Islam – An Assault on Civilization

UI – Part 557 – Islam – An Assault on Civilization

What is civilization?

Defined. Civilization – (1) the stage of human social and cultural development and organization that is considered most advanced, and (2) an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry and government has been reached.

In ‘advanced’ societies pluralism is prevalent. In addition there is independence, an allowance for objective thinking and choice, as well as freedom of religious thought, ideas, debate and promotion (proselytization).

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

There are 57 countries in the OIC. 53 are majority Muslim nations that have Islam as a State religion. Only Iran is a theocracy, although Saudi Arabia comes close. It is a monarchy which observes, supports and enforces the Wahabbist interpretation of the Koran. Islam is the only religion of this nation.

An analysis of the Islamic States finds high percentages of poverty and unemployment. In addition there is a lack of industry and scientific endeavor. Education is restricted with knowledge of Islam and the tenants of the Koran foremost, while liberal arts and world affairs are totally neglected or avoided.  

Emigrating Muslims

To allow the culture of Islam from emigrants of these non-industrialized, ideologically bound peoples, to populate free nations, without proper assimilation and indoctrination, is to be invaded by foreign forces, more than benefited. History has proven the dependent nature of the immigrants from such areas and the organizational support they receive encouraging them to not adapt to their new environment, but maintain their foundational roots, permanently staining the tapestry of centuries of progress.

Muslims Welcome

Western civilization, in an effort to demonstrate tolerance and acceptance, may find an open-minded approach to large numbers of Muslim immigrants a death knell to what has evolved as a civilization to date. Progress could be halted or as a minimum, stalled. Such a welcome mat may find those who enter literally killing our freedoms. Be aware that freedom is anathema to Islam. Timothy Furnish, in an article he wrote (5-30-2017), “An Arab Muslim’s Prediction About the Fall of Western Civilization“, said, “… leftist American judges, like the British politicians, privilege the rights of non-citizen foreigners over their own countrymen in the name of Leftist ideology and global humanitarianism.”  

I ask, are we sick or what?

Furnish suggests, “Western civilization may or may not be sick, but it has certainly become spineless.” Without Muslims properly assimilating into their host countries, it is, as in the Latin, Mutatis Mutandis. The names and places may be changed, from whence they came, but all else stays the same, at least if the Islamist organizations in the free world, to include the OIC, have their say.


The United Kingdom and America must remain robust, energized and determined. We cannot allow a dangerous ideological enthused army to invade. 

If we are complacent, given to a life of “prosperity and ease,” will we have the desire to properly unite to defend what we have achieved?  Divided we will fall. That is a very true axiom. United, however, we must remain. Tell that to the Democrats.  This applies to our Constitution and our freedoms.  

We must be aware and attuned to the presence of political Islamists, those that seek out Muslims wanting to be free, and live free, who then strive to curb their personal objective.  These self-righteous fundamentalists do not want any of those entrapped into the dungeons of Islam, having emigrated for a new life, to ever be released from Allah’s hold. Their desire is that if their numbers grow in the free world, let them grow as an infantry for Allah and his messenger, Muhammad. 

Free nations, the people, must resist, especially when it means allowing, even enabling, political Islamists to gain ground and attempt to alter host country laws for the benefit of Islam and not the common folk.  


If we are a sick society, one no longer embracing American exceptionalism (Obama sought to ‘humble’ US), and no longer truly believing who we are, what we are, what we have achieved, how unique we are, and how much more is possible as a United States (and people), emphasis on “United,” our sickness may be more a disease, a chronic condition from which, if not prepared for or properly treated, will be without a cure. No cure, then death to follow, and what will replace the nation once at the pinnacle of the civilized world?

Political Battlefield

Conservative constitutionalism may be our salvation. In that regard there is room for all religions, as private practices.  Church and State separate.  Mosque and State separate.  

Ideologies that seek to change our laws, determined to be exclusive, signifying a superiority, advocating a religious purity, as Islam promotes and proclaims, will find more than resistance.  They will not be allowed to ply their political agenda.  They too will find only Allah in their mosque, not a theocratic ruler or voice for a nation.  It could even come down to being outlawed.

There is a battle brewing, more than likely already underway.  It is ideological warfare.  That is not to be ignored as simply a contest of words.  It can be vicious and cause massive changes in how people live.  War in any form results in innocent people dying. This war is political, cultural, and religious.  The objective is to shake and cause the underlying elements of free societies to crumble, the foundations to weaken and no longer support the mansions of civilization that have been built. However, the foundations are already in place; they just must be maintained and protected. 

Save Your Nation

The greatness of free nations in Europe, Great Britain, the Americas, and other free countries, must instill in their population a national pride and unity. United in the love of our Nations and our ability to speak freely, to vote freely, to love freely, to not have requirements imposed of dress and grooming, to be safe in our homes, and to pray or not pray for the God of our choosing, is a tribute to what the founders and free people were able to construct.  Citizens born and living where freedom reigns are the infantry that must fight arm-in-arm to preserve and maintain their foundations, stop the leaks, fill the cracks, and protect the boundaries.

Citizens born and living where freedom reigns must be aware of their good fortune. 

Complacency is wrong, as it creates obstacles and fissures in the fabric of these societies born out of selfish wants, false expectations, and having no respect or appreciation for the environment they enjoy that has evolved from dedication, devotion and efforts made from your parentage and theirs to achieve an equal playing field for everyone.  To ignore these facts is to be blind to reality. To create chaos within is to join the invaders in allowing erosion in the basis of civilization.  Citizens, without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, Party affiliation, or region can also hold hands with each other and as a collaborative body formulate a plan to resist harmful ideological weapons from destroying what made them, makes them, and their people great.  This takes cooperation. 

Grace and Peace

Note: I was asked, if there were an invasion by an armed force, weapons ready, to take new territory and assume control of your country, what would you do? What is the difference with Islam invading with masses, no weapons, but overwhelming numbers. This is indeed a force to be reckoned with. On 12/8/2018 Iran’s President Rouhani said in a national speech regarding America and Europe, “you will not be safe from a deluge of drugs, asylum seekers, bombs and terrorism.” Even he sees the large numbers of immigrants from the Middle East as a threat to Democratic free nation’s.


Thomas W. Balderston

author – The Damascus Quran, a novel. Available at Amazon

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