OIC in Action – Islam Spreading

UI – Part 368 – OIC in Action

Organization of Islamic Cooperation

In the past this blog posted a review of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as a warning of what underlies the seas building for the growth of Islam throughout the world.  Offices are located in vital centers of influence of governments, such as New York, Washington DC and Brussels, Belgium. They have permanent delegations to the EU and the United Nations.  Here they can be active entertaining and courting leaders of the European Union and the United States. Their purpose is to promote Islam and encourage the maintaining of the cultural, but really the Islamic, identity of persons living in the countries.  ‘Multiculturalism’, ‘global equalization’, and ‘cultural equalization’ are words used which have in turn been adopted, wrongly I believe, by prominent political stalwarts.  Curbing criticism of Islam and Muslims, attempts to mitigate the concern over Islamic Terrorism. Such efforts have been effective, or as a minimum have brought attention to this call to restrict free speech.

Calls for legislation that impose punishment for commentary that is considered persecution of Muslims, labeled ‘hate speech’, has been put forward in the United Kingdom and recently from the justice department of the United States, with the support of Obama and AG Lynch.  (Note: Democrats introduced a bill called HR 569: Condemning violence, bigotry and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.)  Such legislation is effectively the incorporation of Sharia Law. I call this Islamophobia under attack.  Saying this I also aver that Islamophobia is not hate.  It is a concern, an expression of doubts, questions, an effort to seek answers and to discover those themselves framed with the cloak of Islam to come forward and either affirm Islam is not violent or that it is.  But making the term ‘Islamophobia’ a form of hate speech is an objective and a form of perverting the truth, by masking and curbing any criticism of Islam.

The Flag of the OIC

Read the earlier blog via this link. (read). Two points mentioned and repeated. 1.) The OIC objective: “To protect those of their ideology they strive (part of their holy jihad) to ensure these Muslims remain true to their culture and that the countries in which they reside cause no harm or impact the self-esteem of the followers of Allah and Muhammad.”, and 2.) Inherent in the OIC plan, called the Istanbul Process, is the focus and desire “…to make it criminal, an international crime, to criticize anything about Islam…. The objective aim of the Istanbul Process is…to ‘enshrine in international law a global ban on all critical scrutiny of Islam and Islamic Sharia Law.’ “   Beware of such activity in your back yard!


In a small country that was once part of the USSR, Georgia, legislation has been proposed: “a ‘blasphemy bill’ that will make religious irreverence punishable by law….” More about this can be read via this link (link to Georgia proposed Law).  This comes from the OIC and a constant push for such laws which comply with Sharia (Islamic Law).  Georgia is considered a Christian Nation, but Muslims live in surrounding areas, such as Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia’s Caucasus areas to the North. (See map.)

Concern for the Growth of Islam

More than once I have expressed a concern for the growth of Islam throughout the world, with an emphasis today on the West, where freedom exists and is embraced.  In the hearts of people there is a desire for good and conditioned thinking – inherent in all people is respect for others.  But consider those who have grown up in a world where their surroundings are majority Islam, autocratic, and what they learn about those not of the faith are to be hated. This thinking is derived from the Scripture of Islam.

Where Islam is dominant, those that study and understand this ideology, who are students of the Quran and the Hadiths invariably become fundamentalists.  There is but one way to interpret the texts calling for a world All for Allah and the elimination of infidels.  Moderates tend to be those who are not students, but cultural products of countries within the Muslim world, or emigrants who sought opportunities elsewhere (such as the West).

The ‘moderates’ are not as disciplined or committed to the religion of Islam and have received their knowledge from teachers, Imams, on the few occasions they worship or attend services in local mosques. However if a ‘moderate’ decides to go further into their ideology and establish a firm foundation they will in all likelihood, if they remain Muslim, become radical.  A radical Muslim is more the student, one who now realizes what they are to do, to commit to, to be a Muslim acceptable by Allah.  In so doing they are eligible for Paradise.  This makes clearer President of Turkey Erdogan’s statement, “The term ‘moderate islam’ is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam.  Islam is Islam.”


Can Islam Change?

We cannot go forward thinking Islam will change.  It is what it is.  To change it would need a total revival, a new covenant of Islam, more like a New Testament to the Old Testament, which for Islam would be a New Furqan.  Can there be a new Quran, would there be, and who would be the charismatic savior of current followers.  The followers of Islam are being led by a deceiver, many consider demonic, forcing them on a false path to an eternal life.  Allah is not God, a claim supported by a review of the Scripture of Islam and the Bible.  Allah stresses hatred towards non-believers.  God stresses love of mankind, every person, everywhere. The killing fields of the Middle East will come to represent the extermination of opponents to the devil, the dissidents of the ideology, that has inspired Muhammad and those that now follow Islam as a fundamentalist, a radical, a committed and convicted student scholar of Islam.

Let not the sword of Muhammad come to a city near you.

Grace and Peace.

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