Islamophobia – The Real Truth

UI – Part 400 – Islamophobia – The Real Truth



When the Islamist organizations use the term ‘Islamophobia’ as a knee jerk reaction and attack on critics of Islam, it can and should be argued that Islamophobia, like hydrophobia, is a fear of Islam (versus a fear of water), more by those who are trapped in the ideology as born Muslims to be killed by others if they make an independent choice other than Islam.

If hydrophobic and you are in a boat surrounded by water, you fear what surrounds you – the water.


If Islamophobic and you are in an area surrounded by Islamists, you fear what surrounds you – Islamists.

Many who fear water move to arid locals and do not venture near areas they fear. Many a Muslim wishes they could do the same relative to Islam. They may move to the West or emigrate to Europe, but they soon realize they are being followed by the water carriers of Islam that will continue to threaten them should they step off the boat. They cannot escape their cultural cage out of fear, and are forced to continue with their Islamophobia.

Cultural Oceans

Born as a Muslim, educated as a Muslim, and restricted to thinking only as a Muslim, who then can deviate in their thoughts from the dictates of the basics and the teachers, the Imam’s.  Knowing Islam, its restrictions as to thinking, choosing and living as one might prefer, having demands for ‘severe chastisement,’ which can include death, fear, the phobia, can readily surface.

If a child does not pray 5 times each day their vigilante sibling might tell the parent and out comes the whip with lashes to follow.  Not wearing a hijab, or proper covering in public, can result in strangers, the Islamic neighbor policeman/watchdog, spewing invectives or striking the woman with a stick, for violating the rules.  It is the Muslim, whose private life may defy the ideology, but who is locked in their mind, or rooms, contemplating as to who they would like to be, even to simply learn about something other than Islam.  They are afraid, even if it is subliminal.  Afraid of the religion of Islam and the penalties ascribed to any who consider and/or attempt to walk a path other than ordered by the Islamic Laws.  Muslims are afloat in the Islamic Ocean.   The penalties, if a Muslim falls overboard, can be meted by just about any Muslim, acting for Allah, and justified.  Even if the punishment is of a heinous, barbaric, nature, such as stoning, the body buried up to the waist or chest (for a woman), burning, crucifixion, cutting off of hands, beheading, whipping, and even honor killing, the hooded slayer comforts themselves as a minion of Allah.

The Islamists, the Islamic police, are as sharks lurking in the ocean seeking their revenge, satisfying their lust for blood and inflicting pain, justified in their demonic acts by a false perception of Allah’s approval. Such intolerance and lack of forgiveness without punishment first, if you survive, is feared in Islam.  This is what the Muslim knows and what the Muslim fears.  This is Islamophobia.


Seeking An Understanding of Islam

Those that write, even debate or as an innocent reading and studying Islam, in an attempt to understand, raise questions, have concerns, and express them, the Islamic police in the form of those organizations born out of the thinking of the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood (to include C.A.I.R.), even individual Muslims that might be attending a class at their college or university, may as a prepared and practiced reaction call out the term ‘Islamophobic’ or ‘Xenophobic.’  However xenophobia is quite different, as the fear of a person from another Country is more like any fear of the unknown, but Islamophobia has more in common with knowing Islam, having doubts and fearing the consequences, more as a Muslim, probably a cultural Muslim, than as a non-Muslim.

Courage – Hard for a Muslim to Leave

It takes a courageous Muslim to escape from the darkness of their culture and ideology.  Many born into Muslim dominated areas know nothing else, even praising jihad in their youth as a lesson in devotion to the poor, the needy, the practices of Islam and as the example they are to embrace.  It is later they learn more the holy war of violence, the Sura 9.5, the verse of the sword, as a sworn command to all Muslims to kill, exterminate and rid the world of non-believers, in the name of Allah, on offense and defense. Some, in fact many, may begin to question the extent of hatred towards non-Muslims, especially Jews and Christians. But then further doubts may arise. It is most difficult for them to express any condemnation they feel.  These are the moderate Muslims.  It is in fear, their Islamophobia, they dwell and find that in what surrounds them they remain, especially if they refuse to assimilate in the modern world.  There are oceans other than the Islamic Ocean with fewer Islamic police sharks and demons.  Just row your boat out of the troubled waters.

If ever exposed to the world outside their cultural boundaries, where freedom is in play, Muslims may at first find much fault with what they see.  All they know is Islamism, and when a poll takes place, interviews, the results reflect their upbringing and controlled, conditioned, learning and experiences.  But in time they discover the ability to express themselves, ask questions and experience God’s gift of independent thinking, reasoning and even the love of God without fear of reprisals. They discover hope and joy, a refreshing liberation and potential to relieve themselves of their phobia.  Then the rending of the fabric of Islam and their blackened Islamic heart begins.  They learn to swim.

A few notables that have escaped, learned to swim and are now teaching others they can be free of their Islamophobia include, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nabeel Qureshi, Ergun Caner, Youcef Nadarkhani and others (view list at Wikipedia).


Exposure to the truth of Islam heightens the fear, awakens the spirit, opens eyes and challenges the phobia to come out of the darkness. Exposure to freedom is as the swim instructor’s first lesson and statement.  “There is no reason to fear the water, the ocean.”  They then show you how they can do it, as they dive into the pool.  You can too.  Just learn a new skill, swimming, “I will help you.”  Discover that you can make it to shore if you fall out of the boat once you try and learn.  It is by overcoming your phobia that you will be set free.

Islamophobia as a Deception

The Islamist uses ‘Islamophobia’ as a diversion, a practice of the deception encouraged by the tenets of Islam to use all means necessary to advance Islam, even if they are not truth.  They apply the term to non-Muslims, when they know it is the Muslim that has the phobia.  How can a non-Muslim fear what he does not know, except out of the perceived nature of Islam from the barbaric terrorist acts that have taken place and been published by just about every media source.  Also the practices of Islamic Police, the likes of Wahhabis inspired (Saudi funded) members of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS and others (to include the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots), their desire and intent to destroy the West and all infidels causes concern.  It is not Islamophobia, but a concern for their safety from insane acts by peoples or persons whose hatred can have them jump out of any corner to attack innocent victims.  They feel safe in their neighborhoods otherwise.

It is akin to those who find the movement of the Black Lives Matter engendering hatred and causing many to attack the target of their hatred, mostly police, without proper cause.  It is the police that protect the blacks from each other.  They do a better job than blacks protecting each other. The police are not the enemy.  Yet the Black Lives Matter leaders needed an enemy to hate, so they created one.  Islam has an enemy to hate.

Undertand Islam

Attempts to understand Islam are encouraged, but the outcomes, when not of the culture of Islam, most often result in bewilderment, a sick internal feeling that what is Islam cannot be God’s plan.

The large numbers of moderate Muslims who privately deny the terrorist actions in the name of Allah, Allahu Akbar, but say little, would prefer a revolution to pull Islam forward from it’s 7th Century intransigence into the modern world.  Yet they know their Laws do not permit that from happening.  So learning to swim a little and find safe shores, such as Europe and America, have happened.  More, though, is needed, to complete the Moderate Muslim’s trek towards freedom and an escape from their Islamophobia.  They must break the chains that bind them to Islam and find a new path.  Even if they have to row to safety, it exists.

The Bible is one form of safe passage.

Grace and Peace


Grace and Peace

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