Coercion and ISLAM

UI – Part 624 – Coercion and ISLAM


‘The Social Contract’ by Rousseau states, “Let us then admit that force does not create right, and that we are obliged to obey only legitimate powers”, which is to say, “the ability to coerce is not a legitimate power, and there is no rightful duty to submit to it. A State has no right to enslave a conquered people.” Clearly jihadists, Islamists, the Ayatollah, the autocrats, dictators and monarchs in Islamaland were not philosophers, nor very considerate of citizens in their realm.  They were selfish men, oriented towards their personal desires, using a false god, Allah, to justify their status. They are never humble.


Freedom is not a desire of Islam. Control is. Thinking is not a want of jihadists nor Islamists. That would lead to dissent and apostasy (for certain). Women in Islam suffer the greatest, they are oppressed, suppressed and distressed daily. A quick read, Unveiled, by Yasmine Mohammad, provides a view inside the life of a Muslim woman. Living in Canada no less. She managed to escape, exposed to her ability to think and experience alternative lives. She also discovered the kuffar is not the enemy.


Islam, Islamic Law as a basis for a nation’s constitution and the regulation of its population, is restrictive, as chains on imprisoned people. Peers, Imams, clerics, mothers, fathers, brothers, husbands, and the ulema are as wardens overseeing with a brainwashed and superior attitude their wards. They unwittingly insure Islam stagnates, never giving thought to alternatives or choice. How you wash or brush your teeth is spelled out, the nanny-state utopia, with punishment designed & inflicted for those that deviate from the rote practice. Apply that to the whole of Islam and it then exists as crusty old moldy stale bread that is the only feed available for the Muslim mammals.  Grow up under these restrained hate-fueled practices, the scars of whipping evidenced bodily or mentally, and do the same towards those now under your care. Why? Because you know no better, or nothing else. Because it is all you were taught and coerced to learn and do. Brainwashed and hate-fueled the Islamist, the Jihadist, aggressively pursue a hell-like objective. They are deceived and blinded to the reality of their evil.

Fresh Air

Escape requires first exposure to a freer existence. There is a world out there where people can sing, dance, smile, love, experience joy and hope. Once experienced, if only a taste, it draws the Muslim. As a dim light that suddenly appears in a pitch black tunnel. Is there more? Hands grasping the sides as you pursue the glimmer. It grows. Then as you come closer there is a flame, as a candle burning. Not only brighter, but encouraging, exciting and warming, it shows a passageway, an escape route. It is not without obstacles, but it offers so much more. Opportunity, freedom, and an exit. Can you or will you seek the outcome? Are you overcome by guilt as to your discovery? Must you turn away and face only the darkness. Are you condemned to Hell by Allah and your environment for the life to which you are now exposed, which you were never to realize? To what extent will hope now take you? You may regress. You may be exposed and punished, but never forget what you have seen. Or you may be free and willing to take the risk. You may discover the beautiful universe at the end of the tunnel. Yasmine was rewarded. 

Escaping is not without scars and doubts, even attempts to cling to the past, the good at least, if any. Many leave Islam as an atheist. They find all religion as shackles on their self. That is Yasmine. Others discover the saving grace of a loving Biblical God, as did Nabeel Qureshi (Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.). When one considers who to thank, who lit the candle, who provided the gift of conscious, the gift of intellect and discernment, then God, his Grace, comes into view, his Spirit taking your hand and leading you to the light.  From the pages of the Bible (the Word) God actually speaks.

Grace and Peace

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