Stopping Islam’s Progress

UI – Part 324 – Stopping Islam’s Progress

Stopping the progression of Islam should be an objective of every free nation.  It may be impossible to stop the need for immigration to support the growth and economic viability of developed countries with birth rates below average.  But how we deal with the immigrants is another matter.  Several weeks ago this site had a blog titled ‘Muslim Immigrants and Host Countries’.  In that piece we noted a need to curtail the policy and practice of Multiculturalism.  It is a term inherent with deceit when it comes to Islam as it protects the theocratic Sharia All-for-Allah objective of a worldwide population of Muslims. Host Countries must insist those who emigrate become citizens of their Country, not of the world.  If Islam is not in the cultural character of the history of a Nation then object to any effort to have it their way.  Have it your way.

For those Muslims already living in a free Nation have them observe changes that are to be made to protect the cultural, religious and historical bricks that laid the foundation.  There will be outlandish cries of Islamophobia.  The OIC will rise up with oil dollars pouring in to politicians, Imams, the media, mosques and madrases to prevent such alterations to the direction they want towards Islamization of all corners of the world not currently under the black banner and sword of Muhammad.  But it needs to be done.  It needs to be done without an overriding theme of political correctness being sung by the choir of Islamists and Islamist sympathizers.

Here are a few suggested steps that can and must be taken:

  • Immigrants to be taught National pride and history of their new Country
  • Until ‘true’ Islam defined
    • Do not permit teaching Islam in schools
    • No new mosques or madrases
    • Monitor existing mosques and madrases
    • Profile 
  • Cessation of added Muslim immigration into the West
  • Focus on Culture in the West.
  • Cater not to demands of Islamophobia and tolerance towards Islam until they prove (OIC members) they are building churches, dealing with xenophobia, and allowing other faiths to proselytize in Muslim dominated areas.
  • Headscarf bans
  • Stop listening to the OIC
  • Energy Independence – USA export oil to Europe (now dependent on ME)
  • Stop worrying about the self-esteem of Muslims.
  • Worry about citizens and culture of host country
  • Do not adjust Western values systems for Muslims; let them adjust.
  • The problem is not Islamophobia (911 not caused by America!)
  • Develop a systematic, motivated and sustained campaign against Islam – until it drops its theocratic ideals.
  • More babies by non-Muslims
  • Teach comparative history of Islam and Christians and the progress made in their respective areas of the world
  • Teach comparative religions – Islam vs Christianity vs Judaism
  • Encourage evangelism by non-theocratic religions.
  • A Great Awakening – Moral, History, Judeo-Christian
    • A Reformation of opposing religions/faiths
    • Spreading the Gospel – increase in discipleship
    • Expose Muslims to the Word of God.
    • Christians & Jews – Have More Babies!
  • Compare Allah and God; Muhammad and Christ; Quran and Bible.
  • Compare what following the example of Muhammad looks like versus following the example of Christ.
  • Restore State’s sanctioning a religion, not as a theocracy, but as a guide and symbol of the roots of history – just as Constantine did in Rome.
  • Encourage people to read and question the Bible as well as read and question the Quran, comparing them side-by-side.
  • Protect free speech.
  • Do not acquiesce to requests by the OIC to enact laws calling Islamophobia a hate crime.
  • Apply freedom of religion only to religions that do not insist on a theocracy because those that do can only attack the fabric of a Nation.
  • Insist all laws are common laws, for the good and protection of everyone.
  • Teach National pride
  • Form an observer core to visit all existing mosques and madrases to insure messages are without a call for violence
  • Provide no welfare to non-citizen Muslims.
  • Allow new immigration to only non-Muslims.
  • Say NO to Sharia Law anywhere an attempt is made to apply such – label Sharia Law a hate crime.  Do not allow Sharia creep!
  • The Scripture of Islam, the Quran, calls for hatred (Sura 60.4), it should be forbidden.
  • The Scripture of Islam calls for Muslims to strike fear in non-Muslims, thus a call for abuse, hatred and violence, (Sara 8.12) and should be labeled a hate-filled document and banned.
  • The Scripture of Islam prevents Muslim immigrants from adopting the customs of non-Muslims (Sura 51.57) and must not be allowed to be taught.  Ban the Quran.
  • The Scripture of Islam expresses no desire for welfare from a non-Muslim country and should be honored (Sura 51.57).
  • Create anti-jihad campaigns to stop any potential for ‘fighting’ non-Muslims by Muslims as repeatedly called for in their Scripture
  • Teach that Muslims are not superior to others, all in their new nation are equals, even though that is not what the Quran tells them (Sura 3.110)
  • Teach the support of Israel, understanding the value of a proper defense of people, stressing defense over offense in protecting your Country.
  • When teaching Islam ensure its intolerant message towards women especially and inhumane messages are presented in the light of history.
  • Develop classes in sensitivity training to mitigate the cry of ‘persecution; at the drop of a hat by Muslims.
  • Insist and instruct Muslims to become part of their new Country, home, and not have their new country adopt anything from the oppressed societies they left, not even the ideological religion of Islam.
  • Favor not the cultural heritage of Muslims, but the cultural heritage of Host Nations.  Insist all immigrants learn about where they have chosen to move.
  • Teach the Muslims in your country they are part of your country, not part of an Islamic nation.
  • Cultures are not equivalent and the merits of the Host Country’s culture is to be stressed and understood.
  • The governments of Host Countries should not encourage the practices of Arab cultural and religious life as it would offend, make uncomfortable, indigenous citizens.
  • Join forces with other western and free nations to deal globally with the spread of violent Islam, knowing full well Islam is Islam is Islam.
  • Have all non-profits, including religious, agree in writing to adhere to the Constitution (of your Country, America, etc), mindful of  separation of church and state.  No texts, Scripture, mission statements, or other documents of such organizations can be adverse to the basic constitutional tenets. (idea from RT – thx)
  • Non-profit organizations, sanctioned organizations, cannot advance governmental systems/laws counter to the Constitution, which could lead to charges of treason. (idea from RT – thx)


The advances of Islam “could not happen to a Nation strong in its faith and rock solid in its cultural heritage.” – Bat Ye’or.

Bring joy and hope back to all free countries.  Reveal the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read it. Preach it. Share it with Muslims.  Let them see the joy that is possible when believing in God.  “There is no joy in Islam”, quoting the now dead leader Ayatollah Khomeini.  You can believe that is true.

So there you have a few solutions.  Indeed they are not politically correct, but consider them carefully and know that if implemented the creep of Islam and Sharia where you live can be curtailed.  Feel free to add to this compendium.  I apologize for any repetition.  Without an effort to stop Islam as a cultural takeover in a free nation a new war may indeed be in our future, a world war.  From Islam’s perspective their World War (Global Jihad) is already underway as they are focused on taking territory not currently under the banner of Islam for Allah.

Grace and Peace

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