Islamic Reformation or War

UI – Part 415 – Islamic Reformation or War

Basis for Reform

As much as it is needed or has been suggested, Muslims have no basis for a revolution leading to a more tolerant ideology or a separation of mosque and state. They have no charismatic leader to help in their escape from the cage of Islam. They have no new Scripture or addition to their Scripture that permits them to make friends of non-Muslims, to not hate Christians and Jews, to be more humane towards women, and to put down their swords and stop the 1400 year crusade, war, of Islam to achieve a world all for Allah. Today’s Islam is the same as the 7th Century Islam of Muhammad, only moved forward not in modernity, but in its male oriented, closed, controlled, and autocratic system masked as a theocracy. Allah, or the god they claim is on their side, is not on the side of the vast majority of Muslims. Most Muslims, the moderates, are the Islamophobes that fear the ocean of Islam that surrounds them. Their phobia, fear, is being afraid of what may happen to them physically and mentally. (See blog – Islamophobia)  They are not free. In their equality there is no freedom.

In a 2015 New Year’s Day speech at al-Azhar University, the world’s most prestigious seat of Sunni Islamic learning, al Sisi, Egypt’s President, warned that the “corpus of [Islamic] texts and ideas that we have sacralized over the years” are “antagonizing the entire world” and “caus[ing] the entire umma [Muslim world] to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction.” Egypt is home of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that al Sisi deplores and in the UAE (not in the USA) is designated a terrorist organization. But a call for reform, even in Egypt, has been criticized by the ideological leadership as a diversion from what is ‘true Islam.’ This suggests reform is not possible.

Although not begun in Egypt the Arab Spring was a signal to the world, yet reform did not follow.  The desire by young Musiims for reform was demonstrated, but with leadership and the ability to govern lacking the fall back was on the establishment of middle managers to maintain systems so a country, a city can operate. Unfortunately a Muslim Brotherhood operative took the helm, supported by the Obama Administration, and Egypt fell back, digressed instead of advancing.

Barbaric Islamists

The opinion of most, and I believe a fact, is there is a minority of brutal barbaric Islamists. However, they define the Islamic world, that of the political Islamist and the Nations that are majority Islam.  The residents in every Muslim majority live in a cage from which escape engenders a call for “death to the apostate.”  This minority is driving the EU and America crazy and causing fear, and for good reason.  What is obvious is that the views of the fundamentalist Muslim calls for hatred towards the free and the non-Muslim, as well as the apathetic or less than devout Muslim, and any Muslim that does not do their part with time, energy and financial resources to advance jihad (war) against anyone or nation that resists the advances of Islam until the world is dar al Islam, All for Allah.

Military intervention in the Muslim world has become necessary out of the obvious concerns.  The goal should be containment as a minimum, the prevention of any emigration of cultural derelicts into the modern world, and the encouragement of Islamic nations to change their way of life or remain isolated from the remainder of the universe. Unless, of course, reform is considered.

Liberals are Ignorant

The liberal mindset is blind to the realities.  Sure they too want peace and think it possible.  But no reform, no peace.  This theo-political ideology that inspires all Islamic states and which seeks the subjugation and even death of all who fail to comply with its barbarism “is undeniably the greatest threat to global peace and security today,” according to moderate Zuhdi Jasser. He also said, “We can continue to share blinders in the West and commiserate over the metastases which this battle spreads across the planet whether through hate, terrorism, or refugees. Or we can open our eyes and hone in on the common root cause: it is that time in history when Muslims and our Islam must now come to terms with modernity.”  But will they, or can they? Or will outside forces be necessary to as a minimum alter the landscape wherever there is no separation of mosque and state and/or Islam is the only religion tolerated.

Jihad and War

Is war the only answer? And whose war. As we know Islam has been at war with the entire world where Islam is not present or in the majority, as a crusade, for 1400 years. Since inception Islam has battled to be dominant throughout the world, taking advantage of weaknesses and labeling any resistance to Islam as the aggressive party.  Having an aggressor the Islamist then finds justification in defending the ideology.  Their logic defies most critical thinkers, but it works for them. War, by any definition that is convenient, must end for peace to emerge. The hatred that causes war must be tempered to find solutions which may involve acceptance of other viewpoints (other religions).

Is the only solution to reforming Islam a war between Islam and the rest of the world?

Grace and Peace

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