Islam and US Constitution – Compatibility

UI – Part 382 – Islam and US Constitution – Compatibility

A case arguing Islam is not compatible with the US Constitution

The Religious Attack Dog

Should a so called religion that attacks other religions and their members with violent aplomb, the men treating women as possessions by the words of their Scripture, calling for death to apostates, compelling adherents to commit holy war against non-believers, requiring the voice of 2 women to equal that of one man, and actively recruiting to grow its base of radical devout fundamentalists, be treated as a religion, or offered the same degree of freedom as other religions under the Constitution of the United States? If a religion claims superiority for their members and encourages them to actually kill members of other faith groups (and atheists) should they be accorded the same protections by the Constitution?

Constitutional Applicability

This is a Constitutional question, one of the applicability of a certain section of this foundational document.  Can the rules be used to advance a cause that is detrimental to a Nation or its people?  If so, how should it be addressed, or rescinded?

A couple months back a blog was posted discussing the Constitution’s Freedom of Religion Clause. (see more).  Taking the simplest approach any group or organization that believes in the supernatural, a supreme being, can be classified as a religion.  But is this right?  What other curbs may exist within the framework of our Nation’s greatest document?

Islam is an ideology.  Can an ideology and a religion be the same?  In this case the answer is yes, as the ideology under review extends to a way of life, all encompassing, with a supernatural being as overseer.  It differentiates itself from other religions by having its own constitutional outline for living, to be used by the people and the governments adopting this ideology.  It becomes the only rule of law.  In Islam that is Sharia Law.

Religious law is not to be superior to civil law.  The US Constitution is not limited to one ideology, a select god or idol the people are to worship or obey. Other religions do not insist their framework, as an example the Bible, is to also become the rule of Law.  It may be a guide for proper living for its believers, but not a requirement for all people. It may be good advice taken as a way for people to live together in peace, but it is not to be the written law per se.

Salvation is the concept that separates people, those who believe as they may in the supernatural or not.  An eternal life, a life after we die, in heaven, in paradise, in eden or an emerald city, is conceived as a reality.  I too believe in life after death.  Do you?  And if you do not, then should the rule of law impact how you choose to live.  The theme for governments is to  focus on all people, all persuasions, all races, all belief systems, thus a ‘common’ theme. Secular governance is the applicable term. Constitutions are to be universal in applicability.  What the Constitution addresses must be broadly applied.

Broad Interpretation

If the Constitution allows a broad interpretation to then be strictly limited, that which is limiting, or adverse to the whole, the ‘common’ aspect, is in violation.  That would be the case for Islam.  It fits the definition of a religion, which then is covered by the Freedom of Religion clause, but it does not address the lives of everyone.  That is unless they comply to Islamic Law.

Having Allah as god, a supernatural being, and establishing for its believers the requirements to make Allah happy, by the works of the law of the Quran and associated acceptable texts, is proper for the definition of religion.  Those seeking salvation by the laws of Islam are in a class by themselves, not a universal group.  Just as Christians who believe in the saving grace of Christ, by believing in the sacrifice for our sins on the cross, and the resurrection of the Son of Man, according to the Scripture (Bible), overcoming sin and death, making those who believe in Jesus Christ right with God, are saved, is also a religion.  Christians are also in a class by themselves, saved because they have faith.  Believing as Christians do is not universal.  (It would be wonderful if it were universal – my opinion.)

Islam seeks a world “All for Allah” as an imposition through the control of people, populations and regulating the constituents under National banners as well as the black flag of Islam as a whole, worldwide, without sovereign borders.   Islam compels Muslims, the followers, to be devout and devote their lives to achieving the objective, no matter what it takes, to include violent acts as well as the extirpation of non-believers and heretics. The last Sura, #9, calls on Muslims (Sura 9.29) to 1.) “fight back against those who do not believe in Allah.” 2.) “fight against” those who do not “abide by the religion of truth (Islam)”, and 3.) “fight those” who allow for the prohibitions called for in the Quran and texts of Islam, the Sharia, to be ignored. There is also the Verse of the Sword, Sura 9.5, “You may kill the idol worshippers when you encounter them, punish them and resist every move they make.” Idol worshippers are everyone but those that believe in Allah, the Allah of the Quran.

Focus for me now on the language taken from the guidebook for all Muslims.  Would this not be considered seditious?  These are actions calling for discontent or rebellion against the Constitution of the United States, in speech, resistance and writing.  As a secular governing body the rule of law is not theocratic and should never be, however that is not what the Islamics seek everywhere they go, even in America.

Whereas Christians desire the whole world believe in Christ, sharing the beneficial aspects of loving God, as the first commandment, and loving neighbor as one loves themselves, as the second most important commandment, but not as a requirement.  It is a suggestion, and for the believers a pathway to an eternal life, an earthly life purposed, with hope and joy, and a life if lived by all would bring peace to the world.  Those that do not believe as Christians are not to fear the Christians as they are not compelled to kill those who are not in accord with them.

Also Christians, as with other recognized religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and other spirituality focused, peace-love-undertanding groups, the ashram gatherers at the feet of their guru’s, have no want to provide their nation’s leadership, only to have community with a peaceful co-existence, tolerant even if not in total accord. Attempts to understand the ‘whys’ of life and our personal selves is the essence.  Why are we here? Why do we exist?  What is our purpose? How do we separate the ‘me’ from the world and become part of a whole”.  They accept the supernatural and a life beyond, but attaining that life becomes a personal matter, one shared, but not one that is exclusive.  It is what you believe. The air breathed by these groups is filled with ‘love’, inhaling good feelings from others, and seeking safety, security and freedom without concerns for third party verbal or physical abuse for not thinking just like another. These groups exhale the love they embrace as well.   There may be those among the flowers of the gardens of these religions that are as weeds, invasive and imposing.  Classified as fundamentalists they are more often mis-guided and not in complete understanding of their faith or system of belief.

When there is Hatred 

The hatred that is a major component of Islam by itself should not classify Islam as a religion under the US Constitution.  The leaders of America are charged by this wonderful document to protect the people, all the people, the common, general, or universal good of everyone, their safety and their comfort, no matter what they believe.

The preamble to the Constitution states: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

By this introduction to the Constitution I do feel I am not alone in my view that Islam is incompatible.

The elements of commonality are not inherent in Islam, what they teach, preach, promote and advance.  Muslims are (Sura 9.41) “to mobilize, light and heavy, and strive (jihad) with (their) money and (their) lives in the cause of Allah….”  Infiltrating a society to build a base, grow from a minority to a majority, following the example of Muhammad, to become more militaristic as their numbers grow, to infiltrate, fill the halls of community, local, state and federal government as employees, even the courts, enabling attitudes favorable to Islam to plant themselves, perpetuate and have a greater voice insisting the ways of Islam be adopted, thus changing our Constitution, are spelled out as the plan, a method to achieve a world All for Allah.  This meets the definition of ‘subversive,’ an attempt to overthrow or cause the destruction of an established legally constituted government, and for America our government is given its marching orders and is constrained by the Constitution for the betterment of We The People.

“The reality is that Islam presents no system for real justice nor has an Islamic system been established that ensures the liberty of men. Rather, for its 1400 year history, Islam has been notorious for oppression, not freedom.” – (Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost.)


Oaths are something we all agree if taken we must honor, as men.  But for the Muslim, the Sura 9, The Immunity, provides an escape.  Pledging to honor the Constitution is what each elected official in the USA does, but for a Muslim they can take the oath and ignore the oath if it serves the purpose of advancing the rule of law of Islam and Islam itself.  They are Immune, as superior persons to those of any other faith, the infidels, they do as necessary to dominate. Sura 9:1 is “a declaration of immunity from Allah and His apostle (Muhammad) to the idolaters with whom you have made agreements”

German Anti-Islam Party Evolves

In other free countries where Islam has become more active and immigration has become a significant factor, concerns about this ideology and its ability to tolerate other religions and adapt in a free society that is foreign and abhorrent to them is bringing the issue to the fore.  Is Islam constitutional?

An organized anti-Muslim coalition has formed and even obtained seats in the Parliament. (read more). A sub-group with the Alternatives for Deutschland (Germany) Party has “called for a total ban on the Burqa and minarets on mosques, arguing that Islam is not a normal religion and therefore is not covered by constitutional protections for religious freedom.” This group argues Islam is incompatible with other religions and the constitution in Germany.  Quoting the Party’s leader, Alexander Gauland, “Islam is not a religion like Catholic or Protestant Christianity, but rather always associated intellectually with the takeover of a state.” The party’s deputy leader, Beatrix von Storch, said “Islam is a political ideology that is not compatible with the constitution.”

Last Thought

One last thought.  Why do Islamic organizations, supportive and defensive (apologetic) groups for Islam, work so diligently to have changes made to the Constitution?  Think about it.  The reason is simple, as I see it anyway, they also recognize that Islam is not compatible with the Constitution.  Before it is too late and Islam is declared unconstitutional they want this document changed. That only helps make the argument.


Case closed – Islam is incompatible.  It is not a religion when taking into consideration the whole of the Constitution.  The question now becomes what is the legal process necessary to make such a declaration in the United States.  How does it get to the court system.  Who sues?

Grace and Peace

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