Islamophobia is Good

UI – Part 642 – Islamophobia is Good

Allow Islamophobia, after all it is not hate speech, for the most part it is simply sharing facts, truth, history, raising concerns, repeating verses from the Quran, questioning practices, highlighting human rights violations, noting the oppression of women, and other inequalities,  and attempting to open eyes to alternatives. What is the harm in open dialog, debate and discussion. I do not favor acts of appeasement towards Islam, it’s autocrats or theocrats. It is known they find those who try to please them are weak and candidates for deception. The book of Islam never allows for love of non-Muslims, nor neighbor (as the Bible decrees as a major commandment, along with ‘love God’). Deception is permitted and regularly used. Allah is the Best Deceiver. Lying, takiyya, is common practice when dealing with infidels. Oaths are not respected as the goals of Islam will always triumph.

“Calling an act of terrorism by its name is not Islamophobia. Identifying who committed the act is not Islamophobia. Trying to understand Islam is not Islamophobia, either. We must recognize what tolerance is—and what it is not. Telling the truth about radical jihadists is not being Islamophobic, nor is it intolerant—it is being honest. It’s caring about saving lives. We must distinguish between commonsense analysis and irrational hatred” from Unholy Alliance, by Jay Sekulow, pg. 179/310, Kindle.

Criticism has value.  It is not hate speech.  Be objective.  Welcome discussion.

Understand Islam.

Grace and Peace

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