Vetting Immigrants, Vetting Muslims

UI – Part 672 – Vetting Immigrants, Vetting Muslims

The Vetting Process

I have written on this topic before, but it cannot be ignored.  It remains a problem when it comes to immigrants coming to America, other countries too.  I have placed in quotations and italics that which I have written before.

“Americans from all corners have expressed concern about the immigrant vetting process conducted by our Government. Today that concern is expressed also over the inflow of immigrants from South America, through Mexico, across our southern border in numbers too large to properly process. Concerns have been expressed that the Obama Administration was unable to properly vet immigrants, the Muslims in particular. Trump had called for hold on all Muslim immigration until the people can be assured any cracks are filled. Daniel Pipes has suggested Trump’s remarks be limited to Islamists, a more “politically feasible and operationally viable policy idea.” The terrorist killings in San Bernardino, CA, (2015) did little to allay fears our immigration officials are doing their job fully.”

Under Biden we have to increase our vigilance and express our concerns, as he seems intent on allowing our borders to become more porous and to stop the Wall (Trump Wall), thus allowing more non-Americans to enter unrestricted.  Then they receive benefits, benefits which many cities are denied.  Many progressives are in Biden’s ear (literally) calling for Open Borders.  Trump was a Nationalist, wanting Americans to prosper and be protected.  That is not what Biden desires.  He has already lied to us about fracking, taxes, and jobs, and certainly an open border policy will be embraced. 

“There is to be no religious test to entry. Obama made a similar statement expressing concern over voices that have been raised to stop the flow of Muslims. He has a greater concern for global warming. This point was made clear in his State of the Union address (Tuesday 1/12/2016).”

Biden is all about issues that negatively impact the livelihoods of Americans who want to work and prosper.  He has already signed Executive Orders that will reduce America’s oil independence at the cost of tens of thousands of jobs, as well as the economies of many states. He is prepared to take American tax payor dollars and spend that money by giving it to other nations as part of the Paris Climate accord, which ‘PuppetJoe’ now endorses.  Oil production in America is cleaner than anywhere else in the world. Biden’s foolish actions will enable imports of oil from producers that are not as climate conscious as American producers.  Many of the foreign oil sources are Islamic, thus providing dollars to countries that hate America, especially as a Christian Nation, promote the hate-fueled ideology of Islam and will continue to build madrassas and mosques in areas of the free world to aide in the incorporation of Islam into free cultures.  His open borders will take jobs away from American workers, create security concerns and be costly, as Biden will provide for the health and welfare of the illegal immigrants to the detriment of deserving American citizens.  Biden has also stated his plan to make citizens of over 11 million illegals now living in America.  This is a ploy to add to the base for Democrat votes, for sure.

“The immigration concern, for illegals and legals, is complex. Arrivals of political Islamists and Jihadists is a major concern. But also we have those derelict illegals that just seek the freedoms in America, the welfare too, and are escaping punishment and oppression in their countries and find a new avenue to sell drugs, live as criminals protected in Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary States, and can join gangs and as marauders rape and steal as wild dogs, one pack having ‘M13’ as tattoos.”

In this time of Covid concerns, the illegals may well also bring new virus strains that will enable Biden and other Democrat zealots, control freaks, to find more justification for lockdowns and destruction of our societies and workforce.  Such viruses can also be most detrimental to our health. 

“As to the fear a Muslim flow will include members of fanatical political Islamist fundamentalists (political Islamists and jihadists) associated with organizations like ISIS or Al Qaeda, it is real…. The Islamist propaganda machine is rampant with requests for any devout Muslim to attack innocents in the name of Allah. It is akin to a billboard posted along major American highways asking for volunteer Islamist killers to take action. Americans want our leadership to do everything possible, with assurances, that we will not have events take place such as the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France (2015), as well as the Saint-Denis (France) (November 2015) theater shootings when more than 120 non-Muslims, innocents, were gunned down without mercy. San Bernardino was troubling as one of the perpetrators was a recent Islamist immigrant.”

Biden will be ignorant of such concerns. His high tower will protect him and his liberal thinking will blind him to the troubles anticipated.  His puppet masters and liberal press will dismiss any concerns, lie for Biden to the American people, and present a picture that disguises the truth.  Fake news will continue to reign.   

“Daniel Pipes suggests a test for Islamists in the vetting process.  It is a test that would not exclude all Muslims.  (Read his article)”

Open Door Policy Questioned

“We are reminded in the Bible, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8). Also, “As for a person (or persons) who stirs up division, after warning him once and then twice, have nothing more to do with him (them).” (Titus 3:10). The Bible also makes the point in Romans 13 that we are subjects or a governing body, whose authority is from God, which we are to accept, and trust they will avenge the wrongdoer.  Their decisions are to be for the common good.”

Biden has already shown he is not making decisions for the common good.

“I can only assume a proper vetting process is a consideration but not one with a box to check religious preference. We may not be a Christian Nation (as some claim, although I do not), but we were established on Judeo-Christian principles.  Islamists think America is a Christian Nation. They are in error when attacking our free society and condemning Christians for the (societal) ills that exist.  Those ills are as abhorrent to Christians as they are to Muslims. Christians are moral persons as are Muslims, but our Nation is not a theocracy, it is more a secular government whose foundations are strongly biblical. We do have high standards of respect for equality, humanity, tolerance and love of neighbor.”

Many of the incoming immigrants have little respect for our Nation, except that it is freer than the one they are leaving. We are a country of 350 million people.  In a world with over 7 billion people, most, I argue, would love to come to America.  We do not have the room.  Thus we must be careful and vet to insure health, financial independence, cultural compatibility, the ability to work and contribute, be productive, eduction levels, and not accept those who become immediately dependent on our welfare state. We cannot allow the entire linage of a properly vetted person arrive with them. 

“Another claim we hear, as we did in 2015 from the Obama pulpit at the G20 Summit in Turkey.  ‘America is a Nation of immigrants.  We must do the right thing and continue to welcome those in need of shelter.’  My defense to this claim is simple.  America has been a Nation of legal Immigrants. We have matured and have a Constitution and Rule of Law reflective of this collection of cultures since arrivals came to our shores from the 1600’s until after WWII, even the Vietnam War.  America has matured. We will continue to welcome qualified immigrants. But, America is now a Nation of Americans with an ideology that frames our freedom, economy and success in the World.”

We were once a Nation of Immigrants.  But no longer.  We are established and welcoming, but of those we believe meet the standards we set for them.  It may seem selfish, but it is after all our Nation, not theirs.  It is not Biden’s either. 

Questions Asked

“There is no problem with the moderate Muslim, it is the Islamist, the political fundamentalist Muslim, that poses philosophical as well as overt destructive policies. Any tests or questions should be of ideology, not religion. Ask how strongly the applicant feels about honor or honor killing, would physical punishment be justified if your wife was disobedient, may Muslims convert to another religion or no religion at all, explore attitudes towards same sex marriage or homosexuality, whether or not they have a problem living in a free nation with its attendant temptations, or if they feel violence is justified to defend an ideology, and certainly beyond the questions conduct extensive background checks, to include postings on social media. Daniel Pipes suggests videoing the entire interview process and then examining the tape for telltale signs of discomfort or actual lying.”

Islamic Values and American Values

“America’s value system, our love of freedom, is incompatible with Islam. Our Constitution is not sharia-compliant. Our freedoms are a problem for the ulema who even condemn Muslims who embrace avenues, such as that of a secularist, an atheist, a patriotic nationalist, and a religion other than Islam. Alternatives mentioned lead Muslims away from Allah. If they stay in this Country political Islamists say they must fight to maintain their cultural and Islamic identity, even if it is only a personal jihad. Most arrivals historically did not live by the most strident of Islamic values or practices anyway. They will be encouraged to remain insular and not assimilate. America as a nation of immigrants enjoyed the melding of cultures, not the existence of cultures side-by-side each demanding their own code of law. Unfortunately there are voices, even from Congress that seek to curb free speech with obvious focus on verbal remarks that might make a Muslim uncomfortable. That is being done when similar style remarks towards Jews and Christians are ignored, or even supported.”


Under Obama’s banner of Hope & Change very little was achieved, and that which was, was mediocre. Divisiveness embraced by a bitter soul, encouraged by an even more bitter soul-mate, caused trouble which has invaded our society and certainly the brains of the Democratic Party. “Racist” has become a word too often abused, “White Supremist” too, too often used, and aimed not at a target, but at any target, principally conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters. Hatred has infected the Left.  The defeat of Hillary by Trump blinded them to anything suggested that is worthy and workable for all Americans.  This hatred has bled into the new Administration under Biden, and the current Democratic Party.  Biden’s call for ‘unity’ is not real.  Democrats allowed the government to close over a virus, Covid, that affected 1 in 1,000, ignoring the 999 in 1,000 not effected.  Sure it was and remains a concern, but American’s can walk and chew gum at the same time.  Florida remained open after the initial months when immediate fears were at their heights. I would call it the Free State of Florida. Covid was dealt with daily, and interestingly enough the case-rate and death-rate was on average less than many Democrat led states, like California and New York, where lockdowns were oppressive.  There, political actions had naught to do with We The People and all to do with a selfish want to regain power and continue with destructive programs masked by the likes of Hope and Change.  

Cuomo, of NY, is the face of the destructive policies of a dictator-like governance, making decisions, but not admitting to mistakes. With Biden’s immigration policies he is ignoring his mask and lockdown mantra by allowing unmasked, unknown, unqualified, aggressive, and dependent foreigners to invade and corrupt our societies.  Ask why, the only answer, for political reasons. Biden’s immigration polices, guided by the strings he has attached, and the words spoken by others into his earpiece, favors the Democrats, certainly not the People, the citizens, of America.  It is also just another anti-Trump action Biden has taken with his far too many Executive Orders rescinding Trump’s decisions, even ones that were great for all Americans.  Many feel it is not Biden behind all these orders, but others, his puppet masters, and many that he is signing he has no clue as to the economic impact on jobs or localities and States. 

Do What is Right – Consider the Security and Safety of All Citizens

“We can welcome more to our shores, but it must be done properly…. I agree also with a Wall. It is just one of many possible steps to curb illegal immigration. Give a little and get a little. But for the Democrats giving is not their style; taking is.” 

 It is all about power and control, not about the citizenry.  Democrats sincerely believe the people (We The People) can be lied to if it results in votes for Democrats.  That is justification enough for Biden and his cabal.

Grace and Peace.


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger.

Most recent books, The Wonder of Terra, and The Gift at Christmas (kindle only).

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