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There is no doubt in my mind that President Joe Biden screwed up the exit from Afghanistan.  General Mark Milley is also at fault.  So too are many members of his Administration, especially Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Vice President Harris is simply absent. 

The Biden Administration

Our left leaning society has attempted to insulate the Vice President from criticism, such as her intellect, her inability to think on her feet, and her untimely cackling when pressed by inquisitors, as an intersectional, black and female. Any specter of concern that she can do the job triggers the alarm of ‘racism,’ ‘sexism,’ or both. Do not be intimidated.  Call out the VP, as the President and his Administration, whenever they show their incompetence.  That recently has been daily.  

There are many Americans that have been left behind, as well as loyalist Afghans.  It appears there are also students from California that have not be able to leave. Some from El Cajon, students got out, some remain trapped.  As many as 29 students from Sacramento remain evidenced by the fact they have not returned to class.  The Administration is saying nothing, although local representatives are trying to find a way to bring them home.  Oddly, and I believe troublesome, the Administration seems to be thwarting such efforts. 

Biden remains quiet, as do his main stream media collaborators, from CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC, and the New York Times, all liberal biased sources of information, not news or facts. They are more opinionists than journalists, propagandists than news persons, democrat Party synchopants than fair and balanced reporters. Most reporting they share is political or politically tainted, as with the recent Ida Hurricane stories all tagged with discussions on global warming or climate control.  Conservatives are burdened with a lack of proper news, relying on Fox and Newsmax for alternative views.  I give credit to The Five, admittedly, and honestly noted, an expression of opinions of its hosts, with current news topics covered, and a liberal counter-point included. Recently even many liberals have noted Biden’s failures. The liberal media is trying to move on, avoiding discussions on Afghanistan, Biden’s absences (vacations), even those of VP Harris, his gaffs, and constant foreign policy blunders, in an effort to have them become non-stories. 

Over 800,000 American service members have been in Afghanistan since 2001.  2,352 have died, 20,000 wounded.  There are about 1.5 million active personnel, 800,000 reservists in the six service branches currently serving throughout the world, most in the USA.  Biden’s popularity has sunk among most of these persons, and their families.  That represents millions of votes when you consider parents, spouses and friends, possibly many that voted for Biden in 2020 that no longer support the Biden-Harris Administration.  

What Next – Afghanistan

Now we need to think about what will happen next in Afghanistan.  Will the Taliban, a face of 75,000 in a Country of 39,000,000 prevail?    Will there be resistance?  Also what will happen to Americans left behind, and translators, Afghanis, that were helpful, approved of our presence and assistance, and are at risk of death at the hands of the Taliban door-to-door murderers. Recent news reports say neighboring country borders have been closed to foot traffic.  A Congressman on a mission to save some of those stranded found little cooperation on the part of the State Department to land in Kabul, even before the 8/31 exit. 

Given the several hundred thousand Afghanis that were trained by American soldiers before they disappeared into the hinterlands of their Country, fearful for the Taliban and their lives, a force of resistance may actually exist in Afghanistan.  Do you really believe they all left their posts leaving their weapons, even other forms of munitions, behind?  It seems like every male in Afghanistan, even the entire Islamist extremist world, brandishes their weapons readily.  But are there those that keep them hidden, for their personal safety and protection?

There are those in the Panjshir Valley that are avowed in their fight against the Taliban. Panjshir is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, located in the northeastern section of the country. Controlled by the National Resistance Front, a group that emerged from those who fought along with American forces during the invasion in 2001.  Call it a tribal group of mujahadeens, they seek to protect their turf. They continue today to resist the Taliban. Many of those escaping from the Taliban, the Afghani military army members, have flocked to this region (with their military equipment) to aide in the resistance. The population has swelled. Led by a man named Massoud, the son of a man of the same name killed in combat (assassinated by Al Qaeda 9/9/2001) when he was a child, leads this contingent. Massoud seeks a free Afghanistan, a society where the rights of individuals, women, are respected. 

The Taliban wants this territory and has begun to fight.  But the resistance has succeeded in killing more than 600 Taliban with over 1000 captured or having surrendered. (from Hindustan Times, 9/5/2021).  Panjshir may be the last holdout at the moment, but will others find the strength to resist.  

The Taliban are trying to consolidate power and become the government for all of Afghanistan.  Even if they succeed, which is expected, will they face the constant threat of civil war from those that know freedom, are educated and want a better life for themselves and their families than that which the Taliban will offer.  A return to 7th century conditions may not be acceptable.    Biden armed the Taliban, an act of treason many believe, but will they have the moral fortitude to stay without constant bloodshed, resistance, and acts of fear and violence, in the tradition of Muhammad, to maintain their power and control. 

Grace and Peace


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

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