Islam & Sharia are the Same

UI – Part 286 – Islam & Sharia are the Same

 Beware! Prepare!

The World must beware or prepare. Islam, the radicals in charge, will make every effort to take over the entire world for Islam and thus for Allah. This video clip was provided from a friend[i] about Islam in Belgium. The leader of the group Sharia4Belgium is not a lone voice among the radicals. They all say much the same. (See for yourself)

The claim is made that a Muslim who is against Sharia is not a Muslim, “It is impossible.” Also a Muslim for Democracy is no different than a Jew or Christian; they are Infidels, subject to elimination (extirpation) by the true Muslims (the radical, fundamentalist, Islamists). The ulema (leaders and scholars) of Islam are universal in this way of thinking.

One author[ii] states, “Islam is a fascist ideology.” There is and will be a growing culture clash between Islamists and population centers not predominantly Islam throughout the world. That is unless there is resistance. Such resistance must come from the governments of free and democratic nations, areas, and must be led by strong people willing to oppose this encroaching ideology. Islamism that incorporates Sharia will bring progress in the world to a halt, continue to oppress women, and cause the death to millions. Prepare to resist.

Support for Non-Muslims

Support for Christians and Jews, actions to protect them wherever they live, their history and heritage must come from the centers of influence and the offices of central government’s everywhere. More must be done to protect peoples of all faiths, even the agnostics, humanists and atheists, and persuasions, to include homosexuals, when the predator is the Islamist. Clearly by their own admission those not in accord with the dictates of the man-made laws of Sharia, ascribed to Allah, thus creating a religious mantle, are open game to the carnivorous appetite of the Islamists, which we all now refer to as Terrorist.

The title to this blog could be modified to read: Islamist & Terrorist are the Same

 The Future According to Islamists

Black Burqa

The future according to Islam will have all women in black Burkas, unemployment at the highest levels, men hiding behind their beards or headdresses, no education for girls, Islamic police watching for crimes against Allah (according to Sharia), half naked sex-slaves for the men/warriors, autocrats leading lifestyles as they choose (in opulence), Islamic armies to protect the tyrants and quell dissidents, and continued imperialism. The continued imperialism will arise from one Islamist faction opposing another, fighting the other, for not interpreting the laws in the same way. Imperialism will enable treasuries to be restored, one area stealing from another (Muhammad the example). Chaos will rain upon the citizenry. We see the black clouds on the horizon growing.

This reign of terror can be prevented if world leaders take appropriate action, as they did when evil in the past became more apparent in its potential to destroy mankind as we know it. If not we will experience the reign of Islamists in the form of ISIS or The Islamic State, and a Caliphate of horrors. Saudi Arabia is an obvious example of governance by the standards of ISIS. They are of the Wahabbist, Salafi, Hanbali[iii] school of Sunni teaching.  Beware and Prepare.

Grace and Peace

[i] Thx to SC

[ii] Sam Van Rooy – Belgium author.


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