Stopping Islam’s Progress

The advances of Islam “could not happen to a Nation strong in its faith and rock solid in its cultural heritage.” – Bat Ye’or

Wake Up! Wake Up!

UI – Part 324 – Stopping Islam’s Progress

Stopping the progression of Islam should be an objective of every free nation.  It may be impossible to stop the need for immigration to support the growth and economic viability of developed countries with birth rates below average.  But how we deal with the immigrants is another matter.  Several weeks ago this site had a blog titled ‘Muslim Immigrants and Host Countries’.  In that piece we noted a need to curtail the policy and practice of Multiculturalism.  It is a term inherent with deceit when it comes to Islam as it protects the theocratic Sharia All-for-Allah objective of a worldwide population of Muslims. Host Countries must insist those who emigrate become citizens of their Country, not of the world.  If Islam is not in the cultural character of the history of a Nation then object to any effort to have it their…

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