Is the Great Satan Iran’s Enemy?

UI – Part 636 – Is the Great Satan Iran’s Enemy?

The Khomeini, Ayatollah Khomeini, declared America and Israel as greatest enemies of the Iranian people after the revolution in 1979. Is that truly the case? Do all Iranians, the majority, consider America great Satan? It is important to understand Iran’s recent history (20th century).  Then consider your answer. I’d love to hear directly from residents in Iran. 


In the late 1800’s and early1900s a dynasty, the Qatar’s, ruled Iran poorly. They made concessions with other countries to provide income. A primary asset of Iran was sold to the British. Oil. The British were then instrumental in having Reza Khan overthrow the Qatar establishment. The Pahlavi monarchy began. During his tenure and leading up to the time when his son, Reza Shah, took over the throne (1941) Iran established a parliamentary system and became more democratic and free. The Shiite religion became less the dominant factor in the administration of government and the rule of law. Modern practices, and dress, from the free world’s democratic nations were adopted. The Shah removed the veil from a requirement for women and modern clothing styles for women and men prevailed in this country. 

Iran’s parliamentary system brought to the forefront a Prime Minister. Rising through the ranks of parliament, Mohammed Mosaddegh, a nationalist, began to lead the country. The Shah’s role became more titular, more ceremonial. Mosaddegh embraced democratic systems, a rule of law to serve all the people, not just the Shiite Muslims, and wanted an independent self-reliant Iran. Iran under his leadership emerged from the binds of Islam, although followers still were the majority of the religious. However, his demise came at the hands of allies, the British primarily. 

The Brits had a dominant invested interest in Iran’s oil, profiting handsomely from concessions made in early 1900 by the Qatar’s. Negotiations by Mosaddegh to improve the arrangement with the Brits failed and as a result he nationalized the oil industry. The Brits became irate. As much of the infrastructure for the oil industry was controlled by the British, exporting oil and revenues to Iran came to a standstill. Both parties wanted this obstacle removed, however the British had greater clout worldwide to garner resources to restore their interest.  Being the end of World War Two, the British and Americans were greatly concerned with Russia and communist influences in other parts of the world. With that came changes in leadership, Churchill in Britain and Eisenhower in the United States (1950). Churchill appealed to Eisenhower to assist in an overthrow of Moseddegh. The argument was that such action would prevent Russia from gaining a foothold in Iran which would affect worldwide distribution of oil. Eisenhower’s advisors, the Dulles brothers, agreed and Operation Ajax was set in motion.  I must note that Truman, prior to Eisenhower, said ‘no’ to similar overtures. It was not the smoothest overt operation, but it was successful. The Reza Shah was restored to power.  His ties with the British and Americans became ever stronger.

Unfortunately for the country of Iran, the Reza Shah was not the perfect person. Although he modernized the country, his self interests prevailed and he became an authoritarian autocratic leader. Dissenters were readily eliminated and his personal army (SAVAK) was used to protect his throne. His actions provided an avenue for the religious zealots to effectively propagandize against the Shah. Khomeini was this leader, the Imam at the head of the Shiite column of dissent. Protests caused the Reza Shah to take steps to remove the Ayatollah, placing him in exile outside the country. However his influence continued, as the practices of the Shah also continued, upsetting the common interests of the people. The Shah grew his military purchasing significant amounts of weaponry from the United States. But it was to no avail as the people, primarily the Shiite ummah, coalesced to resist his power. Propaganda was effective as even world news sources came to regard the Shah poorly. He developed cancer and became a less than effective leader. Needing to exit the country for health reasons, enabled the Ayatollah to return to Iraq from his Paris exile and institute the 1979 revolution. America’s president at that time, Jimmy Carter, in my view, was not attuned to the dynamics in Iran, or the importance of this country to the United States, and to altering the landscape of the Middle East.  He turned a blind eye to the overthrow of this evolving democracy. (Stupid is as stupid does)

For a number of years prior to 1979 Shiite sympathizers were training in Lebanon for the opportunity to join forces with the Ayatollah if and when he returned. 


For Iran, and its people, it’s been all downhill ever since. The Ayatollah made America Iran’s greatest enemy. Israel, as a friend of the United States, was included as the little Satan. He rallied his Shiite revolutionaries against these countries as a means to shore up his power base. He took steps to eradicate dissenters, any that supported the Shah and democracy, fighting that anathema to his Shiite theocratic policies. Jay Sekulow, his book, Unholy Alliance, (pg. 101 of 310, Kindle), wrote, “In his view (Khomeini), Iran did not need legislatures, statutes, or elections. In his mind, such things were core components of democracy, a product of Westernism, which Khomeini despised.” The Iranian people no longer would be independent, but governed in total by the Koran and the sunna of Mohammed. This religious cleric would make all decisions.  The rule of law would not be a common rule of law, but Sharia. Modernity was to be returned to the seventh century.  No more free elections. 

Robert Spencer speaks of the Ayatollah citing demons as the ‘jinn’ from Israel and America, invading Iran to spread the c-virus and to gain secret information to stop the Shia’s Imam’s global advances; he remarks the Mullahs, “they are not above using this theological conspiracy to paint themselves as beleaguered saints fighting against overwhelming evil forces to protect the poor masses of the Islamic Republic. In this way, they hope to distract their people from the reality of their own callous, incompetent leadership and greedy plunder of the country’s limited resources to line their own pockets.” (Read more)   Much like Social Justice Warriors (SJW) in free nations lying, denying the lie when exposed, and then blaming those revealing the lies. The Ayatollah and his clerics live in denial, lying dally to their Islamic followers, followers required to obey.  As the old adage, ‘the kettle calling the pot black,’ the Ayatollah is the devil calling others the demons.  

When the lemmings following the Mullahs open their eyes, the cliff into the abyss before them will be seen.  

What of the Iranians?

The question is, do the Iranian people as a whole oppose a more independent, freer, lifestyle?. Are they wholly committed to Sharia, as the rule of law and effectively the Constitution of Iran? Do they continue to prefer a dictatorial religious zealot as the leader of their country? Would they prefer a return to a parliamentary system, a democratic system, and the modern society that once was?

I wish I knew the answer.  But the situation is troubling. If only the clock could be turned back.  If the Shah had been replaced with a supporter of the democracy that was growing.  If the policies of change could have continued to evolve an independent, self-reliant nation.  Carter could have been instrumental, convincing the Shah he needed to retire and find a replacement, by advocating a return to the parliamentary structure prior to the 1953 coup.  It may not have been easy, but certainly worth a try.  Carter was blind to the Middle East and the positive impact a thriving democracy could have on its neighbors.  A Muslim country in addition to Israel as a beacon of hope, equal human rights, for the citizens of other nations in the Middle East. And resistance to a return of the Ayatollah could have been mounted, allowing the people to choose, not the zealots. 

I’d like to believe the people of Iran have disdain for their leadership and their existence under theocratic rule.  After 40 years, however, the Ayatollah and his successors have been able to brainwash many, educating the youth, as the elders that remembered what was, died off. Social media, modern communications, continue to shed light on what is possible.  While at the same time the Mullahs and Clerics blanket the truth, close the internet, imprison media critics, and insist on Sharia, implementing its horrendous inhumane dictates and punishment against any who create ‘mischief’ in the eyes of the Shiite Theocrats.  Can there be another Green Revolution?  Can freedom find its way back into this wonderful Persian Empire. Can the Zoroastrian philosophy of social justice for all return? Are the Mullahs and Clerics wise leaders deserving the allegiance of the people?  

Not Your Enemy

America is not the enemy of the Iranian citizens.  The free world is not an enemy of Iran’s people.  Iran before the Ayatollah, held free nations in high regard, to include Israel and America. They were examples to what Iran was trying to become. Had not the Ayatollah and his religious terrorist tactics not taken hold Iran and the Middle East would be safer, freer, more welcoming, less violent, and more advanced than it is today. Independent people are not good for Islam.  The Ayatollah and the ulema of Islam, organizations like the OIC, have become the stamps that engage in horrific acts of violence, as needed, to blot out any change for the better of mankind, women, children, the poor, under their command.  They are not virtuous.  The Revolutionary Guard is no different than the Shah’s SAVAK.  Their purpose, protect the throne, those that control the citizens from the citizens themselves.

It is the Ayatollah and his crew of zealots that are the oppressors? They are the regime. When Ashura is celebrated the Iranians should see the Ayatollah more as Yazid than the mainstay for the governance of their country. He is destroying those that seek peace for his benefit, hiding behind the tragic demise of Hussein to stir up support for the hatred he espouses.  He is not the man to follow.  He is unjust to his own. He stands against freedom for his people.  He offers oppression and submission, not for them but by and for him.  “Death to Yazid,” a cry heard during the Revolution, should be applied anew to the current occupiers of the government of Iran. The Ayatollah as Imam is a lie. The Supreme leader is not exceptional.  His piety is false.  He has little regard for the citizens of Iran. Iran is not a Nation to him.  It is a platform from which he can direct funds and military might against those who are not Shiites bowing at his feet, kissing his ring. He can apply his hatred using the might of an army and modern day weapons.  His objective is a borderless Shiite world with him as the Imam of it all.  To do so the people of Iran are but pawns on his chessboard, easy to fall and easy to replace. His day will come.  I just hope for the people of Iran, it is soon.

The Iranian people need to purify Iran by eradicating the ‘jurist.’ The ‘jurist’ is the Ayatollah.


A better Iran has no Imam at its helm. Carter allowed a moribund Islam to breathe fresh air. The Khomeini believed he was Allah’s man for the ages, a descendent of Muhammad in the lineage of Ali/Fatima, to act as the almighty’s surrogate to conquer new territory for his Islam. This false god is a plague that needs a cure. He is not Iran’s savior, nor are his successors.

Grace and Peace


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