The Vetting Process, Trump, and America

UI – Part 673 – The Vetting Process, Trump, and America

(Much has been taken from previous blogs, on this site, and updated)

The vetting process should contain a questionnaire. America is willing to take able body youth capable of working and becoming Americans. We seek and welcome those that can contribute to our future. We are not asking disruptive elements to enter and change our culture.  We seek those who want to be here to love America, defend America, become English speaking Americans, and become a part of the fabric of our great Nation.   Assimilation is essential.  It is not our desire to have new arrivals establish their own or ‘parallel society’ and become opponents of our Constitution. It is not our desire to have third party foreign coalitions, such as the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), the Muslim Brotherhood, C.A.I.R. or affiliated organizations such as the college campus Muslim Student Associations, fund an effort to establish Islamism in America at the expense of the foundational values and freedoms we already have in place.

Passion for America

America has a majority whose love for this Country is as God’s love for his children.  They are willing to die to protect our ideology which is framed in the constitution, which includes our freedom. Our military is made up of volunteers that have passion for what we represent to the world.  I must admit my uncertainty as to President Biden having a similar level of passion (Obama did not).  He has already sent additional troops to Syria. 

Trump loved America and the people of this Nation. He is not political, having to fight every day to keep his many campaign promises.  He is characterized as crude, belligerent, egocentric, a bully, and arrogant. Also a Twitter, or social media, favorite with 50 million followers, but now banned by the leftist ideologues that control this empire. Twitter chooses the voices it wants its readers to hear, thus eliminating many worthy viewpoints that would enable intelligent objective readers to draw their own conclusions. Jack Dorsey of Twitter only wants Lemmings. You need not like the person, but respecting Trump’s decision making, his leadership (style aside), and how he succeeded in making America greater again (MAGA) can only be dismissed by self righteous elitists that prefer appeasement and civility over deeds.  Those that became anti-Trumpers as conservatives seem to prefer diplomacy, as doves, over successful achievements, as hawks. You do not win a war, defeat the enemy by appeasing them. Churchill realized this in dealing with Hitler. It is not how you deal with Islamists either, such as Iran. His famous quote, “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” The movie The Darkest House quoted Churchill as saying, “You cannot appease a Tiger when your head is in his mouth.”  Either way the point is made. You need to be tough to win your battles. Trump’s fight for the Wall, a desire to make America as secure as possible, has been bathed in hatred from the political Left.  Trump who accomplished many things that led America to unparalleled prosperity has been, in my view, wrongly maligned. Here are examples of his accomplishments:

Donald Trump
  • Built the Wall
  • Made America Energy independent
  • Closed the Borders
  • Supported our police
  • Supported the border agents (ICE). 
  • Deported unwanted illegal immigrants
  • Focused on We The People
  • Reduced Taxes
  • Reduced burdensome Regulations that enabled new businesses to bloom, competition to increase, and consumer prices to fall.
  • Negotiated price reductions with Pharma to lower costs, for insulin and epi-pens as examples
  • Increased jobs and job opportunities
  • Reinstated the National Prayer Breakfast.
  • Reduced unemployment to the lowest in decades., especially for women and minorities. 
  • Rearmed our military, funding needed equipment and replacement parts
  • Never engaged America in a new war
  • Had many nations meet obligations to the UN for their proper share of financial support.
  • Reduced troops located in war areas far too long.
  • Rescinded the flawed nuclear agreement with Iran
  • Achieved peace agreements between Israel and several Arab Muslim nations.
  • Was practical when it came to climate control.  Our oil production is the cleanest in the world.
  • Reduced regulations allowing more small business to thrive and to compete with big business and Goliaths.
  • Understood abortion kills babies, it is not health care.
  • Removed America’s support for WHO as their orientation towards China became more evident, ignoring the large sums America provided for their operation.
  • Created more jobs for minorities, and women than any other President.
  • Was not beholden to lobbyists or those that funded his political campaign.
  • Staffed Washington Departments with capable individuals, not financial supporters, cronies or political achievers.
  • He was not a politician catering to cronies, financial campaign contributors, big business or Wall Street.
  • He created a prosperous America.
  • He gave his salary to be used in a variety of sharable causes.
  • He did make America greater than what it was before he came into office. 
  • He moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, often promised but never delivered by other Presidents. 
  • He did what he said he would do, not lying to the American people as did Biden when he said he would not curb fracking, and other untruths.

Is Biden expected to do as much for America and Americans as President Trump.  We can only pray he is capable to do so.  

Confidence in the Process

In the aftermath of the vetting process we must feel confident that those being invited to live in America will also become Americans, as well as an unlikely threat to our security. Have those who screen the potential newcomers be persons whose love of America is great. Their agenda is not political. Those that arrive should be expected to learn our history, our heritage, speak our language, learn and embrace what distinguishes us from another Nation, and what makes America great. In fact we should expect our children to learn the same – a return of teaching civics in public schools and colleges. We want them to love America, embrace their good fortune, love America enough not to leave it, love it enough not to hate it, love it enough to love and respect all who embrace our foundations (to include the Constitution and the moral and ethical values incorporated and the backstory of becoming part of the Law of our Nation) and to share that end product with any willing to listen.  Our children, our descendants must love America enough to fight for it. Be Patriots. That is where Nationalism has merit. Our children also must learn objectivity, to be tolerant of others, even when in disagreement, to be respectful, and to listen to others, as there may well be a nugget of common sense and opportunity for compromise that can make our system of government and justice effective for all.

The vetting process cannot allow our Nation to fall into the hands of those who want to destroy the fabric that makes us strong.

Grace and Peace.

By Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

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