UI – Part 288 – Fairness


The President of the United States has a favorite word.  It is ‘Fairness’  His rhetorical speeches often embrace the term ‘fairness’ as he attempts to make America the same.  He feels taxes are fair, and it is only fair for those who earn more than another to pay more in taxes than another.  It is only fair that those less fortunate should receive benefits from the government as an equalizer, just to be fair.  Tax dollars are used to level the playing field.  But should that be the case?

Look at this topic in another way.  A child of 10 dies of leukemia. Teenagers may demonstrate greater talent at a sport or a game or when being tested.  Adults continue to limp due to year’s past affliction with polio.  Is any of that fair to the ones who are healthy, or the ones who cannot achieve at the same level?  So what is fair?

America – Unique

America is a unique country.  The founding fathers created a Constitution which led to a haven in the world of opportunity.  Opportunity for individuals to grow at their own pace, to achieve all they could, and to gain wealth as a result of what they do.  It enabled choice, to choose different paths, even paths that do not create great wealth, but prestige or happiness. Prior to this Nation, this island of individualism, wealth creation was by imperialistic means, conquest, or colonization. Kings and Queens, Caliphs and Tribal leaders looked to their neighbors, and if they felt stronger, and the neighbor had what they desired, then they became a target.  It that target was overcome the successor benefitted, his tribe benefitted, his country benefitted and his place in history was enhanced.  America changed that.

Around the world America became known as being different.  Unique.  Democracy, freedom and opportunity were the buzz words shared to describe this oasis on the world map.  Migration started.  Visitors came, returned to their homelands and made plans to pack-up and settle in this new world.  It was new in so many ways, not just because of religious freedom. You, me, others could become leaders, could become wealthy, could be educated, could be doctors, lawyers, writers, teacher, mechanics, tradesmen of preference, outdoorsmen, policemen, firemen, politicians, and whatever we desired.  Cronyism existed, but it was not dominant.  You could start a business on your own.  Safety became a factor, as homes, businesses, and even the environment came under the protection of the governments for the common good of all.  Unique.

America was more of a Christian based nation at the start, the commandments of the Bible the foundation of the laws that served everyone.  The ethical and moral values espoused by the Bible had universal application.  They still do. God’s laws remained, however, for the followers of their faith to know would be applied on Judgment Day, not by the local police. America was not and will never be, if our President and Congress stay strong, a theocracy.

America’s exceptionalism evolved because the melting pot of peoples made it that way.  They choose their leaders to keep our Nation strong.  By insuring the dictators of the world did not impose their will on US we have remained mostly safe.  There are the enemies of capitalism, success, and achievement.  They may or may not be the lesser, but certainly they seem to hate what has and can be accomplished, which they have not. They do not accept our status in the world and want to reduce America to make it less strong, less worthy, less of an example.  Even so, our borders still overflow with those who wish to live in America more than anywhere else.

Muslim Migration

Where Muslims move in, so it seems, others move out.  It is happening in Belgium, in  Great Britain, in Germany, in France, and in areas of the USA.  This is separatism.  It is not a positive development.  If such areas are allowed to become strong, they build up forces of resistance (armies as it were) to then imperialistically expand into greater territory.  It has been called creeping Sharia or creeping Islam.  It is not a good thing.  It will destroy opportunity.


America stands for opportunity more than any other Nation.  Let this beacon of hope and joy in the world not be dimmed. It is not fairness in any way to demean the accomplishments of others, or to credit our government with their success.  It is as if the government would then be responsible for all the accidents, all the diseases and be required to inflict the same on all – to be ‘fair’ by Obama’s standards. America was never intended as a Stepford collection of people.

If you are capable of running faster than another, so be it. Run. If you work harder, study more, try harder, are on time more often (or always), complain less, do your job, and you gain in stature, that is to your benefit.  We can thank America for making it possible, but not just for one, for all.  Keep us safe.  Make it possible for us to grow as individuals and in freedom.  Do not regulate businesses to curtail, or discourage, new ideas or new entrants.  Keep the doors to ideas, creativity open, and that comes in the form of incentives.  Incentivize everyone to achieve.

The Bible even states, “The poor will always be with us.” (Matt 26:11)  We have a responsibility to care for those in need, but not to make everyone equal.  God did not give everyone the same gifts.  Do not dampen enthusiasm or need by giving and fulfilling all desires, especially unrealistic desires. ‘Fairness’ in political terms is not ‘fair’ to the nation as a whole. Yes we can feed our nation.  But we do not need to provide smart-phones, cars, liquor, vacations, lobster dinners, weekly paychecks, or other entitlements that dilute a need to succeed.  Jobs are important, work is good for the soul, but government cannot allow everyone to pick-and-choose only those jobs/positions they feel fits their wants. We all must start at the bottom of a ladder to then climb to the top.  Starting in the middle you may only discover there are no lower rungs and the fall is much more harmful.  There will be set-backs, but may they be just one or two rungs down, or suggest a change to a different ladder.

To Achieve is to Make America Great 

Recently Obama was sued for not acting in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.  He chides those who were behind this legal case claiming “He is only doing his job.” This is a lie.  His humor, casting aspersions towards those who love freedom, love America’s exceptionalism, want what is best for America, and wish to balance our accounts for the benefit of all, may be welcomed by those who are on the dole, but not by those who realize someone must pay.   His job is not to equal the playing field by redistributing wealth, or providing a vast array of entitlements.  These become disincentives to achieve.  To achieve is to make America great, to stand-out among Nations. .  His job is to operate by the rule of law, to maintain America’s status in the world and to insure what is fair in America is the opportunity to succeed.  Removing incentives with the stroke of the pen is wrong.

The Wall of Opportunity


America is like a wall of opportunity upon which there are many ladders to the top.  The ‘top’ is defined by the individual.  It ranges from financial goals, to faith based rewards, from knowledge to common sense and from strength to assistance. Freedom enables you and me to choose one or more ladders.  We can only pray our government will not remove rungs, or shorten the ladders, making it easier for some than for others, or harder for all.  Protection of classes as labeled by our congressmen or President can more often stifle future growth and opportunity than help.  What is offered in ‘fairness’ may only be fair to the goals of the politician and not to the individual.  Few would say ‘no’ to free stuff having no quid pro quo.  Few would say ‘yes’ if they knew or understood the strings attached cause impediments to their future achievements.  The result of Obama’s ‘fairness’ can be devastating.

Grace and Peace

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