Christian Atrocities at the Hands of Jihadists/Muslims – History

Christian Atrocities at the Hands of Jihadists/Muslims

Since the death of Mohammed in 632AD (murdered) a crusade by jihadists has eliminated multitudes of Christian communities that have existed since the beginning of Christianity. In the first 75 years after his death Christian communities, from Syria, Jerusalem, across the north of Africa west to the Atlantic, the Maghreb, and north crossing the strait of Gibraltar into Andalusia (Spain), experienced at the hands of jihadists, the cry of Allahu Akbar heard daily, the decimation of their settlements. Churches were destroyed, fields of grain burned, priests and nuns violated, women and children enslaved, useful persons forced to pay a tax, and those that did not otherwise convert to Islam killed, at times in a most horrific fashion. Such practices were repeated recently by the likes of members of ISIS under the command of their barbaric, now dead, leader, al-Baghdadi.  After the Jihadis invasion of Spain, the Muslim world continued to grow as imperialism-by-means-of-slaughter at the cost of non-Muslim lives, historical records, and expanses of territory from Spain/Africa eastward across Persia and India, and northward into Turkey.

China’s border became a barrier of resistance, as did Europe’s border on the eastern side (Hungary and Austria). The period of the Pope’s Crusades (1095-1291) created turmoil and conflict between Muslim and Christian.  Restoring lands once held by Christians, taken by Muslims, the Holy Land, was the objective.  But the Muslims claimed, and continue to do so, that land once theirs, no matter how taken, shall always be theirs.  For a few hundred years lands changed hands, but then reverted back to Islamic control as the distance from the funding and the forces that would engage the Muslims was too great and priorities of the European monarchies took precedent.  The Ottoman Empire bloomed, although the results of the fields they plowed were more blood spoiled than productive.  The Turks thirst for Europe came to an end at the gates of Vienna (1683).

There was a calmer spell during the colonization era (British and French) and after the conversion of Turkey by Ataturk and the end of the Ottoman Caliphate.  There was even progress towards the democratization of Muslim majority areas to include Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran. But then with oil in Saudi Arabia and Iran, enriched by an unexpected resource from Allah, the Jihadists clinging to the past, Wahhabism, the Muslim Brotherhood (Sayyid Qtub), the Ayatollah, et al used their money to create propaganda machines to influence the world from the perspective of Islam as peaceful, and non-aggressive, as well as attempt the radicalization of Muslims living in free countries.  Multiple billions were spent to construct mosques and madrassas in the free world as well as secular Muslim nations (from the 70’s up to today) and impose curriculums of a strident fundamentalist Quranic interpretation.  Wahhabism was the most popular format.

The rise of radical Islamists began a new wave of killing infidels, the Christians most subject to their terrorism, violence and fear tactics.  The bullies of Islam were emboldened, al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, al Shabaab, and many, many more in various areas of the world.  Moderate Muslims were in the crosshairs as well; they were not sufficiently jihadist.

The heads of the snakes of Islam will always reconstitute themselves spewing the venom from the tenets of Islam.  Fundamentalist Islam cannot change, unless Islam discovers a New Furqan (which is not likely).

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I would comfortably estimate that since Muhammad’s murder hundreds of millions of Christian lives have been eliminated at the hands of jihadists and the sword of Islam. The killing will continue; for them it is a Holy War. We must understand Islam!

Grace and Peace


Islam vs. Christianity:

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