Biden, Afghanistan and the Taliban

UI – Part 685 – Biden, Afghanistan and the Taliban

It is Thursday August 19, 2021.  What has transpired in our Nation since Friday is disturbing, to say the least.  It kept me awake last night wondering.  What will this Administration do next?  When I use Biden’s name, it is not just Biden, but the entire Democrat Party machine that has advised Joe, selected his Vice President, Kamala, and counseled repeatedly on Cabinet posts and other staff positions important to decisions being made from the Oval Office. Many have asked who is behind Biden?  There are many left-overs from the Obama era, or Obama/Biden era, in important roles, more a continuation of the Obama Presidency, policies and ideology.  But what has transpired since Biden’s inauguration and what may happen in the 3 1/2 years left in his term, a pattern already apparent, is problematic for me.  Many with whom I have spoken feel very much the same.  They feel there will be a rise in suicides and depression in America because of the decisions and expected as well as unexpected outcomes that have resulted.  

Today we are seeing first hand the debacle in Afghanistan.  Over 10,000 Americans may be stranded there, Biden unprepared to protect their exit.  For those that supported Biden, as true Democrats or Trump haters, there must be some doubts, knowing too Biden’s history and mental condition in advance of November 2020’s election.   He seldom appeared during the campaign, referred to as ‘basement Joe,’ and drew minimal audiences (never crowds), adequately spaced for Covid fear concerns, when he did.  He mostly spoke from teleprompter and seldom candidly, as when that did occur his stumbles, mumbles and gaffs gave credence to his mental limitations. He was a phantom then, and even now, as last night he needed to return to his Delaware home to his cozy bed.  No wonder he cannot sleep.  There are many Americans having difficulty sleeping with Biden in office, from those that did not vote for him as well as many who did.  The media continues to ignore, deflect and cover for his lack of leadership, and their lack of proper journalism. 

What is disturbing most about Afghanistan is the killing of Christians and missionaries by the Taliban.  Hundreds are being beheaded.  And that has occurred since last Friday.  Their blood is on Biden’s hands. This is an act of cruelty beyond comprehension.  With our military present, even a force of as little as 5000, the whole of Afghanistan’s citizenry, to include girls, women, children, Christians, American’s, NGO’s and other non-Islamists were relatively safe.  Even their President, Ghani, felt secure.  His hasty departure is a demonstration of his awareness of what the Taliban was ready and able to do, much moreso that all of Biden’s remarks and assurances that the fall of Kabul as well as the majority of Afghanistan would not take place due to the 500,000 member American trained Afghan army versus the 75,000 untrained Taliban terrorist organization. In an interview yesterday by George Stephanopoulos on ABC Biden, his vacation tan on display, said he expected the chaos, and made the right decision to withdraw.  If he did expect the chaos, why did he not then properly prepare our military and citizens living there to get out safely and with all the time necessary?  Even anti-Trumper GOP Liz Chaney called Biden’s performance, ‘ignorant and shameful…by an American President.”

On Tuesday he spoke to the American people rapidly leaving his teleprompter, taking no questions from the Press.  It did not make me feel comforted.  You?  The next day he appeared again on TV to discuss mandates for Covid, the new, less deadly, Delta strain.  No mention of Afghanistan.  More Americans will die as a result of his recent decisions than died on 911.  And his mandates are more a power play, demanding masks on children, scientifically unnecessary vaccinations for persons who have had Covid and already have high anti-bodies in their systems, booster shots after 8 months, and attacking Governors for allowing their residents the freedom to choose.  Ron DeSantis of Florida has become more of a terrorist according to Biden than the Taliban.  So Biden did not listen to his advisors on the exit strategy for Afghanistan nor the science on Covid.  And now we know also that hydroxychloroquine works. Knowing that in 2020 could have saved 500,000 Americans from dying of Covid.  

My wife was brought to tears last night as the news showed Afghan women, mothers, being pushed and shoved while holding children in their arms.  They were lifting babies and small children over the fence at the Kabul airport in an attempt to have them taken away, made free.  They knew they would be left behind to possibly die, be raped, have to marry a Taliban militant, and suffer under the dictates and controls of the Islamist Sharia regime.  They did not want this for their children, wiling to give them away, live without them, out of abundant love. What freedom they had during the occupation was instantly gone, their faces to now be covered, their fingers removed if they displayed nail polish applied, and worse.  No thanks to Biden.  

Biden is proving that reversing all of Trump’s decisions may have satisfied the haters, progressives, and himself, as a big boy in big pants move, but those choices have not been in America’s best interests.  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and others in the Main Stream Media are doing their best to defend their choice, while more and more viewers are turning to Fox and Newsmax to get the truth, even the facts, so they can then decide, as independent thinking persons, for themselves.  The Wall worked, but now, Biden choosing not to complete it, we have illegal immigrants flooding over our southern border, with Covid as well, and no mask mandate. Democrat run cities are “defunding the police,” with their champion Cori Bush of St Louis and Ferguson fame, now an elected Congressperson, wanting more, while paying handsomely for private security for herself.  ‘With power we can be safe, while we make America less safe.’ appears to be the campaign theme for Democrats.  Why do they hate their own Nation, a nation that has welcomed the likes of Ilhan Omar, so much. And the Squad, all intersectional women, rely on calls of ‘racism’ to defend themselves of any criticism for their lack of judgement, callous attitudes towards Jews (anti-semitism), and want for an increasingly dependent and entitlement enriched dumbed down Nation.  

While a humanitarian crisis was unfolding in Afghanistan Biden was on vacation and his spokesperson, Jen Psaki, in a voicemail message, was “out of the office.” Many other Administration officials were unavailable as well.  There were no calls to other foreign leaders to discuss what Biden’s plans included.  Biden was alone at Camp David. As far back as July 8, when a reporter suggested his exit plans reminded him of Vietnam, Biden was emphatic the situation was under control and “This is not Saigon.” Well Biden was wrong again.  He has had a 48 year career in politics and often as a critic of Presidential choices made, often he was wrong then.  And now as President he cannot be a passive critic, but he is actively on display and his incompetence over the years is proving to be fact.  Can we expect anything better from the DNC’s choice for VP Harris? 

How many wish today there was a means to demand a recall election for President as is the case in California for another power filled leader, Governor Gavin Newsom?

Murdering Christians as Islamist terrorists occupy an area is nothing new.  ISIS did it.  And now the Taliban is doing it.  Under U.S. occupation over the last 20 years the Christian community in Afghanistan has grown. I have a missionary friend stationed in Kabul.  I do not know if he has been able to get out.  And it is not just the Christians being threatened.  Non-conformist Muslims will be exterminated too. As the McCarthy era (early 1950’s) on the hunt for Communists in our midst (most often fabricated and without facts) the Taliban will hunt, already going door to door, for any Afghan American supporter or sympathizer, to include the interpreters, to beat them, to kill them, and to rid them from their planned Taliban society.  Afghanistan under Taliban control will be a terrorist haven, lead by brutal dictators and murderers, equipped with over 20 billion dollars worth of left behind military hardware, and funded by Pakistan and heroin sales.  Biden has made the Taliban army strong.  He knew that would happen, call it ‘chaos.’

The USA along with other free nations occupied Afghanistan to prevent the growth of Al Qaeda and find the perpetrators of 911, and for the UK, 711.  The occupation also aided a weak country to become more free, more modern, and more a part of the whole world.  With a small military presence Afghanistan could continue to modernize and become more free, more civilized.  Instead Biden has enabled millions of Afghanis to potentially die, to become captive to a 7th Century barbaric regime, to transform a burgeoning society into a monolithic Islamic State ruled by the Taliban.  The Taliban are neither Islamic scholars nor leaders, they are a band of terrorists out for themselves and the power they can wield by means of the mantra of Mohammad, “fear and violence.” 

We still have troops in Germany, Japan and Korea.  Why not Afghanistan and Iran?  It can serve multiple purposes in training our service members, and familiarizing them with foreign leaders and nations and thinking.  But it also serves, and maybe more importantly, as an intelligence gathering tool, making us more aware of the world as a whole, attitudes, cultures, societies, and military abilities. 

My greatest concern is that Biden is making America less American and more global, mitigating our freedoms, speech and thought, and diluting our societies and culture with the unwanted presence of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, who will not readily assimilate and who also bring with them cultures and lifestyles adverse to our won. Diseases too. There will be less security, more crime, an increase in uneducated non-productive, non-english speaking illegals, more taxes to support dependents, and greater disparities in our education and attitudes to what has made America the greatest nation in the World.  

Biden is failing to maintain our status and strength on the world stage. He turns his back on us, as Christians, as Americans, as soldiers, as humans, as free people, and as citizens. 

I am troubled. Weak Presidents, weak Administrations make poor and harmful decisions. Biden is making America vulnerable to the foreign sharks that would prefer to eat us, than embrace us. The Taliban are but man-eating piranha. Our world needs to be free of both.

Grace and Peace.  Pray for America and it citizens. 


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

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