America’s Middle East Focus

UI -Part 623 – America’s Middle East Focus

America needs friends in the Middle East.  We need to stay in contact. Knowing there is a cancerous tumor in the region, that is Iran.  We cannot let our guard down. 

We must be prepared to defend America from invasion by jihadists. We must also prevent any inroads from being made in our way of life and our culture, by seditious, anti-constitutionalists.  The globalist nature of liberal thinking is a threat to our freedom and our economic strength in the world. The idealism that exists in identity politics must be exposed for its self-destructive nature. 

But moreso Islam must be understood, its history, its aggressive nature, its lack of a peace process, and its hate-fueled ideology, for what it is, for what it means to freedom, and how the continuous Holy War by the fundamentalists, the jihadists, must be stopped.  

If Muslims relocate they must assimilate, they must not adopt Sharia Law, and they must eliminate the oppressive Apostasy Law from their lectures, their pulpits, their curriculums and their ideology.

To be called a “religion” Islam cannot wantonly desire the destruction of all others who have their own path to follow.   Nor can they actively destroy others in the name of Allah.  That Allah is not God.

America needs to be mindful of developments in the Middle East.

Our education system needs to incorporate a proper understanding of Islam, imparting truth to our children.  Islam is not a religion, as its purpose is global control as well as mind control, making lemmings of citizens. Islam is not peaceful, as within its cultures, its ideological factions are constantly at war over what is ‘true Islam.’ Also it’s hatred and Scripture as a military manual to kill non-followers, to include other co-religious, even moderate Muslims, defies logic as a practical peace plan. Islam blasphemes God, so called their Allah, as the granter of salvation for those who Murder in his name.  Islam does not encourage religious freedom, not even freedom itself, freedom of thought, freedom of conscious, or freedom of choice. It wants for a global Law that is of its own construct without any consideration for common law or independent lives.

needs to receive feedback, intelligence, from people on the ground in as many areas of the Middle East and majority Muslim countries as possible. Just to be aware. We do not necessarily needs troops or boots on the ground, just sympathetic voices to inform as to movements by Islamists, more jihadists or fundamentalists, to cause trouble by inflicting the pain of Islam on free people. And it is not just America that needs to focus, by every one of us.

Understand Islam. Visit this site often. Use it to research other thoughts about this diabolical one dimensional ideology of hatred.

As an American be more aware.

Grace and Peace

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