Turkey vs Iran

UI – Part 664 – Turkey vs Iran. 

And the winner is or will be? Is there a battle on between Iran and Turkey; the Ayatollah verses the egotist Erdogan?

Battle lines are not yet obvious. Erdogan is gaining power and control of Turkey. He wants Islam as the Constitution of Turkey. He has put his eraser to the blackboard of a Democratic Turkey. He seeks a return of the Ottoman Empire. There are requirements however. One is an Islamic Turkey. Two is to be the dominant voice and power of Turkey. Third is to replace Iran, but Saudi Arabia too, as the  religious center for Islam, and a central command center for all of Islam. This would be as the Pope is to Catholicism. The Caliph of Islam would be Erdogan.

But is Erdogan Caliph material?

Erdogan may be Turkey’s Biden, elected by a voting body dependent and ignorant. The difference is Erdogan knows what he is doing. Biden is clueless, controlled by a body of political profiteers, to include Obama, Pelosi, Sanders, certainly Soros, but more selfish. Erdogan is a religious fanatic for an ideology of control.  More ‘Egoman’ than Erdogan.

Stay focused. Stay alert. 

Grace and Peace


Tom Balderston

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