The Wall

UI – Part 616 – The Wall

“There is wisdom, therefore, in giving honor to whom honor is due” (Romans 13:7).

Having a Wall to protect America’s borders, especially where most porous, would go a long way in keeping out foreigners who might seek to corrupt our people, disrupt our laws, jeopardize the safety of our citizens. 

The Constitution is the crown jewel of the United States. It was foundational in creating a unifying and long lasting structure to a plurality that has enabled America, our Nation, to prosper and grow to become the leading example of democracy, freedom and equality, in the world. In spite of its youth, when compared to European Nations and those of Asia, our achievements are remarkable. The greatness of our achievement needs to be preserved, honored and cherished. To do so we must reflect on our sovereignty, out national pride, our patriotism, and ability to continue to contribute to the whole of the world as an example of what is possible.

There are efforts historically, externally and internally to mitigate our gains. We are small in comparison to a few other countries, yet our might is respected. We are not imperialistic. We could have been, but choose to allow others to organize and govern as they do with the only exception, an effort to open pathways to protect human rights for everyone, recognizing what  we have, the liberty and equality that all persons deserve.  When you take a magnifying glass to the elements that engendered our success you will find the ore from which the steel of our determination was mined came from the Bible.  God, the triune God, gave us the outline, the hope and joy possible, when our efforts are directed towards the common good. 

We must remain united under one mission, regardless of our heritage, to accomplish much good, as indeed, we are all inherently aware. Even to achieve peace. But there are those, be they ignorant, jealous, envious, greedy, or just evil, that want to weaken our resolve. They want to tear apart our spirit and cause chaos. Peace is not their objective. As so, then safety and security in our homes and neighborhoods is threatened. They prefer their agenda, their exclusivity, to a more inclusive form of governance. We allow for private lives and faiths, not for a single source doctrine. Individuals are to find in God their direction, and in their Government a protector, not a dictator. No nanny state, no socialism, no lack of opportunity.  Independence and personal success has its own rewards. The left side of our dual political system has an intransigent narrative which allowed to expand will destroy America’s independence.

Protected to the East and West by vast oceans, it is to the North and South where invasive species can arrive. There are internal bugs, as termites, as well. We must vet all who wish to come here and enjoy what those before us have made possible. When we disregard the intent or potential for hoards of invaders whose agenda is ideologically incompatible with ours we subject everyone to unforeseen enemies that we must now fight inside our compound. A Wall, wherever possible, enables our border guardians to do a better job. Natural barriers can be beneficial. Check points allow for coordination, vetting, inspection and control. All combined are needed as insurance that We The People can optimize our security, our culture and our freedom.

Is God providentially using Trump for the rescue of America and the protection of our citizens? There is truth in the fact the Lord, even when there exists a lack of fidelity to law, uses all kinds to bring about good for His people. 


Grace and Peace

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