A Life of Submission

UI – Part 640 – A Life of Submission


Consider your life. How do you want to live? Do you prefer walking a street you choose, or the only street you are told to walk? What about bathing, a shower or a bath. What if you were restricted to just a tub. You can no longer shower, just a bath. And then the soap, not the lavender you love, just the bland orderless bar you must buy. And to shave or not to shave. Short beard required, length determined by your neighborhood block leader, his lieutenants in the area can pop up to measure for correctness. If not according to the standard a penalty. A few slaps perhaps. A woman may not be allowed to wear shorts, only skirts to mid-calf, three colors, all plain, possible. Black, grey and light grey. Tops, white, long-sleeve and no t-shirts. Getting the drift, no choice or very little choice. 

As to men and women. Separate at all times. Men cannot look into the eyes of a woman. That would be invasive and subject to more slaps. Women must always cover their mouths and never speak in public. Baseball caps are banned. No logos can be displayed on any article of clothing. People can have no favorites. Food will be prescribed, daily menus enforced. 

I can go on. So can you. Ask a Muslim, their lives are already so ordered. Is such structure, requirements and submitting to the dictates of your leaders, elected or appointed officials, to your liking? During the coronavirus pandemic too many restraints on our lives were an imposition, even when for the general good, but was it a comfortable situation? It was made better by the potential for an end. What if there were no end.

Islam is as the virus. It is as the will of one limiting all others to single file in line to Trader Joes. Once inside, beware, the isles may not have all that you expected.  And, there is no end.

Submission by Allah

Islam is a life of submission. Sunni or Shiite, or divisions within, there are rules, Allah’s rules. Who wrote those rules? A secret revealed – the rules for Muslims were written by humans, men, and not one of them was a god. If you could write your own set of laws, what would they be like? Who would they favor?  A man writing the law would favor men. A woman writing the laws, would favor women. Muhammad for men. Xena for women. Xena was a warrior princess, a cartoon. Muhammad was a warrior zealot, a human, real. 

Taken from a previous blog on this site, “Islam, Islamic Law as a basis for a nation’s constitution and the regulation of its population, is restrictive, as chains on imprisoned people. Peers, Imams, clerics, mothers, fathers, brothers, husbands, and the ulema are as wardens overseeing with a brainwashed and superior attitude their wards. They unwittingly insure Islam stagnates, never giving thought to alternatives or choice. How you wash or brush your teeth is spelled out, the nanny-state utopia, with punishment designed & inflicted for those that deviate from the rote practice. Apply that to the whole of Islam and it then exists as crusty old moldy stale bread that is the only feed available for the Muslim mammals.  Grow up under these restrained hate-fueled practices, the scars of whipping evidenced bodily or mentally, and do the same towards those now under your care. Why? Because you know no better, or nothing else. Because it is all you were taught and coerced to learn and do. Brainwashed and hate-fueled the Islamist, the Jihadist, aggressively pursue a hell-like objective. They are deceived and blinded to the reality of their evil.”

Freedom’s Source

So where does freedom come from. It takes a common element. Want for others as you would want for yourself. My guess, among those wants, or desires, safety, security, peaceful coexistence, protection from harm, freedom to choose, to look, touch and feel, within parameters and with mutual respect, and a sense of self-worth. In freedom people are equal, even though they may have different strengths, attributes, abilities and even, advantages. Opportunity would not be limited. In freedom the path you choose, the streets you walk, are those you select. You can explore, discover, learn, experience, be surprised, even enchanted. As you would not want others to hate, especially not hate you, you can choose not to hate others. Qum-bay-yah. It may not be perfect, even ideal, but it is open, objective and empowering. 

Picture of Islam

In Islam the words that are descriptive – bound, captive, conquered, enslaved, fettered, subdued, subjugated, inferior, subordinate, subservient.


Your destiny as a Muslim is little or no choice. You can escape, you can apostatize. But in so doing you must be brave, willing to subject yourself to Islam’s punishment.  Islam’s preferred punishment for apostasy is death! Even if not a Muslim, the Islamists preference for non-Muslims is extirpation, or death.  Leaving Islam, you would bring shame to family, friends, community and mosque, and someone within one of those bodies can kill you, an honorable deed. It has nothing to do with the individual, but what the individual causes to others, that is, shame, embarrassment, just because you might want to be different.  However, in reality, almost everyone wants to be different, at least they want to be themselves.  If free, the free-world, killing another because they leave Islam is murder.   But if Muslim, in the not-so-free-world, that is justice. The cage you are in is the only cage you may have. Even dogs when they grow will find the door on their cages open. They can leave. Maybe that is why Islamists hate dogs. They can become free. 

It takes great courage to be independent in a majority Muslim environment. It takes faith, faith in the Biblical God, as Nabeel Qureshi discovered. The Bible opened his eyes, provided answers, made him free and open to taking a new path.  He suddenly had hope and a life filled with joy. 

Consider Your Situation and Life

Give some thought to living a life requiring submission to your superiors, more than respecting and honoring your superiors. Required too are punishments, severe chastisement for less than total obedience. This is not voluntary.  A Muslim must believe in Allah and Muhammad as the Messenger.

Obedience to the Biblical God, the oneness that is God in three persons, is a choice.

No choice for the Muslim, it is a command. You will love Allah or you are a heretic, no better than an infidel, a kaffir.

If free you may find in your neighborhood Kaffirs of all stripes, a pluralistic surrounding, with common law that applies to everyone, not just your group, or Muslims only.  If free you can elect those you wish to follow. And in accordance with common law the official elected by a majority, or an electoral system fair to the whole, you offer your support, respect and obedience. If not pleased with the elected officials then apply your efforts to gather support for your preferred representative in the next voting cycle. Such an effort is considered dissension in most majority Muslim controlled countries and the dissenters are often identified and either sidelined, arrested, or caused to dissappear. In Islam, where there are, so called, free elections, the choice of candidates is limited to those of a supreme leader, chosen, decided, for you. You can only choose from those already chosen, acceptable to those already in control. The Ayatollah is an example.


The difference between living a life of forced submission and freedom is ideological. So too the difference between socialism and Islamism, and democracy. These are, however, major ideological and psychological differences. It is worth noting that to maintain Muslim adherence involves requirements of daily prayer x 5, and incentivizing hatred of Jews and infidels in mosques and madrassas worldwide. Daily devotion to a Muslim is daily motivation, religious ideology on steroids, defended to the death, martyrdom, for the offer of salvation and pleasures in paradise that are temptations on earth.  The most vile restraint is the Apostasy Law. You leave, then prepare to die. 

So, you choose.  That it is if you can, if permitted, if allowed, if independent, if not afraid. 

Grace and Peace 

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