The Dark World of Islam

UI – Part 344 – The Dark World of Islam

Literacy Facts

Ignorance is bliss.  Is that what you believe?  Consider the Middle East.  The majority of the populations there and in neighboring Muslim Countries have very high illiteracy rates. Is that beneficial to the future of those areas?  A lack of understanding and access to events transpiring throughout the world, to include the many battlegrounds being laid by Islamists, should be a concern to those living in the Muslim populated areas.  But if the people are not aware, then they are either blissful, ignorant or living in despair.  The leaders of those countries are surely aware, but keep their jobs, maintain their status and enrich themselves, their families and cronies by keeping the threshold of literacy, wealth and opportunity as low as possible.  Provisions may be made for the necessities of life, but that is for the purpose of stemming anarchy or revolution. 

Some statistics: The numbers are from The World Fact Book 2010 – In the following countries 90-100 percent of the population are Muslims. In Afghanistan, only 28.10% of people can read, in Somalia 37.80%, Bangladesh 47.90%, Pakistan 49.90%, Yemen 50.20%, Egypt 71.4%, Iraq 74.1%, Iran 77%, Arab Emirates 77.9%, Saudi Arabia 78.8%. 

Why doesn’t education seem to be too important for Muslims?

Where They Live

There are areas in the countries mentioned where exposure to larger segments of the population is virtually non-existent.  Small villages remain distant from population centers.  Education is secondary, as the need for family members to work in the fields or tend the flocks takes precedence.  The culture is Islam and the sounds of the day are the call to prayer, the Adhan, more than any form of media, such as radio or television.  Education is limited to classes in madrassas, if they exist, to learn the Quran.  Often what is required is the memorization of a language, the language of the Quran that no one speaks let alone understands. Newspapers are not successful as few can read.  Learning is rote and verbal.  Speaking with Christian missionaries who have visited, finding locations they consider safe, uncovers communities of hard working Muslims that have never heard of the Bible, or have any idea where America or the United Kingdom is on a map.  

Strangers in a strange land may be well received, but must be careful as the basis of knowledge, obtained from the Quran, does not engender a love for neighbors other than Muslims.  They are rewarded for kindness, but cautious.  There, however, exists a curiosity.  When that curiosity is satisfied in a loving, caring and sensitive way with facts revealed previously unknown to the locals the outcomes can be encouraging. Respect and trust must precede what is shared to be properly received.  Feedback suggests the nature of Islam as an ideology no-one leaves, exists, yet concern for a future, a life with Allah, also exists.  People, even in backward areas, think about salvation and life after death.  Those with a streak of independence will explore other ideas, but express resistance to change so not to offend peers or family members.  Shame trumps guilt when it comes to Islam.  Bringing shame to a family is a major concern.  That is how honor killing arises; to quell the shame, action must be taken to eradicate the cause.  

Secret Christians

Missionaries have reported meeting many who love Christ and call themselves Christian, but not to family members.  The Christian world in Muslim dominant areas is an underground enclave.   Continued attendance at the mosque makes family and friends believe the Christian is still a Muslim.  If attendance falls off, the question asked, “Why have I not seen you at the mosque lately?”  There are those who have dreams of Christ, but cannot share their revelations.  

Associations of Muslims believing in Christ are growing but always aware they can be punished as apostates if outed. It is a dangerous proposition to become a blight on a community caged in the dictates of the Quran without another option, only to be murdered for believing otherwise.  But there is clearly a need for the light of God, the light and truth of Christ, to come to the Muslim world.  Few know of the Bible, but once exposed, changes occur.

Islamic Law

The basis for Islam, the composition of Sharia law, comes not just from the Quran.  The Quran is foundational.  In the Quran the Torah, the Book of the Jews, and the Gospel, the first books of the New Testament, are essential, with the caveat that Christ is not divine, the Crucifixion was a ruse, and the resurrection did not happen.   Muhammad had a lot to say and his words, expressions, habits and decisions are represented in Hadiths that appeared more than 200 years after the Prophet’s death.  They are a collection from many sources.  But so long after he died that many wonder as to the veracity of the Hadiths.  Islamic Law is influenced by many passages from Hadiths, of which there are literally hundreds of thousands.   This legal code deals with believing, living and behavior, public and private.  It dictates the way of life for a Muslim.  When used by a governing body in a Muslim majority nation the Sharia (Islamic Law) becomes the constitution.  Non-Muslims either adhere to the Law or are subject to punishment.  In many cases they are excluded from the Law, almost as a non-entity.  Political Islam is the preference for a theology under Sharia.  

Know that Islamic Law is not derived simple from the texts.  The rulers after Muhammad’s demise issued their own decrees and rules that today are part of Sharia. These legal restrictions are designed to identify a Muslim from others, to restrict the ability to construct or rebuild non-Islamic worship centers, prevent practicing other religions in public (so as not to cause ‘mischief’ or influence a Muslim), to impose taxes on non-Muslims (for income and protection), and to insure Muslims remain loyal to Islam, the Messenger and Allah, by committing Jihad (Sura 9) for the cause. 

There are secularly governed countries with Muslim majorities that have laws which include non-Muslims, thus a constitution for all, laws common to all, not just the Islamists.  That is not Sharia. Not many though, as Islam may be the State religion, although not the State’s Constitution, with Imams and the ulema (scholars of Islam) making every effort to influence these governments and the people. 


You would be hard pressed to classify Muslims as free.  Even in the West, the nations of the free, as America and the United Kingdom as well as Europe, Muslims are often separated from the social order of the host country and reminded in their madrassas and mosques they are superior and must not assimilate.  They are called to maintain an Islamic identity and not adopt the country in which they reside, unless it is Islamic. In Muslim theocracies a Muslim is only free to be a Muslim, but not a Muslim with doubts or questions as to the ideology, the Quran or the government under which they are controlled.   Dissent is met swiftly with punishment; dissidents magically hidden. . The magic wand is not waved above a top hat, but as an AK-47 pressing in the back and forcing the then labelled heretic to march to places away from others, to include family.  Where there are dungeons for those who only commit crimes considered by the establishment in power, counter or opposing their law or philosophy, there is no freedom.  Common law in a free nation focuses on abuses against others, not the ideology of a society as dictated by the leaders. 


Muslims are trapped.  They are subject to their own ideology.  The masters tell the slaves what to say, act or do.  Slavery is permitted in Islam; the slaves are not Muslims.  But the odd thing is Muslims themselves are slaves, slaves to the dictates of the tenets of Islam, and the Laws, much of which is based on lies.  Islam is aggressive, imperialistic, and without peace.  They are conscripted as an army for Allah with a mission to resist and fight those in opposition.  Love is only among the sect. Allah only loves those who love Allah.  Friends outside the virtual cage, not of a like mind, are to be avoided or murdered.  Tolerance is only a politically correct action, a lie (takiyya) applied until the opportunity arises to fight the infidel as called for by the Quran and Sharia.  As Allah is the best of deceivers, so the Muslim is permitted to deceive the non-Muslim, the heretic or infidel, until the time is right to commit the acts of war needed to extirpate this enemy.

The Burqa is as a covering not just of Islamic women, most who would prefer not to wear such a garment, but as the black shroud that covers all Muslims.  The truth of Islam remains elusive.  Allah is mysterious and unknowable.  The true Islam is the blackest of Burqas, without adornment or any colorful accessory.  It is a covering protecting Islam from truth, Biblical truth that offers joy and hope.  It represents denial, of God, the divinity of Christ and the saving grace of the Lord.  God was not exclusive.  All mankind was forgiven on the cross.  The Burqa was removed and humans were made free.  By faith we are saved, not by deeds. There are those who refused to remove their shroud of darkness preventing the light of God from guiding their way to the assurance of an eternal life with Him.

How Do you Define Hell?

Imprisoned.  Restricted.  Controlled.  Enslaved.  Denied Education.  Told how to think.  Suppressed from asking questions or raising doubts.  Under the watchful eye of the police, whether employed by the government or a member of the ideological teaching or worship center. Voluntary fundamentalists may act as enforcers in the name of a higher power and not be subject to punishment under the established laws. Required to pray and what to say.  Required dress.  Independent thinking not permitted. No jokes, no cartoons, no images, no history, no past, only the present as defined by higher authorities. Critics not allowed. Rewarded only for compliance. Walking outside established lines punishable by death. Your safety and your future defined by the authorities, never understood, always a mystery and ever changing.  Living under such conditions is hell.

Darkness and Light

When light shines on a once closed drawer of an unclean kitchen the bugs scamper to hide in a new dark place.  If large enough they would do everything they can to prevent the drawer from being opened.  That is how the light of God works.  There is no mystery in the biblical God.  There is no deception.  The path you choose is your choice.  God never intended his followers live in a theocracy.  When his light shines the harmful elements of the world are made more obvious and to be avoided.  Those who prefer embracing the temptations of man live in denial.  The covers remain over their heads as they never want to leave the comfort of the bed of their choosing. Regardless of how dirty the sheets may be, it is their bed and cleanliness is not a goal.  Trusting God is not easy.  His sovereignty has a purpose for everyone; not all that happens is seen as good.  But even the bad is controlled by God, yet for the good of mankind.  If you have seen the light of God then wake up to it.  It is there to guide you to his kingdom.  


In the light there is joy.  In darkness there is no joy. God intended his followers to be joyful everyday.  

Grace and Peace

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