Global War on Terrorism

UI – Part 617 – Global War on Terrorism

What is the meaning of a global war on terrorism? Has it changed since Bush’s post 911 proclamation? 

“We have seen their kind before,” Bush said of America’s new enemy. “They are the heirs of all the murderous ideologies of the 20th century. By sacrificing human life to serve their radical visions—by abandoning every value except the will to power—they follow in the path of fascism, and Nazism, and totalitarianism. And they will follow that path all the way, to where it ends: in history’s unmarked grave of discarded lies.” (4126/9123, America’s War for the Greater Middle East). 

Islam – The Enemy

Islam became the enemy. The Jihadists were the fundamentalists leading the charge. The Quran was their Scripture as well as their Military Manuel. From a pyramid structure housing over 1.5 Billion Muslims came the top element of radical Islamists. They cast light on all Muslims, including moderate Muslims, mostly cultural, and incentivized many to become more knowing of Islamic Law, the dictates and example of the Messenger Muhammad, and the Will of Allah. Fighting was in the blood, hatred was their fuel and non-Muslims along with free people were plentiful. They became targets at home and away.  As a result the numbers of radical Islamists grew and the fields of moderates became ripe for plowing to produce even more Jihadists in all corners of the globe. All Muslims are called upon, if they are truly Muslim, to Jihad. Sura 9 is Muhammad’s call to serve. It is the only chapter of the Quran that is not begun with the Bismillah, or Allah’s blessing. I cannot answer why that is the case, but when you read this section you hear the self-proclaimed Prophet of Islam calling upon those who follow to commit their resources, time, energy, money, spirit and blood to a imperialism for Allah. The world is to be All for Allah. 

Muhammad was murdered by his own, two wives and their fathers, fathers who became the first two Caliphs of Islam. Did they usurp the Prophets plan for their own, making the ideology blaspheming God as their personal protector and that of their militant servants to achieve their desired ends. Was it wealth and power that overshadowed any elements of a faith in the almighty. Love was never an end, only plunder, marauding and taking for themselves what others possessed, achieved and cherished, including recorded history. 

What they called a Holy War was anything but Holy. It was evil. It was demonic. It made killing fields of Christian, Persian, East Asia, and India’s territories. It was terrorism employed everywhere the Caliphs, the Jihadists, the Berbers, the Turks, the Saracens and the Ottomans ventured.  Islam’s Holy War has always been a global war, not a Global War on Terrorism but a Global War of Terrorism. 

History of Aggression 

“…no religion but Islam has a history of aggression and an imperative — supported by religious texts — to conquer the world and subjugate unbelievers as inferiors, while murdering those who leave the faith” Jihad-Watch, Christine Douglas-Williams, “Pope cites French epic poem to “prove” Christianity is as violent as Islam.” (Read Here). The difference between Christian aggression and Islam aggression is that Islam Scripture calls for believers to conduct themselves in an aggressive, imperialistic, fashion to take the world for Allah. Christian Scripture, the Bible, does not call for Christians, Sword in hand, to convert or kill Muslims. 

What happened on 911 was not new. It was a continuation of Islam’s requirement for Jihad.  It continued their almost 1400 crusade of Jihadist imperialism.

A Soft Citizenry

Bush was not willing to reinstate conscription to respond to this invasion on American soil, the taking of over 3000 lives and much of our treasure. The perpetrators were from Saudi Arabia but Bush made that off limits. The Carter Doctrine to protect the Middle East came into question. “According to the Carter Doctrine, to sustain the American way of life it was incumbent upon the United States to ensure the security of the Persian Gulf and its environs“ (pg. 4156/9123, America’s War....).  Our freedom was in jeopardy. How were we to unleash our military power on this threat? The American Way of life was being tested. Have we become too soft, less willing or able to defend our sovereignty, even our Constitution? There were no new taxes for a war effort. As a whole we were incensed, but were we mobilized to resist effectively. Did we understand Islam?  Did Bush fail to take advantage, with our Country unified towards the evil perpetuated by Islamists, of an opportunity to develop a larger trained force against the aggressive ideological hoard of jihadist America-haters. 

Bush allowed the public to be spectators in this global war. That in my view (I’m not alone) was a judgment error. Too many today remain so, ignorant of history, of facts, and even sympathetic to an ideology of hate mongering Islamists hiding behind Allah as God.  For Allah there is no love of neighbor. For God, well, God is Love.  The two commandments of most importance, love God and love neighbor. It does not say love only Christ followers.  

Enabling the Expansive Effort

Islamic conquests may never end. The Quran is their military manual, defines their religious requirements (the 5 Pillars from Hadiths), it identifies their targets, and promotes jihadism. Hatred is to be endemic in all Muslims towards non-believers, infidels and heretics. As long as punishment, to include death, for Apostates of Islam remains a fundamental practice in Islam, this obstacle to independent thinking and choice will continue to constrain moderate Muslims from leaving Islam.  No Apostasy Law and Islam May well fade from existence. 

With liberals wanting to never appear to discriminate, except as to conservatives, a large body politic will be massaged, manipulated, exploited and financially aided to believe and join the chorus of lying Islamists proclaiming Islam is not aggressive and a religion of peace. In fact, the truth is, Islam is aggressive and there is no peace in Islam!  Liberals need a lesson in understanding Islam. Read more articles on this website. 

Fight Islam

A global war on Islam is needed. It need not require military style weapons. Protecting borders and curbing immigration into free nations, improved and strict vetting, is one action possible. Improved education of moderate Muslims, all Muslims, on the true history of Islam, its history of making killing fields of Christian territories in the earliest years of the Caliphates, the Umayyad and Abbasid Dynasties. Use drones to drop literature in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Bengali, Turkish, and other local languages, to include English, telling of other religions and Islam’s history of horrors, violence and imperialism.  Use cyber-techinical skills and broadcasting to reach Muslim majorities and override autocratic censorship. Develop operatives and informants in every corner where Islam is present and Islamist organizations are propagandizing lies and disinformation. Country embeds, sources from mosques and madrassas, and eyes on the organizers, such as the OIC, CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Student Associations, ISNA, et al are needed. 

Yes, I am suggesting profiling. Bush should have been more strident in his regard for the dangerous, seditious, nature of Islam wherever there are Muslims. Moderate Muslims may not be jihadists, today, but they are ripe prospects for efforts to radicalize. They are targets, fodder, for Islamic organizations using financial resources from donations by fundamentalists and oil rich Islamic Nations (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, etc.) to promote, encourage, cajole and entice moderates closer to the true Islam outlined by the tenets of Islam. 

Islam is a diabolical charade to conquer the world for Allah. In truth as history proves Islamic conquests blaspheme God, as victory for Allah, but in reality it is victory for the monarchs, the Ayatollahs, the Caliphs, the Autocrats, the Husseins, the Mohammads, the Assads, the Ghadafi’s, the Republican Guards (Iraq), the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (Iran), the Quds Force, the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda and so forth; the elitists, and the cronies are the beneficiaries of Islam. They pillage and plunder for treasure, to include slaves, sex-slaves, for their pleasure and enjoyment. Those beneath them are to be militant believers in their leaders, and Allah (and the Messenger), ready to defend them and aggressively pursue outreach to gain even more. The Muslims are but pawns for the rooks, bishops, knights, and kings of the chessboard of Islam. The Queen is but the king’s chattel (along with harems and eunuchs).

Islamophobia is Good

Allow Islamophobia, after all it is not hate speech, for the most part it is simply sharing facts, truth, history, raising concerns, repeating verses from the Quran, questioning practices, highlighting human rights violations, noting the oppression of women, and other inequalities,  and attempting to open eyes to alternatives. What is the harm in open dialog, debate and discussion. I do not favor acts of appeasement towards Islam, it’s autocrats or theocrats. It is known they find those who try to please are weak and candidates for deception. The book of Islam never allows for love of non-Muslim, or neighbor (as the Bible decrees as a major commandment, along with ‘love God’). Deception is permitted and regularly used. Allah is the Best Deceiver. Lying, takiyya, is common practice when dealing with infidels. Oaths are not respected as the goals of Islam will always triumph.

Continuing the Battle

Non-Muslims seek peace. Christians, Jews, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Mormons, Zoroastrians, Yazidis, and others all seek peace. Islamists do not.  Through ‘violence and fear’ Muhammadians will prevail, so stated the Prophet of Islam. That is the practice of Islam and has been since Muhammad’s murder. The murderers became the first Caliphs and adopted Islam for their own. They also stole whatever good might be found in Islam writing the Scripture from their recollection and incorporating their desires and laws in what became the Quran by the time of the 3rd Caliph, Uthman. Beware. Be mindful. Be alert to the traps the Islamist lay, as mines, for those who oppose what they seek for themselves. Islam is a selfish, male dominated, blasphemous ideology that is at war with everyone else. 

Do not join. Do not be fooled. Leave if moderate and in a free county (because you can and not be punished).  Seek understanding of alternatives. Learn the History. There is much on the aggressive nature on this blog, in recent postings. Understand Islam. It is evil. It is as the devil at war with God, wanting to show who is boss, complete with hypocrites, blind lemmings, entrapped victims, liars, mean menacing blood hungry, hate-fueled, mongrels, thieves of others productivity, and selfish marauders taking from innocents what they themselves have no incentive or initiative to do for themselves. 

Even when factions are defeated, the leader killed, as with ISIS, the dream and desire for the Caliphate and the obligation of Jihad will prevail for all honest Muslims. There will be others to follow, to pick up the sword of Islam and continue slashing. 

The battle must continue. Resist, be prepared, protect what you own, your family, your children, your freedom, be equipped, be ready, and know Islam will some day, if permitted, attack you too. 


America now has a President using restraint, but acting when American lives are threatened.  He appears to understand efforts of appeasement with Islamists, as are the Iranian Clerics, is not worthwhile.  He does not want to be seen as weak.   His recent decision enabling the killing of Iran’s top general Soleimani will saves American lives. It will also save lives of those seeking peace even in the Middle East.  Soleimani was a terrorist.  Iran is the leading global state activist of terror, funding, training and equipping terrorists to attack America.   The people of Iran, themselves, must do what is necessary to recapture Iran for the people, taking it away from the religious cleric zealots.  The Ayatollah and Rouhani need to be removed.

Never Forget 911

Terrorist acts began before 911.  However that date in history awoke many to the global threat of Islamic terrorism and the goal of jihadists and their brotherhood to seek a world All for Allah at any cost, regardless of lives lost.  The objective is purely evil.  God has no part in the equation.  God loves.  Allah is not a loving god.  Those seeking peace can only lose unless they resist, fight and condemn Islam.


Grace and Peace

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