Curbing Islamists – France

UI – Part 684 – Curbing Islamists – France

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – the motto of France.  When the lens is focused on religious groups what is discovered is that Islam is not in concert with the society that is French.  To be one, united, a group, a faction, a religion cannot be separate.  There is to be no parallel societies. The target becomes Islam as wherever encountered, be it in France, or the UK, Canada, Sweden, the USA, and other countries where immigrants have been granted access, they do not assimilate.  The term ‘no-go zones’ arose because areas within cities and nations, free nations, have arisen where even the local police will not enter.  These are separate areas policed under Islamic Law (Sharia).  The Islamists do not want to assimilate.

Legislation passed in France, Law Reinforcing Respect of the Principles of the Republic, focus on those who choose a path that would alter the culture of France and disrupt the daily lives of citizens from what they grew to expect. Public order is a must.  

Religious groups are to be licensed, and every 5 years the license is to be renewed. The renewal includes a review of funding sources and spending habits.  Overviews of mosques and churches will be conducted to insure no seditious proclamations, or hate speech, is being preached. France’s secular values are to be maintained and any pressure from ideologues on public sector providers will be monitored and stopped.  There are to be no forced marriages, no refusals to have doctors examine women, no VGM, and more.  From the conservative side it was felt the bill did not go far enough, but it is a beginning.  It will be able to focus on Islamic extremism and curb some of the practices that have infiltrated France, causing fear, to the detriment of its historical culture. 

Terrorist attacks by Islamic groups were the stimulus for this legislation.  A middle school teacher was beheaded (10/2020) for showing the cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, probably the Charlie Hebdo cartoon, as part of a civic lesson for students. Along with other notable tragic events caused by radical Muslims, this law became necessary. There have been knife attacks and bombings, all in the name of Allah. Mosques and Madrassas have been closed, all for good reason, as they were instilling hatred in their student body. Hijabs, face coverings, are banned. Religious symbols cannot be worn, or displayed, by public officials. Islamophobia resistance centers have been closed, as France recognizes Islamophobia not as hate speech but simply 1.) an expression of the awareness of the actual writings that comprise the tenets of Islam (Quran and Hadiths) and 2.) exposing the often distorted ideals of Islam expressed by religious scholars and teachers. 

It is a start and other countries need to protect their culture, their societies from any encroachment by fanatical, radical, religious brigades of hate-filled, hate-fueled extremists prepared to kill non-Muslims for the slightest leaning they may have that suggests to the tainted deranged Muslim radical that he/she is being criticized.  Too sensitive, too violent, to be part of a free society.  Thus, controlling their activity is worthy.  


Thomas Balderston 

Author and Blogger

Book: The Damascus Quran, a novel 

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