Muslims – Europe – Dalai Lama – Brexit

UI – Part 392 – Muslims – Europe – Dalai Lama – Brexit


The emigration from the war torn Middle East into Europe has caused unforeseen problems.  Expectations that a civilized contingent, civilized in terms of how free people live, would arrive and willingly assimilate are far from a reality. Even the Dalai Lama has expressed a a concern for the numbers and the capabilities of the indigenous population to provide, willingly or otherwise, for the needs of the multitudes. Then there is the historical profile of a Nation, or the Nations.  Is it changing? The European Nations that are willingly accepting the immigrants, primarily the Western European Nations, may soon have an identity crisis on their hands.  I cannot imagine any have a plan to become an Arab Nation.  But then again the Muslims, Arab or not, are unlikely to become French or German or Italian.  They will remain Muslim, historically resistant to integrating into host countries that are out of the bounds of their Islamic heritage.  They would prefer their heritage travel with them. (Dalai Lama’s comments).

Muslims Remain Muslims

The oversight global group, the OIC (Organization of Islamic cooperation), maintains a presence and seeks to insure the Muslims remain Muslim.  As the numbers grow and the ideology of Islam remains intact, the immigrants can potentially aide in the transformation of Europe, in part and then in whole, to a more Islamic territory.  Muslims, soon after the death of Muhammad, with the early Caliphates, attempted to conquer Europe.  This desire for conquest continued, defeated in the 8th century trying to invade via Spain, and then also in the 16th century with attempted invasions from the East by the Ottoman Turks. Now the gates are open wide.  The Dalai Lama suggests only a temporary stay for the new arrivals saying, “from a moral point of view too, I think that the refugees should only be admitted temporarily.  The goal should be that they return and help rebuild their countries.”  This is not going to happen; it is unrealistic.  Most of the arrivals in Europe have wanted the kind of lifestyle offered and the economic platform established with opportunities for employment.  Most only dreamed such an environment existed.  Now that they know, why would they leave? And the OIC needs them to help in the Islamic transformation.  This is the objective of Islam as called for in the Quran (Sura 9). They will support their religious brethren and work hard to radicalize the moderates into embracing the All-for-Allah Quranic requirement.  The OIC and the Imam’s see Europe as fertile ground for their theocracy and Islamic Laws. Their faith and identity are important to the immigrants.  A return to Syria or other homelands may be a desire to reconnect with their belief system.  However, if they can freely explore their ideology and even exploit their systems in their new home, all the better for Allah.


Germany fought WWII in an effort to unify Europe under the banner of Naziism.  Today the EU (European Union) has accomplished much of what Hitler attempted, but in a more accommodating, cooperative and secular fashion.  Respect for each country and its identity is paramount.  What has occurred though is a power structure that attempts to enforce programs on the whole of the EU, such as the recent overload of Muslims immigrants, that are not satisfactory to each nation. The united Europe documents place in the hands of the elected leaders of the EU more control than there should be.  Great Britain, at least those seeking to exit the EU, senses the concern that their identity, individuality and independence are being compromised, and will be further by the dictates of the EU administration. Border concerns, given the ongoing onslaught of immigrants from dangerous zones of Islamic conflict, are justified. I agree with those that seek to exit.  They are being hounded to stay.  Fear tactics are applied suggesting the UK economy will suffer. Obama likes the idea of a centralized power base, i.e. the EU, thinking maybe someday he can influence their decisions too, his global personal leadership desires as sympathizer-in-chief a legacy he wishes to perpetuate.  He is like Chamberlain thinking the devil is not bad looking, can be appeased, that is, until his neck has the sword of conquest at the jugular. UK is a beacon of strength in Europe.  Its flame is brighter when it is on its own.  It will only be dimmed by the many who do not think as do the British.


If one part of Europe can stand firm against the immigration policies, making their stays temporary, then let it be Britain, but as an independent entity.  Britain cannot let others make decisions for them.  And if the OIC continues to influence the EU, then by Britain staying in, the OIC can continue to advance its agenda as it wishes in the UK also.  As the Dalai Lama properly expressed that Germany should remain German, so too France, France and certainly Great Britain, Great Britain.  They all suffer when they compromise to the wants of the EU heads. So much for cross border transport without passports, or a common currency, but a rulership outside the halls of each respective government cannot become dictatorial.  Each Country must be able to close its borders, inspect passports and control its immigration when potential for terrorist infiltrators and the presence of adverse ideologies become an invasion force.  The EU needs to provide the ability for Countries to close their borders as they feel necessary to maintain their heritage and identity.

Too Many Muslims

Muslims will only be Muslims.  They may say they are European, of a certain nation, especially if born as a citizen, but they will remain Muslim.  Their families, their peers, their communities, many isolated by choice to remain independent of their host country, will make every effort to separate Islam, a global borderless body politic, from being of a different culture, the culture of an adopted land.

Islamized Europe and Great Britain

As for the Dalai Lama wanting the Islamic immigrants to be temporary, well, that they will be, until they are no longer.  They will become permanent as Muslims, and much of Europe can then be Islamized.  The land adopted will be transformed into another territorial conquest for Allah.  The example of Muhammad will live on.  Germans will then need to speak and write Arabic as well as German.

Maybe Britain can escape being vanquished by the sympathetic EU leaders, and the likes of Obama, who do not understand Islam and are willing to blindly allow their numbers to increase in Europe and America.  The UK needs to take the high road, the brave road, and vote to leave the EU.  Their voice will be heard, probably more loudly then if they remain.  It might just need the voice of an independent Nation to repeat and insist the words of the Dalai Lama be heeded.  The recent Muslim arrivals are to be accommodated only until they leave to return to restore their homeland.  Europe must insist they depart when the time comes. Let not the vulture make a nest in the home of the dove and eagle.

Grace and Peace.

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