Liberals Sedating a Nation (1 of 2)

UI – Part 405 – Liberals Sedating a Nation (1 of 2)

Liberal Leadership’s Victims

The liberals under the leadership of Obama, Hillary Clinton now a subscriber, have found effective attacks on the fabric of our Nation borne out of Christian and Biblical mindsets and values, the achievements and success of founding families who are characteristically white, and achievers. Victims have been made of blacks, Hispanics, gays & lesbians, now transgenders have been added, welfare participants, Muslims, and many others. Minorities that can be categorized as having a community categorized as less advantaged than the white, even the white supremacists, the wealthy and the successful, are ripe for the Democratic Platform of largess and protection. So many are now included as victims that the victimhood to whom the liberal progressive agenda caters has grown significantly. Their minds have been filled with platitudes that they are victims and the government will protect them. They need do little on their own. By extracting from the higher levels of a pyramid of generated wealth and achievement, those at the bottom, out of fairness, are told they can enjoy the same benefits.

Incentivizing these victims to escape from the chains the liberals use to keep them bound is not an objective. That smacks too much of America as a Nation of opportunity. That does not comport with their platform. Keep them down, keep them poor, remind the blacks of their past as slaves, and let not gains in civil rights cloud the nature of the victim best suited by definition to the liberal left schemes.  Reminded that the KKK was democratic or that MLK was a republican is as the light of day blinding Dracula. The cape of the Democrat is raised by its right arm to cover its head and further seek the dark.

Critics of Islam

For those who are critics of Islam, be aware that the liberal left machine has found a victim in Muslims. They have somehow elevated the religious Muslims to a race, as negro or occidental. But that is not true as Muslims are composed of all races, a diversified mix, with unity in the tenets of Islam dictated by Imam’s and mullah’s interpretations of Islamic texts.  The texts include the Quran, the example of Muhammad gleaned from selected Hadiths (as a matter of choice) and Sharia Law as has evolved from the prior Scripture and records. The Law of Islam (Sharia) developed over time, to include Caliph’s decisions as to legal matters subsequent to Muhammad’s death.  One example is the Caliph Umar’s declaration that no new churches are to be built in Muslim territories, even those newly acquired (or conquered). Nor are people of opposing faiths to share their belief, proselytize.  By doing so the intolerant Islamists would be offended, feeling persecuted.  Those expressing their personal views are labeled the ‘aggressor,’ and ripe for defensive acts (terrorism) by the Islamists.  In defense they proclaim they are fully justified by Allah.

The liberals, like Obama and Hillary Clinton, have accepted the bellowing of organizations like C.A.I.R. and the OIC whose knees jerk anytime a non-Muslim mentions the words Islam while tripping over their tongues as they cry ‘hatred.’  Most Islamist organizations with political objectives arose from the foundations of the Muslim Brotherhood and its leadership. To many the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization, but not so to Obama or Hillary Clinton. Sura 16.125 tells Muslims to attack the ‘fault-finders’ and ‘carpers’ as if they are an enemy.  The libs now demand hate legislation for a topic, a subject.  It is an ideology or religion, called Islam in this case, ripe for debate by intelligent, open minded, objective people.  It is not a race.

If one takes the time to read about Islam, to include the basic texts, much can be learned.  A Muslim is expected to become more of a Muslim, an Islamist, honoring the code of fighting the infidel.  A non-Muslim, the infidel, during their study may have questions, not uncommon when learning a new subject, and when asked may discover the reaction of Muslims to any element of persecution, as they define it, by having to provide answers. It is the truth, I believe, they fear.  They themselves are the Islamophobes, afraid of the consequences for doubting their cultural heritage’s ideological base.  They are not free to go against what their mind may perceive as wrong.  Ask yourself, why are there a vast majority of Muslims referred to as ‘moderates?’  As a group they oppose much of what the non-Muslim opposes, and find revolting terrorist acts and barbaric practices ongoing in much of the middle east and the Muslim dominant areas of Asia.  Yet they neither denounce the basics of Islam nor do they leave.

Muslims in Fear

The Islamophobe is not the infidel trying to learn, but the Muslim who knows and fears what can happen should they stray or seek clarification of the ignorance in which they may dwell as a cultural Muslim only (not a scholar). (read about Islamophobia – the real truth)

Islamist’s Influence

Our government has allowed the voice of the radical Muslim sponsored organizations to be heard, possibly as a result of support and contributions to their campaigns, and given credence to many of their claims of opposition labeled hatred or racism.  Without the effort to properly alert and inform the American public to the facts of Islam, the Administration is passing on the drug to which they have succumbed and hiding the truth that Islam is not a peaceful ideology.

Those who want to understand more should have the freedom to question, criticize, express concern, and dig more deeply into the history of Islam, to include its founder and successors.  Even the liberal professors, those that fill the halls of our universities, should take care to not suppress truth for want of acceptance and attention, even the appearance of tolerance under the disguise of freedom of religion.  It is not all about politics.  It is about correctness, not political correctness, but practical, honest, correctness.  We need to know our friends and our enemies.

Opposing Islam

Those opposed to Islam are the victims, not the Muslim, when they are falsely labeled an Islamophobe or racist. The Administration has made every attempt to cast fairy dust over America and make Islam more acceptable.  There is no New Testament in Islam.  There is no peaceful solution to the tenets of Islam.  Muslims will take advantage of our welfare system seeing it as a required payment of jizya by the dhimmis, which then allows them to spend their days promulgating Islam.  They will enjoy the largess by our Treasury supporting multiple women, they call wives, we call single mothers, through our programs.

As citizens of a free Nation we must preserve our system, as imperfect as it is, and not allow our leaders to operate in a fog caused by their desire for position and power over what is proper and right for the future of America.

Islamic Reform

As much as it is needed or has been suggested, Muslims have no basis for a revolution leading them to a more tolerant ideology or a separation of mosque and state.  They have no charismatic leader to help in their escape from the cage of Islam.  They have no new Scripture or addition to their Scripture that permits them to make friends of non-Muslims, to not hate Christians and Jews, to be more humane towards women, and to put down their swords and stop the 1400 year crusade, war, of Islam to achieve a world all for Allah.  Today’s Islam is the same as the 7th Century Islam of Muhammad, only moved forward not in modernity, but in its male oriented, closed, controlled, and autocratic system masked as a theocracy. Allah, or the god they claim is on their side, is not on the side of the vast majority of Muslims.  Most Muslims, the moderates, saying it again, are the Islamophobes that fear the ocean of Islam that surrounds them. Their phobia, fear, is being afraid of what may happen to them physically and mentally.  They are not free.  In their equality there is no freedom.

Necessary to reform Islam is a basis to educate the children of Muslims to adopt new policies and programs.  Materials are needed from which to teach.  Scholars are needed that accept and promote the new Islam.  But where will such a basis come from?

(to be continued in two days……)

Grace and Peace

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