Headlines Referencing Islam

UI – Part 648 – Islam’s Encroachment in Headlines  

You gotta love the headlines.  They tell all.

  • UN urges governments to release illegal (Muslim) migrants and give them “access to healthcare, housing, and other services”
  • Syrian author: “We have a trait that distinguishes us from all other peoples of the world, which is (Islam’s) love of death
  • Halal: How Non-Muslims are Being Forced to Pay for Islamic Expansion
  • Sweden: Muslim migrant-linked gang violence increases despite coronavirus
  • Muslim migrant tells Danish man: “You Danes are being exterminated. You’re like animals…We will not integrate”
  • UK: Muslim prominent in scheme to bring hardline Islamic practices into schools given top police force post
  • CAIR slams General for “revolting promotion of the anti-Muslim trope that Muslim youth in UK engage in sex crimes”
  • Netherlands: Man who murdered pro-freedom politician Pim Fortuyn “to protect Muslims” is a free man, no supervision
  • Canada: Mississauga amends noise bylaw to allow Islamic call to prayer
  • Minneapolis’ Islamic Call to Prayer Ushered in by Communist-Jihadi Cabal in Minnesota
  • Islam prohibits suicide — or so the world has been told for far too long
  • Kuwait appeals to OIC to “take necessary and urgent measures” to stop “Islamophobia” in India
  • Nigeria: Atheist faces execution under Sharia for insulting Muhammad on Facebook
  • France: Internal memo tells police to limit interventions in Muslim areas during Ramadan
  • Germany: Muslim migrants with full beards stab passersby
  • Belgium: Muslim migrant refuses to wash hands since soap contains alcohol, threatens to slash Christians’ throats
  • Canada: Islamic call to prayer blares over loudspeakers from mosque in Toronto neighborhood
  • Indiana (Democrat) Congressman linked to Muslim Brotherhood slams Indian Prime Minister, says “my heart remains with Kashmir”
  • Chicago: Islamic preacher blames Jews for coronavirus and warns Muslims to arm themselves against neighbors
  • Syria: Muslims murder teenager for “blasphemous” texts on his phone
  • Albania signs deal with Turkey to bring 30,000 Muslim migrants to area where 120,000 Greeks live
  • Egypt: Government-linked production company presents TV drama predicting destruction of America and Israel
  • UK government rejects petition demanding release of report on “ethnic background” of Muslim rape gangs
  • Germany: Islamic State planned to murder ex-Muslim who questioned the teaching of the Qur’an
  • Denmark: Muslim migrant subjects wife to “severe violence, incarceration, and humiliation,” finally murders her
  • Italy’s Salvini: Soros-backed NGO lawyers are helping (Islamist) migrants from North Africa reach Europe
  • Syria: Muslim group imposes Sharia in Idlib, forces Christians to pay the jizya
  • Iran: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force top dog reveals plan to “attack 400 US targets”
  • Iranian Whose Son was Murdered by the Regime: Sanctions Relief Will Aid the Mullahs, Not the People
  • Netflix caves to Islamic supremacists, cancels program – ‘Messiah’
  • France: Muslim crushes two police motorcyclists with his BMW, leaves one in coma, says “I did it for ISIS”
  • Osama bin Laden’s Master Plan to Destroy America: Make Joe Biden President
  • Rouhani: “Iran is closely monitoring the Americans but will never initiate any conflict or tension in the region”
  • U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations Remains Silent on (1915) Armenian Genocide (by Turkish authorities)
  • South Africa: Police Minister apologizes for cop who blasphemed against Muhammad during arrest at mosque
  • UK: Morrisons supermarket chains runs ads promoting Ramadan but not England’s national day
  • Gujarat Riots: Muslims brutalized Hindus for 80 years, then played victim
  • UK: Muslim migrant stabs and seriously injuries police officer responding to disturbance report
  • Bill Clinton Stopping the Killing of bin Laden Was Just a Small Part of the Damage He Did
  • NYC: De Blasio threatened to close churches and synagogues permanently, but gives Muslims 500,000 meals for Ramadan
  • Pakistan quietly removes 1800 jihadis from its terror watch list, including mastermind of 2008 Mumbai jihad massacre
  • Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti accepts $5,000,000 from Islamic terror state Qatar
  • (Actor) Jeff Goldblum slammed as “anti-Muslim” for asking if Islam is “anti-homosexuality and anti-woman”
  • UK: 550 illegal migrants arrive in the country via the English Channel during coronavirus lockdown
  • Iowa Candidate (Republican Rick Phillips) Under Fire for Call to Define Islam as “Militant Cultural Imperialism Seeking World Domination”
  • Saudi Arabia: Man faces beheading for video of someone stepping on a Qur’an
  • Germany: Three Muslim migrants investigated for gang-raping 19-year-old woman
  • UK: Muslims threaten to murder singer who converted to Islam for using Qur’anic prayer in music video
  • UK Islamic scholar: Even if wife licks husband’s bloody infected wounds, she won’t fulfill her obligations to him
  • Pakistan: Muslim cleric says coronavirus pandemic was caused by “immodest women”
  • Muslims begin massive anti-India campaign, targeting Hindus for “Islamophobia”
  • Germany: Mosque leader demands government bailout due to coronavirus
  • Netherlands: Police admit “confused man” who murdered 18-year-old boy is Muslim migrant
  • Israel: “Palestinian” Muslim hits police officer with van, then stabs him with scissors
  • Afghanistan: The nation’s last Sikhs and Hindus plead for U.S. help amid persecution and murder by jihadis
  • Mozambique (majority Christian nation): Jihad group pursues “government of Allah,” massacres 52 in “cruel and diabolical” rampage
  • Islamic jihadi who posed with severed head sneaks into Spain as “undocumented” migrant
  • Indonesia: Islamic Defenders Front breaks up church meeting, threatens worshipers, attacks one
  • Germany: Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” kicks 76-year-old man to death, is “mentally ill,” won’t be tried
  • India: Muslims enraged, put bounty on head of Bollywood singer for tweet critical of adhan over loudspeakers
  • Pakistan mosques to stay open for Ramadan: “The mosque is a safe place. I am not afraid of the coronavirus.”
  • Grand Mufti of Libya: Suicide bombings are “allowed by Sharia law”


Source of Headlines.  JihadWatch.com  Period covered, about a month, April to beginning of May 2020.  These are real headlines.  You can note the headline and search on the Internet to have the backup information.  The headlines themselves raises concerns about Islam, its ideology, practices of those who follow, even proclamations from those considered scholars.  To me it is bizarre.  

Grace and Peace

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