Organization of Islamic Cooperation (‘OIC’)

UI – Part 322 – Organization of Islamic Cooperation (‘OIC’)

Representing 57 Countries that operate under the laws of the Quran, Sharia Laws,The Organization for Islamic Cooperation, commonly referred to as OIC, is purposed to create awareness of Islam, especially where emigration of Muslims is taking place.  They see the world changing as populations where there were once few, if any, Muslims, are experiencing growth in their Muslim communities at rates greater than the the community as a whole.  To protect those of their ideology they strive (part of their holy jihad) to ensure these Muslims remain true to their culture and that the countries in which they reside cause no harm or impact the self-esteem of the followers of Allah and Muhammad.  Consider ‘harm’ in terms of ‘persecution’ which then is labeled ‘Islamophobia.’

The symbol of the OIC. OrganizationOfIslamicCooperation

Remaining true to the ideology of Islam is as being shackled to the leg of Muhammad.

In their own countries their respect for other religions, or non-believers, is not reflected in a similar mirror.  There are no laws written where Christian-o-phobia, or Israel-o-phobia, or other-religion-o-phobia have been addressed in the Sharia playbook of laws.  If the same standard were to be applied there would be blasphemy for condemnation, hatred, enmity, threats, even mischief towards non-Muslims.

Tolerance is a term that Islam applies when considering a Muslim, not when others, the non-Muslims, are in the crosshairs.  Holding Islam to the same standard as other religions is never mentioned by OIC.

The OIC is headquartered in Saudi Arabia (‘SA’).  Know that SA has the strictest form of Sharia Law which is used as the Constitution for SA.  Such laws were derived from the Quran and the sayings of Muhammad, but also as interpreted by Abdul al-Wahhab in the 18th Century.  What is Wahhabism today arose from the life, studies, interpretations and final dictates of this scholar.  Wahhabism was adapted by the royal family, the Saud’s, and acts as the religious component of the Theocracy that governs this now sovereign nation.  The OIC has representatives located in Europe and America that seek the ear of politicians and organizations to share their demands.  They have recently established offices in Brussels close by the headquarters of the European Union (‘EU’) to enable them to wine, dine and discuss their list of wants for the people of Islam living among those of the West.

Istanbul Process

The Istanbul Process is the name given the OIC’s request, considered, by those less sympathetic to just Muslims, an aggressive action on their part, to make it criminal, an international crime, to criticize anything about Islam. That is extreme, but they are making progress.  The objective aim of the Istanbul Process is, and this I read elsewhere and cannot be expressed any better by me, to “enshrine in international law a global ban on all critical scrutiny of Islam and Islamic Sharia Law.”

Muslims are to be protected from the truth of their history and that of the example they follow as they could be hurt by such news.

Certainly this targets Islamophobia.  It does not target the hatred of the Quran towards non-believers expressed in Sura 60.4, “We (all Muslims) disbelieve in you (Christians, Jews, and non-believers) and there has arisen enmity and hatred between us and you forever until you believe in Allah alone.”  If it did Islam would be outlawed throughout the world.  The OIC is admitting the hatred Muslims have towards infidels, to include hypocrites, those Muslims not devout enough, and as such should be an obvious stain on the credibility and the credulity of the OIC.  It reflects Islam’s core belief.

Muslims are to hate infidels and hypocrites. If they do not, then they themselves are not Islam enough, thus a hypocrite.

The OIC works hard at protecting the free word from the facts about Islam’s history, the millions killed that were not devout enough Muslims, the manner of killing historically whereby the sword is the symbol of Islam and the objective of sanitizing the world, a territory they claim is Allah’s alone, so that only the ideology of Islam, masked as a religion, fills all the voids of this earth.  It is their mission to enact hate-speech legislation that would limit what a non-Muslim can say about Islam.

Offices of the OIC

In addition to the SA headquarters the OIC has principle offices in Brussels, the City that houses the bulk of the European Union operations. It was opened in 2013 to counter Islamophiobia in Europe.

The OIC seeks to criminalize the stereotyping of Muslims as lacking tolerance and living a life of jihad with a goal of All the World for Allah.  They have enmity and hatred towards non-believers, that is what they teach, but non-Muslims are not to remind Muslims of that fact nor orate such to others that might hear. You must like the terminology used, obvious that it is, the formation of a Permanent Observer Mission to the European Union.  Muslims we will be watching you and fighting to insure you do not drift from the grasp of Allah.  The OIC will also work closely with your directors, management, and legislative body to subject Countries that make-up the EU to the loss of their identity and become more global, that means becoming subject to further Islam migration.

There is also an office in Washington, DC as well as Philadelphia, PA.  More OIC watchdogs, observer hounds of Muhammad, and lobbyists to take a bite into the apple of the Freedom of Speech.

Israel and the OIC

Israel is not a member of the OIC.  What should be a concern and a reflection of the intolerance of this cabal to protect the jihad of Islam with a whole world target is commentary by the Secretary General (2013) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, suggesting any member-state that recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel or moves their embassy to that area, should no longer be participants.

The Major Concern

Host Countries beware.  You are losing your nationalism.  The history, foundations, good and bad, of your Country will be lost if you do not take a different tact regarding immigration.  With lower indigenous rates of population growth, rates insufficient to maintain economies, immigration is necessary.  Either that or more babies. European Countries, Canada, America and other Nations that embrace freedom and are not theocracies, are attractive to those who live in poverty or oppression.  Moving and living there is exciting and an opportunity.  That being so then the Countries must ensure their new inhabitants become indoctrinated into the ways of their historical past, not some new blended culture.  Say no to multiculturalism, no to globalization and yes to Britain, France, America, Sweden, Germany, etc.  Leaders must be less welcoming to teach cultures from afar, but to insist homeland history, laws, values, and national pride become the mantra.  Make the immigrant a citizen of your Country, not a citizen of a religious cult or ideology protected by your laws and now living large among you.

Western values, the western way of life, living in the modern world is under direct attack by Islam and the OIC is the collective that is attempting to ensure Islam’s progress. Let not the Islam way of life, an ideology that focuses on every action a human takes, without freedom or liberty, become or present itself in a free nation. When allowed, as is the case, it should be a concern to all citizens, politicians and leaders.


The OIC is a cover for an Organization Intent on Cultural (OIC reworded) modification to enable the spread of Islam beyond its concentrations in the Middle East and Eastern Asia. Politicians are all too ready to acquiesce to the requests of the OIC indulging in the false rhetoric of being guilty where there is the presence of Islamophobia, and lacking intellectual fortitude to step away from their penchant to be politically correct at the expense of reality.  Whenever the false logic of the OIC appears in a Host Country they must take action, suppress the undertow of the fanatic invasion and help the resident Muslims embrace and accept freedom, being independent enough to then join the defense against Islam.  This may necessitate apostasy and possibly conversion, never forced, to raise a barrier between the OIC and Muslim Brotherhood verbal abusers, as well as family and peer pressure, to take the step into today’s world and not back into the 7th Century of Muhammad.

Now is the time to curb the deceit of Allah.

In Britain be British, in France French, in America American, and in any non-Muslim country, learn to love your new Host Country and be part of the culture. The Host Country needs to stand firm on their ground and not let it slide into the depth of despair historically present in areas entrapped by Islam.

Grace and Peace

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