Allah’s War Covenant

UI – Part 627 – Allah’s War Covenant

Muslims at War/Jihad

Those that fight for Allah, for Islam, are the Jihadists.  They are the more strident, dedicated to the imperialistic objective of a global Islam.  All Muslims are encouraged, most Muslim scholars insist, are commanded, by the Quran to commit jihad. This is a ‘war covenant’ on the part of Islam to fight, fight, fight.  


The first line is against the infidel, that is all non-believers.  Where Islamophobia/critics exist, which is in fact the case for most non-believers, the Islamists categorize those who speak or write as hating Islam. They are the dissenters.  Where there is dissent, such resistance towards Islam, the strident Muslim (Islamist and jihadist) engage in the practice of curbing dissent/criticism, of eliminating dissent (not via debate or discussion), and even exterminating the dissenters. Autocrats do this.  Monarchs do this. Theocrats do this.  Erdogan of Turkey does this. And voices within free countries from self-righteous Islamists do this.  

The strident adherent jihadist is not just a warrior toting guns and grenades, but also the Islamist politician, the quiet surreptitious keeper of the faith, ideology, using propaganda, pressure/fear tactics, education, data collection and other methods applicable to a prison guard or warden. 

The second line for the warring Muslims is the heretic.  That is the Muslim that does not fully subscribe to the text, life, and habits of Muhammad (doing as he says and not necessarily as he did). Moderate Muslims fit this group.  They may be cultural, but not sufficiently enlightened in the fundaments to be an Islamist or a jihadist. They may have been educated and exposed to alternatives, as a religion or way of life, to include life in free societies, raising doubts, questioning the restrictions, the manmade elements, of Islam.  They may simply find the aggressive, violent, terrorist actions of Islam, and practices such as honor killing and punishments for apostasy, far to cruel or unusual.  They are viewed by the fundamentals as less than Muslim.  Erdogan makes clear the view of the Islamists, “The term ‘moderate Muslim’ is ugly and offensive.  There is no moderate Islam.  Islam is Islam.”

There is a third line.  It focuses on the definition of ‘true Islam.’  If there are two sides that are strident in their interpretation and practice of Islam, but they differ, then one is in error.  In error, punishment, to include elimination is justified. Through battle, by fighting, the victor potentially proves he was right.  Until he meets another that does not wholly agree.  Now know this, there are many factions in Islam, not just Sunni and Shia.  There are schools that teach Sunni and Shia ways, many in both disciplines.  Then there are the Kurds, the Alawites, the Turks, the Berbers, and so many more.  In Muslim majority nations there may not be a plurality of religions, but there is a plurality of Muslim factions, to include tribes and clans.  As a result there is also many, many civil wars, one Muslim against another. So who is the heretic?  There is no peace in Islam. 

What is the source of such hate-fueled attacks against infidels, heretics and moderates?  The answer, the Quran and the life and sayings of Muhammad, even though first recorded 200 years after the death (murder) of the Prophet. (Verses referenced are from the Quran). Or just credit Allah.


“Sword-jihad is a religious obligation laid on Muslims by Allah (Sura 2:216). Allah buys the Muslims’ souls as his slaves (Sura 9:111) to perform relentless (Sura 47:35) sword-jihad against non-Muslims until all non-Muslims are vanquished (Sura 3:139, 47:35). In recompense for the risks of war, Allah promises that the Mujahideen will have a great reward (Sura 4:76). This “great reward” is multi-faceted: Allah guarantees absolution from all sins (including, implicitly, war-crimes) and immunity from hell (Sura 61:10-13). Furthermore, those that die during sword-jihad are guaranteed entry to paradise immediately (Sura 3:195) whereas those that survive will get war-booty (Sura 4:74) eventually equalling all the wealth of the world (Sura 48:20-21) and guaranteed entry to paradise on their deaths. Allah also promises quick victories (Sura 61:10-13).” — From:

Allah makes the guarantees, yet the guarantee came from Muhammad via the angel Gabriel. Muhammad never had direct contact with the Almighty.  Those that inform, teach, offer or suggest the guarantees are the Islamists, the jihadists, the leaders insisting their Muslim army or followers do as told, making them believe Allah is on their side.  More a charade than instruction from God, that is their god, a god designed by men, sinners, and applied for the purpose of the warriors of Islam.  

Sura 44:51-54 “Verily! The pious (“true-believer” Muslims) will be in a place of Security (Paradise) among Gardens and Springs, dressed in fine silk and (also) in thick silk, facing each other. So (it will be), and We shall marry them to Houris (female fair ones) with wide, lovely eyes.”

Sura 8:12 (Nooraddin & Omar): “(Remember) when your Lord revealed to the angels (to convey to the believers), `I am with you;’ (and He commanded the angels) to make those who believe stand firm and fast, and [said] `(O believers!) I will indeed strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So smite on (your enemy’s) necks and above these (on their heads) and strike off all their finger-tips.’”

Terror Legitimized

Islam sees terror as a legitimate tactic (remember in war it is Allah who is “really” doing things) and this is a call to terrorize, behead and/or mutilate non-Muslims in war. All in the name of the almighty.

That, however, is not my almighty, not the almighty of the Christian or Jew. It is the mysterious unseen unknowable almighty of violent jihadists and Muslims.

Allah tests Muslims by seeing if they are willing to fight and die for him whilst remaining “steadfast” in faith.  Allah’s representatives, self-styled, are in the watchtowers. 


Sura 4:76 (Yusuf Ali): “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah, and those who reject Faith fight in the cause of Evil (or: Satan): So fight ye against the friends of Satan: feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan.”  This verse states categorically that to be a Muslim means fighting against “unbelievers”. Non-Muslims who fight against Muslims are fighting for “Satan” (al-Jalalayn, ibn Abbas, ibn Kathir, Maududi{12}, Qutb, Shari), even if they are fighting against Islamic aggression, thus warfare against non-believers is always justifiable as fighting against evil (all six Tafseers agree on this).  In many cases they are fighting God, the biblical God and followers of Christ.  They are resisting ‘truth,’ more uninformed and coerced than objective. That truth is Muhammad confused matters, made things up, like father, son and Mary as the trinity, then coerced others to cater to what he told them. So the example of Islam is a bully.


Boycott, Divestment, Sanction, ‘BDS.’  Jewish hatred is virulent in Islam.  To this point the BDS movement calls for a Boycott of Israel made goods, even services, the Divestment of any interest, investment or otherwise, of Israel industry or business, and Sanctions against Israel and its residents (which include many Muslims). Israel’s presence in the Middle East is a great bother.  In spite of the Holy Land being designated for the Jews in the Bible and the Quran, today’s State of Israel is a thorn in the side of Islamists.  Oddly, there are others, Democrats, even members of the UN, that stand with the Islamists.  I ask why.  Ilhan Oman and Rashida Tlaib, Congresswomen, a Somalia Muslim and self anointed Palestinian supporting Muslim, respectively, I can see.  However the House, on Tuesday 3/10/2020 passed legislation to oppose (a good thing) the global boycott movement against Israel, laying bare Democratic divisions on relations with this key U.S. ally. Sixteen (16) Democrats voted against the measure (from The Hill). Does that make this cabal of Progressive Democrats who have a penchant, their constant knee-jerk reaction, to anything conservative as ‘racist,’ even creating racist acts where racism cannot be found (think Jesse Smollett), collectively anti-Semitic, Jew hatred made obvious, and thus ‘racists’?  It is bizarre. 

What might happen in Islamaland should Jewish scientists in Israel develop the first treatment for the coronavirus, even a vaccine?  Will the BDS movement adherents refuse treatment?  We will see.


God is the only one that decides your salvation.  It is not the commander of your army, or your autocratic leader, scholars, theocrats or monarchs.  The God I refer to is not Allah, but the biblical God.  God is sovereign.  No matter how a Muslim fights, who they defeat, or whenever they eliminate a non-believer, no pathway to an eternal life is provided, is gifted, guaranteed, or is automatic.  Only by God’s Grace is salvation possible.  Christ died, while we were still sinners, taking the punishment we deserve, and saved us. That is my belief. Muslims, those who herald themselves as Islamists and jihadists in particular, have been indoctrinated to believe they are superior.  They have no humility.  Islam does not believe in original sin, thus they think they are not sinners.  Without humility entry into his holy kingdom is more difficult than a rich person going through the eye of a needle.  

Apostasy Laws make it impossible for Muslims to leave their ideological prison.  To do so subjects them to ‘severe chastisement.’  Death for apostasy is common in Islamaland. This is no way to keep the faith.  It is a way to maintain a bunch of trained lemmings.  Brainwashing is not the ideal for a follower of the almighty.  God understands there are and will be doubters.  The doors to his home is always open.  The prodigal son can return.  The tax-collector will find refuge.  The woman at the well will find comfort.  The poor woman will find riches. Christ was born, lived a perfect life, and died to save the sinners. 

Allah’s war covenant is a battle against godly truth.  It lacks wisdom, understanding, humility, and grace. The Sword is not the Cross.

Is this the life you want to lead? Understand Islam.

Grace and Peace

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