Islam and Israel’s Natural Gas & Oil

UI – Part 614 – Islam and Israel’s Natural Gas & Oil

Off the coast of Israel discoveries of oil and natural gas, the Leviathan and Tamar fields, have provided much needed energy to provide electricity to this country, the size of New Jersey.  In September-October of 2019 a Greece energy company, Energean, discovered an additional pocket of natural gas increasing reserves for Israel to over 100 billion cubic feet. Israel has become an oasis of energy surrounded by hungry Islamic nations.  

Turkey has tried to find oil and gas, to no avail.  Russia wants more than it has.  Egypt has a thirst, as well as Jordon.  Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia surround Israel, their anti-Semitism preached from pulpits in hundreds of mosques. But now the Jews are becoming less dependent on importing energy resources.  They in fact are becoming an exporter.  The irony is clear. 

Cyprus is divided between Turkey and Greek factions, even the capital, Nicosia.  From Wikipedia, “The Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities of Nicosia segregated into the south and north of the city respectively in early 1964, following the fighting of the Cyprus crisis of 1963–64 that broke out in the city.”  Cyprus is the southernmost member of the European Union (EU). Turkey invaded the north of Cyprus in 1974. As the Ottomans, the Turks had invaded Cyprus before.  Citing Wikipedia, “Nicosia had an estimated population of 21,000 before the Ottoman conquest (1570), and based on the Ottoman census data of 1572, the population had been reduced to 1,100–1,200.”  

Why Cyprus, well Israel has a pipeline, The EastMed Pipeline, carrying gas to the Greek portion of Cyprus as well as Greece. It is under construction. It can then be connected to Europe via the Poseidon Pipeline.  So now Israel can sell gas to Europe in competition with Russia and even the United States. There are plans to sell gas to Turkey.  Pipelines to Jordon and Egypt have been mentioned. 

It is interesting to note that Israel has purchased oil from reserves in the Kurdish controlled areas of Syria. 

Israel is already enjoying significant savings by having its own energy resources.  

What about geopolitics?  

The history of Islam has been as an aggressor.  Islamists are lying when they even suggest Islam is not aggressive.  From the day of Muhammad’s murder the Caliphs that succeeded him became warriors, and imperialists, seeking treasure by militarily exploiting lands to the West and East, northern Africa and Persia.  They took possessions from others, non-Muslims, for their own, destroying communities, churches and synagogues.  Much of the recorded history of the Jews, and Christian history for the 600 years after Christ’s crucifixion, was destroyed, The substrate used to compile such records was used to make torches to light tents and even latrines for the jihadist hoards.  Lives were targets of this aggression too.  The example above of the Ottoman invasion of Cyprus reducing the population from 21,000 to 1,200 while taking what the Islamists wanted was repeated over and over again, before and after the invasion of Cyprus.  In just 75 years (632-707) cities along the northern coast on the Mediterranean, north Africa, became a wasteland littered with bodies of Christians.  Some converted to Islam to save their lives, others, of value, were made to pay a tax (jizya) to live (and provide goods and services for the Muslims), some became slaves (especially women and children – sex slaves) while the remainder were killed, murdered, in vicious, horrendous, and vile ways.  

Now Israel has treasure, valuable treasure for the Islamists.  They want what natural gas and oil can provide in terms of wealth, even power. 


This island amid nation after nation of majority Muslims, hated from the day it was formed in 1948 (actually, except for the most religious that lived in Jerusalem, from around 1881 when pogroms in Russia and Romania caused Jews to leave, many going to their historical homeland) has been a thorn in the side of Islam.  It has proven people can make the desert produce.  It has proven people, citizens of the desert, can be resourceful.  Israel has become a progressive modern beacon; its citizens are educated and free.  Israel is not a theocracy, in spite of what people may believe.  Its laws are rooted in Judeo-Christian, biblical values. The common law reflects moral, ethical values, as well as the right of humans to be equal, to be free, and to be independent. The Palestinian dilemma is interesting in that there were never Palestinians.  Palestine was just a designated area (Hadrian named it Palastina after the Roman destruction of the Temple to upset the Jews).  Sure, people lived there, but not many; there were Arabs, Christians and Jews). 

Israel sought a barren arid landscape to have an independent nation respecting Jews and to provide a safe haven. Historical relevance to the Jewish world was important too.

Aggressive Islamists now have more to gain by destroying Israel.  As Islam has done historically, it can destroy another community, another nation, in the name of Allah, and take their possessions, their resources and their lives.  Rape, pillage, burn and so on is the way of the Islamist. The geopolitics of Islam is the taking of property and possessions of non-Muslims for their very own.

What intrigues some observers, though, is the Iranian-Shiite want for hegemony in the Arab world, facing off against Saudi Arabia, the Sunnis, and the holiest places in Islam – Mecca and Medina. Is it possible Saudi Arabia will seek an alliance with Israel against the Great Satan and Little Satan hater nation Iran? Who would join such a coalition? Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain?  Who is supporting the jihadists, the likes of Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah?  The answer is known; it is Iran. 

Are the Israeli energy producing facilities, onshore and off-shore, at risk to the likes of these blood-thirsty jihadists seeking power and possessions as well as a means to totally surround Saudi Arabia in support of Iran’s objective?  

Middle East

America needs friends in the Middle East.  We need to stay in contact. Knowing there is a cancerous tumor in the region, that is Iran.  We cannot let our guard down.  We must be prepared to defend America from invasion by jihadists. We must also prevent any inroads from being made in our way of life and our culture, by seditious, anti-constitutionalists.  The globalist nature of liberal thinking is a threat to our freedom and our economic strength in the world. The idealism that exists in identity politics must be exposed for its self-destructive nature.  But moreso Islam must be understood, its history, its aggressive nature, its lack of a peace process, and its hate-fueled ideology, for what it is, for what is means to freedom, and how the continuous Holy War by the fundamentalists, the jihadists, must be stopped.   If Muslims relocate they must assimilate, they must not adopt Sharia Law, and they must eliminate the oppressive Apostasy Law from their lectures, their pulpits, their curriculums and their ideology.

To be called a “religion” Islam cannot wantonly desire the destruction of all others who have their own path to follow.   Nor can they actively destroy others in the name of Allah.  That Allah is not God. 

Cudos to Israel

We can congratulate Israel on achieving energy independence.  They are the only democracy in the Middle East.  They have a strong military, possibly even larger than America’s, certainly on a per capita basis.  We have a volunteer army, while every citizen of Israel must serve in the military, be trained to handle weapons and be prepared for war. Israel is the watchtower over the Middle East, but threatened with destruction every day. We must be ready to aide them in their defense as well as share intelligence, in both directions, to know just what the jihadists are doing. 

Islam will never seek peace.  It will never be a friendly or happy neighbor, certainly not loving.  The only way a Muslim can exist is as a moderate, but they must know, the jihadists see them as the infidel too. The world cannot allow the world to be a world All for Allah. 

Israel is more valuable today than ever before. 

Grace and Peace

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