The Iranian Regime without Soleimani

UI – Part 619 – The Iranian Regime without Soleimani

Strong or weak?  That is the question.  What is the potential for the Iranian regime as a global power?  It has become well known as a backer of terrorism.  In fact as the largest nation in support of terrorism throughout the world, verbally targeting America and Israel with the call for their ‘death,’ is Iran in a position to carry out the threats being made after the elimination of the terrorist Quds Force General Qassam Soleimani?

What is Iran up to and who leads Iran?


Iran wants to take over the Middle East.  There is an ongoing battle for hegemony, Iran versus Saudi Arabia, Shia versus Sunni.  National and ideological, Iran wants to be the power force.  The Ayatollah wants Iran to be the Islamic voice in the region.  In Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, Iran’s Quds Force General was strategic in establishing concentrations of Iranian military to impose the will of Iran on local government officials and factions.  Emphasis was placed on Shia proponents of Islam.  As in Iraq the Shia leaning jihadists have taken parliament and are attempting to be the leadership of this Nation.  The goal is to make it a brother and mirror of Iran.  Iran’s armed forces sought out dissidents in Iraq opposing Iran’s actions and killed them.  Thousands have been murdered to quell anti-Iran, anti-Shia voices.  The Press has not done a good job at reporting the trend or the intent.  Having an American presence in the area curbs Iran’s aggression.  Thus the objective of Iran is to have American forces leave.  Kill Americans, attack the Embassy, cause America to react, propagandize events, lie (takiyya), and stir the pot of political hatred towards Trump in the United States in an effort to create a call for the removal of troops.  Iran wants to have a free hand to reshape the Middle East to achieve dominance. They will kill whoever gets in their way.  This practice is nothing new. 

Iran demands support for the Iranian regime.  It is implementing the same operational terrorist, dissident elimination, Shia dominant policies through the region.  Hezbollah is Iran in Lebanon.  Hamas is Iran in Gaza. The Houthis’s are to be Iran in Yemen.  I have no name for the group in Iraq, but there is a faction being purposed within Iraq to make Iraq more Iran.  To curb Iran’s efforts the people, the citizens, of the respective nations must respond.  Those that do, those that become most visible, are subject to removal, just like Soleimani.  The Parliament in Iraq that voted to have American troops leave was not fully representative of the Parliament, as Sunni and Kurd members did not vote.  They were not even present to vote.  

Iran is led by the Ayatollah.  The Ayatollah is an ideological zealot.  I have a problem even suggesting that he is a religious leader or that Islam is a religion.  He hides behind Allah, an Arabic word for god, but Allah and God are not the same.  God of the Bible loves and seeks peace.  Allah does not love.  Love of neighbor is not a commandment of Islam; it is not in the Quran.  Allah demands love of followers, more as lemmings, as a requirement.  That is the reason Islam has Apostasy Law whereupon any who leave Islam are to be punished, in most cases death is the requirement.  Imagine your minister as the head of an army, his elders as advisers.  The Mullahs and Clerics of Iran since the day of the Iranian Revolution have altered the course of their own understanding of the Shia component of Islam.  Shia had always remained on the sidelines politically.  But once tasting the power obtained (with the help of Jimmy Carter) their human greed took hold, their lust for power and control was given privilege and a nation, Iran, was theirs.  Armed, even though not able to shoot straight, they began to purge internally and demand the loyalty they self-professed they deserved.   Soleimani came to their aide.  He was given the authority to carry out the desires of the zealots.  He created bases in strategic Middle East Nations and began the process of converting the Middle East to become as Iran wants.  Obama helped by providing billions to Iran, more as a Shia, Islamic, sympathizer that an aware American President.  Those monies never got to the 80 million people of Iran, but did get to the Mullahs and Clerics, and the military.  Funds were used to enhance Hezbollah and Hamas, to grow/bribe support in Iraq, arm the Houthi’s, and to add to the bank accounts of the Ayatollah, clerics, military and close allies of the cabal of zealots of the Iranian regime.

Killing Will Continue Regardless

Cries in America that the decision to take the opportunity that presented itself to eliminate the terrorst Soleimani will result in more deaths to Americans must be objectively considered.  Iran has been killing Americans as well is their own and neighbors since control was placed in the hands of Allah’s chosen, a man in the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad, and a murderer justified by his ideology (called a religion – Islam), the Ayatollah in 1979.  Soleimani was given carte blanch to kill anyone, anywhere, anytime if it served his purposes and that of the Mullahs and Iran.  He is gone.  The Ayatollah needs another killer in charge to do his dirty work, with the blessing of Allah.  Soleimani had subordinates, regional killers, his ambassadors to Middle East nations, to carry our his demands.  It was all for Iran.  He will be replaced by one of these trained terrorists, dissent killers, American murderers and Sunni eliminators. The killing will continue regardless.   

Sans Soleimani

Ali Khamenei, Qassem Soleimani

Without Soleimani Iran is weaker.  The Ayatollah will find others with a thirst for blood and killing to replace him.  There are many born into Islam that are filled with hate, through education, training and reminders, that will carry out the will of Allah when provided justification to kill other humans.  The Ayatollah and his clerics are as can be expected quite nervous.  They are more aware now that America, Trump, will act.  They can be a target.  Although we have not attacked on Iran’s soil, as yet, that cannot be dismissed.  There are targets of opportunity to include nuclear sites, missile sites, defense systems, naval bases, military compounds, armories, and more that can do much damage.  But it is the people of Iran that must take action.  They are suppressed and oppressed, just as the Mullahs want them.  Weak and unarmed the people can be contained and made to obey the demands of the Ayatollah.  This is partial proof that Islam is not a voluntary religion.  For Soleimani’s funeral the people were given a 3 day holiday and called upon to take to the streets in mourning.  The fake tears are the same as the fake love of Allah and false respect for the ideology of Islam.  There is no love for the Ayatollah.  

There is depth in the Iran military from which new leaders will be chosen and emerge.  They will regroup and continue to their campaign to rid the Middle East of American troops and the resistance we provide.  They will also reconstitute their ongoing efforts to spread the influence of Iran in neighboring nations, seeking to be the voice of Islam, a Shia voice, in the Middle East.  They want to control Mecca and Medina too. 

Note: Soleimani’s replacement has been named – Esmail Ghaani Is Iran’s New Top Military Leader. 

Grace and Peace

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