Iran was not a theocracy.  It was modern and becoming more so every day.  Iran was a major ally in the Middle East, to both the UK and the USA.  Towards the end of his reign the Shah became more militant and more insecure.  He was ill;  this was not well known. He was always selfish and corrupt.  Neither characteristics are uncommon in the Middle East. He was a devout secularist and advocate for modernizing Iran.   With the oil crisis in the mid-70’s his relationship with America was strained.  


Jimmy Carter (President #39) had problems with the Shah.  President Carter little understood Islam or the ramifications of a change in governance for Iran.  He had his own policies towards access and protection of oil from the area (Carter Doctrine) that he blindly enabled the Ayatollah to return to Iran and take control, overthrowing the established government.  The formation of an Islamic Republic was beyond Carter’s comprehension.  The problem was not Russia, it was Islam. The Shah escaped Iran going initially to Egypt.  His sister, Princess Ashraf, left for New York, as Stephen Kinzer noted, “comforted by her share of the billions of dollars her family had spirited out of Iran over the years…” (pg. 200).

When the Ayatollah returned he put into office several men who had been supporters and advocates of Prime Minister Mosaddegh.  The thinking of the people, their hope, was a better, more democratic leadership team.  From Stephen Kinzer’s book, All The Shah’s Men, (pg.197), “By celebrating Mosaddegh, Iranians were expressing their wish for a regime like his: nationalist, democratic, and based on the rule of law.  It soon became clear that Khomeini had not the slightest intension of establishing such a regime.”

Dr. Mohammad Mosaddegh was a member of the Parliament and the elected Prime Minister of Iran.  As in the UK, Iran had its monarchy, but also a Parliamentary system of government that ran the business of the nation.  The Shah, though, had greater power than, say, the Queen of England. Mosaddegh had a lengthy career in Iranian politics, starting well before the Shah came to power. He opposed the Pahlavi dynasty at the time the king, prime minister and magistrate were one.  That was prior to the Shah when his father Reza Kahn (Reza Shah) served.  Reza Shah treated Mosaddegh poorly, imprisoning him during his term.  


The British took steps to remove Reza Shah in 1940, his son (22 years of age at the time) taking over. Mosaddegh’s political positions were restored. In 1951 the Shah appointed Mossadegh Prime Minister. Mosaddegh imagined a free, independent, democratic and modern Iran.  He was concerned over the British exploitation of its oil resources and in 1951 nationalized Iran’s oil industry.  This was of great concern to the Brits. 

From Wikipedia, “Many Iranians regard Mosaddegh as the leading champion of secular democracy and resistance to foreign domination in Iran’s modern history.”  His political power and popularity grew.  He wanted the power of the people to be dominant, not the power of the crown. The Shah’s role became more ceremonial as the Prime Minister was granted full control of the military. 

Distressed by the actions taken by Mosaddegh to minimize Britains interests in Iran’s oil, the British supported and sought his overthrow and the restoration of the Shah to power with oversight of the military.  Truman said ‘no’ when asked to help in this matter, but Eisenhower, focused more on communism in other parts of the world, agreed.  Some felt Eisenhower was allowing the British to dictate his decision regarding Iran. A covert operation (Operation Ajax) in 1953 entered Iran and put the Shah back on the throne. At one point, the not so brave Shah thinking the coup was failing, fled in panic.  He was transported back once it succeeded.   Mosaddegh was placed under house arrest.  This, in my view, was a grave mistake on America’s part; bad for Iran as well. 

The Shah ruled, much of his power restored.  He formed a military private guard for protection, the SAVAK.  He enriched himself and his family, living luxuriously.  Although the Iranians were free, well educated, fed and clothed, they felt oppressed.  The Shah was tyrannical, became more isolated and dictatorial.  He did maintain a pro-Western foreign policy.  He had undeserved confidence that his position was secure by the world powers that supported him, directly and indirectly, to include the UK and USA. 

The Shiite’s campaign against the Shah from exile was appealing, although not totally truthful.  It was more akin to Adam Schiff’s attacks on President Trump, supported by Pelosi and her House Democratic members, a cabal, saying anything, using lies and deception, to achieve their end.  

Propaganda from the exiled Ayatollah began to attack the Shah, many lies told, and even the World News organizations spread ‘fake news’ undermining the role of the shah.  Jimmy Carter did not help matters which all led to the return of the Ayatollah and removal of the Shah in January 1979.  Like a train loaded with cargo suddenly hitting a wall or coming to a destroyed bridge crossing over a chasm the Iran that was, ended.  The burka’s came out, the enforcement of Islamic law was imposed, and the commitments the Ayatollah made to the people of Iran prior to his return were ignored. He deceived; he lied.   What man of God would do that.  None.  But not so for a man of Allah.  Allah is the Best of Deceivers. That was 41 years ago. 

The Shah made many judgmental errors. He was openly and overtly selfish and self possessed.  He loved Iran, but not enough to ignore his opportunity to become extremely wealthy. The treasures at his doorstep where too much of a temptation for him to ignore. He readily killed dissidents.  He was open minded about progress for his people, but not for a free government, open elections, that would, most probably, replace him.  During his reign he eliminated all but one political Party, the Resurrection Party. 

The Ayatollah Khomeini had been in exile for 15 years. He left Iran over disputes with the Shah resulting from the ‘White Revolution.’ The ‘White Revolution’ was a government program calling for the reduction of religious estates, and influence, in the name of land redistribution, equal rights for women, and other modern reforms.  The “Ayatollah” is the title for the biggest big shot of the Shiites. He was the first religious leader to openly condemn the Shah’s program of westernization. Khomeini called for the overthrow of the Shah and the establishment of an Islamic State (Did Jimmy Carter not know that?). In 1963, he was imprisoned, there were riots, and the shah decided to expel the Ayatollah from Iran altogether.  From afar, however, the Ayatollah continued to encourage his religious supporters to oppose the Shah and the changes taking place (modernization) in Iran that defied his ideological ideas.  Lies about the Shah were common practice.

After the Revolution

Within the first year of the Ayatollah’s takeover, his Mullahs, the Clerics of his ideological, Shia Islamic religious order, directed the military to rid Iran of any support for the Shah and any dissenters, those most known. What he told the people were lies, as a less democratic form of government resulted.  Modernization of Iran came to a halt.  A repressive regime took the reins of power.  As bad as the people thought it was under the Shah, it was worse under the Ayatollah. 

The Ayatollah has been in power ever since.  By the end of the first year there was a new constitution with political and religious powers given the Ayatollah.  Under his rule, Iranian women were denied equal rights and required to wear a veil, Western culture was banned, and traditional Islamic law (Sharia) and its often-brutal punishments were reinstated. In suppressing opposition, Khomeini proved as ruthless as the Shah (but for different reasons), and thousands of political dissidents were executed.  This continues to be the case.  Soleimani led Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and the special Quds Force unit, in the extermination of those who cared more for freedom, equity and peace than the continuation of the despotic regime in religious garb. 

Soon after the 1979 Revolution the Iraq-Iran war began, lasting almost 10 years.  In November of 1979 the US Embassy was raided, just a few days later President Carter allowed the Shah to enter the United States (for medical care).  444 days later (on the date Ronald Reagan was inaugurated) the prisoners were freed. There have been tensions between Iran and its neighbors ever since the Revolution.  

The Ayatollah’s goal is hegemony for the whole of the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia, the Sunni center, along with the major Islamic religious sites in Mecca and Medina, are targets.  The Ayatollah wants Shia to be the heartbeat of the ideological brotherhood of the area.  Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen have been ongoing targets for conversion to Shia thinking as well as supporters of Iran. Outside Iran the Hezbollah and Hamas militants have been the arm of the Ayatollah’s efforts.  The despotic use of financial resources and military actions to gain footholds in those areas continues.  Iran does not want America’s presence to thwart its objective. Neither does it care for dissidents in the areas mentioned, freely murdering the opposition.  They do the same at home.  Soleimani was the terrorist in charge, at home and away, in the Middle East, to carry our the plan of the Ayatollah. 

Education in Iran has not been compromised.  More are literate today, men and women, than in the past.  But the population is aging and the welfare system, supporting those of retirement age, is suffering as fewer young are in the labor force.  Religious education is required.  Strong-arm support for the Ayatollah is common as punishment takes place when people disobey orders to take to the streets to demonstrate support, even to mourn a terrorist leader.   The Ayatollah requires Iranians to be complicit in his desire for a totally Shiite compliant Nation. Much for show, both at home and abroad.  The media seems readily complicit in embracing the show the Ayatollah wants portrayed for his foreign audience. They did so in 1979 as well. 

Iran has been a constant thorn in the side of its neighbors, Israel and America.  Cries for ‘Death” to America and Israel are constant.  Referring to America as the ‘great Satan’ and Israel as the ‘little Satan’ are words the Ayatollah wants tattooed on the brains of the lemming Shiites.  It is used as a constant reminder, as fuel to stir hatred and create a want for the blood of the infidels.  Iran wants the blood of Sunni’s also.

After 40 years of oppression, of culling out dissidents, of educating youth in the ways, practices and rules of Shiite Islam, Iran has become more the bastion for Shiism than in the past.  Yet not all of the 80 million inhabitants are adherents. But it is difficult to revolt.  The “Green Movement” during the Obama era failed as Obama provided no sympathy nor support for the rebels, instead insuring the Mullahs he was on their side.  Recent attempts have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Iran’s citizens. The citizens out-number the Ayatollah’s army, but do not have the weapons, nor the resources, to succeed, unless they are prepared to have, possibly, millions die. It would be a sacrifice for freedom. Allah can only kill so many before God takes charge.  

The Ayatollah’s loss of his military leader, some consider Iran’s #2, may have diminished his appeal. 40 years of the oppressive rule has become problematic for many. Without Soleimani to lead his Guards against unrest could be a concern, something to watch.  Until Soleimani’s replacement reaches the level of control over the military, attains the level of influence with the Ayatollah, and becomes equal as Iran’s terror master, the Ayatollah’s blood pressure will be heightened. 

President Trump

Trump has not been one to appease these Islamists, more Jihadists, and has proven his resolve and intent to be firm in response to Iran’s evil intentions.  He is no coward.  I cannot say the same for our Democrat representatives.  

The Democrats are more socialists (hidden by the term ‘progressive’), more marxist, more anti-war, more anti-God, and even anti-morality.  The Democrats oppose anything Trump, but disregard the reality, the history and the threat posed by the terrorist nation of Iran. They are focused on reducing America’s greatness, more globalists and open border types, ignoring factions whose objective is to destroy America.  Are they out to destroy America too?  Or are they Democrats blinded by their own political ambitions?

As a possible excuse I can suggest the Democrats are handicapped by their loss, and their hatred of Trump.  The fact he defeated them (not just Hillary) when they fully expected a victory in 2016 drives them to lie a lot. But that is a poor excuse for the destructive tactics they have taken via a hoax impeachment charade as a means to provide as much negative publicity towards Trump as their demented minds can conceive.  Their hatred is vented through the complicit liberal support main stream media team. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC are the primary allies of the Left.  They also lie too much, deceive, and so often disregard opposing views, successes, or events. Now they are trying to prevaricate and deceive their way to defeating Trump in 2020.  

Instead America’s voters are turning to streaming on TV, and not listening to the Democrat’s rants. Are minds already made up?  They are also showing up in unprecedented ways for Trump rallies.  The numbers for this kind of a political event are more for rock stars, but even most rock stars would not have people by the thousands waiting in rain and snow for over 24 hours for just the possibility to see the President (Trump) or actually attend the event. 

The Democrats have eyes to see and ears to hear, but are neither seeing nor hearing the truth. 


To be continued in two days.  It will be my Conclusion.  As a preview, know that Iran will not sit back and do no more.  They have a thirst for blood and supremacy in their region.  They are fighting a civil war with other Muslims.  This is a habit of Islamists and jihadists, Sunni or Shiite.   They are constantly at war with each other.  Peace is not their goal.  There is no love in Islam, even if the world was All for Allah. 

Grace and Peace




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