The Existential Danger that is Islam

UI – Part 671 – The Existential Danger that is Islam

Aside from terrorism and the demonic nature of extremist, or fundamentalist, Islamists, their rabid dog nature, especially within the confines of the ideology of Islam as an adherent, are many concerns for humans. 

At the top of the list. Homosexuality. In Islam the death sentence is prescribed, and any Muslim can administer the punishment. Thus Islam is an ever present danger to a homosexual, man or woman, Muslim or not. And the manner of execution has even included tossing from rooftops. 

What follows is Apostasy Laws.  Once a Muslim, always a Muslim or “you die.” This may be the most contentious aspect of Islam.  Followers are told that leaving Islam is justification for their death, and any Muslim can administer this edict. It happens in the Middle East, in Nigeria, in 57 Muslim countries, but also in free world countries where there are Muslim concentrations.  Family, religious leaders, and peers create pressure on any Muslim considering conversion to an alternative, to include atheism. 

Then there is the hate fueled element of Islam that teaches from birth, in madrassas and mosques, that Christians and Jews, especially Jews, are to be exterminated.  Now Hitler limited his eradication policies to Jews, but not Islamist.  They want a world only for Allah, or convicted Muslims, Muslims dedicated to the tenants of their ideology and prepared to commit Jihad. This is the root of terrorism.

The culture of Islam is different.  This is most evident in Muslim dominated countries, but more apparent when young Muslim men, more radical and fundamental than a moderate, is relocated to a country in the free world.  There they confront freedom, a freedom where woman can live their lives in the open, they can express their opinions, dress without typical Islamic coverings, hold hands with men, show affection, drive, sing, dance and work.  The young Muslim immigrant sees an opportunity to use a non-Muslim woman for their own purposes, and sexual pleasures.  They find justification in the Quran and the example of their false, yet revered Prophet, Muhammad. They become lustful and are drawn to these woman, condemning them as a result for being seductive.  They find justification for their actions in Islam.  No guilt.  A woman is seductive to a male Muslim by just being female. The male Muslim is the victim, the woman the criminal, taking actions against these woman is called for, so they think.  Where does such thinking emanate, from their background and upbringing as a Muslim?  Male Muslims are incompatible with a free world, especially with a modern society.  They are barbaric. Not all, mind you, but enough to find comfort from their ideology.

Being an ideology that labels a Muslim as superior to any non-Muslim creates problems too.  They believe they are not born as sinners.  They believe Allah readily forgives.  Allah’s greatness empowers them to jihad towards anything, any element, human or material, that is not considered equivalent to Islamic rules.  

Their rule of law is not for the common folk, but only for Muslims.  Those among them that are not adherents are subject to Muslim’s laws only.  Common Law is uncommon in Islam.  Constitutions in free areas are documents that violate Muslim policies that are only from the Quran, the Hadiths and the life of Muhammad, the tenets of Islam.  In a Muslim country that may be OK, even though I do not believe so, but in free world countries common law prevails.  So what do the Islamists do, they fight common law, they create no-go zones where the laws of Islam apply, ignoring common law. The police stay away for fear of their own lives.  Many liberals give credence to such adverse views of their own homeland’s laws as a practice of religion, while at the same time seldom doing the same for other religions.  In fact they attack Christianity, and remain anti-Semitic, often denying doing so by hiding their true feelings and actions.  Thus either the money from the coffers of the wealthy Arab and oil rich Muslim countries have been effective in bringing liberals into their tents, or liberals are just ignorant and disdain citizens that believe in free enterprise, self-motivation, independence, oppressive governments (to include big government), and freedom of speech and thought. As liberals today seek constrains on free speech, Islam has always restrained freedom of speech.  Is that why they seem to cater of the Islamists?  The liberals too want to destroy their opposition. And the Bible cannot be left aside, as attitudes towards the Bible include pressure to not keep the faith and the practices the Bible suggests, to include actions the Bible considers sinful.  Any act or voice that threatens a liberal’s thinking, that is more material, secular, and self-directed, is anathema to a leftist liberal.  They even seek safe spaces where they can avoid commentary they dislike.  Open minded, objective, liberals today are had to find. Open minded, objective, Islamists do not exist.

By its nature Islam is an ever present danger to the free world.  It is by its own existence a danger to independent thinkers, Christians, Jews, homosexuals, atheists, those that speak out about the many facets of Islam that express hatred and condone harm to non-Muslims, woman in general, and the education of its own followers, especially those born into the existing world where Islam is in the majority. 

Liberals today, such as America’s recently elected President Joe Biden appears clueless as to the dangers.  He wants open borders.  Globalism favors Islam, while Nationalism favors its own citizens. What appears to be a clone of Obama, controlled as a puppet on strings pulled and guided by others, Biden is adrift in a reality about which he has little knowledge or awareness.  He simply needs to look to Europe, the EU, for the evidence that open borders provides by allowing culturally ignorant Muslims, fish out of water, to live among free people.  Even in Europe, and the UK, elected officials have blinders on to the existential threat of their newcomers from Islamic countries. It may be the influential nature of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), and their money, that has engendered a misguided, masked, thinking by duly elected officials that in time these Muslims will assimilate.  However the goal of Islam is not to assimilate but to change their new countries for Allah.  It is not the common folk they care about.  The indoctrination they have received causes them to hate these new friends, even though kindness is being shown. They are to take advantage of this new situation to in turn benefit Islam.

As Islam has tried since the 8th Century to invade Europe, failing in 720 (Tours) and 1683 (Vienna), it is now welcomed, by boat, train and plane. It is indeed present, Islam has landed, and to be feared in Europe.  Europe is separated by a large body of ocean from America.  Only the actions of those at the helm of the American Ship of State, such as Biden, and those that are his puppeteers, can prevent a further spread of Islam into our great nation.

Pray responsible minds will prevail.  But there is a concern.

Grace and Peace.


Thomas W, Balderston

Author and Blogger.

Author of the books The Damascus Quran (a novel) and The Wonder of Terra, among others. 

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