Interfaith Dialogue with Islamists/Appeasement (1 of 2)

UI – Part 605 – Interfaith Dialogue with Islamists/Appeasement (1 of 2)


History makes us aware there have been many attempts by non-Muslim organizations to reach out to Islamic groups, organizations, for dialogue. Such dialog is for those who generalize god is the same for all religions, when invoking the Almighty.  Interfaith dialog attempts to seek unity of spirit. Unfortunately history also proves Islam’s view at such efforts is an expression by weak religious groups to appease them. They welcome the effort, only to buy time, to regroup, and to resume jihad when the opposition appears most vulnerable. 

God versus Allah

Jihadists, which all Muslims are called upon to be or they are not Islamic enough, thus they are heretics. Pious Muslims despise the cross.  They find this symbol of Christianity offensive.  Why is that? Simply – their god, or Allah, is not the same as God.  A gathering of different faith groups, when including Islamists, effectively allows an ideology with a false god, a god that is not their own, to gain recognition.  History proves this point.  

During the early years after the death of Muhammad, Christian areas with 600 years of development were repeatedly and aggressively invaded by an army of hate-filled, and hate-fueled Jihadists, their Caliph, or King, ordering them to raid the villages, tear down any cross, destroy churches, even violate priests and nuns on altars.  The treasures of the villagers and the churches became spoils, booty, to be shared among the viscous dogs of destruction.  Aware the areas where dominated by Christians the conquering animals welcomed having easy prey, peoples unprepared, even unaware of who inspired these despoilers. Welcome the invaders and accept their god (convert), seek protection and pay a tax (jizya or income for the invaders), or die. That is what unsuspecting Christians facing an army of evil were offered.  The protection racket was generally restricted to those who chose not to convert but served a purpose, as farmers, shop keepers, or producers of some kind and able to pay.  Women and children were paraded about and selected for their age, their appeal, and the opportunity for the marauders to take them as sexual objects, sex-slaves. 

How is such activity as noted in your mind related to God? The Jihadists related it to Allah.  In their minds, and in mine, Allah and God are not the same. Armies of marauders led by self-titled kings, or Caliphs, entered the world with a thirst for blood and the treasure possible from unprepared citizens of towns, and cities, and their churches. These vile thieves were encouraged by generals prepared to kill the soldier that refused, and told in victory they would be rewarded, to include sex in abundance, and in defeat, their death, salvation by Allah.  The Jihadists entered the world of the godly, more as destroyer than creator.   


Byzantium, a target even when Muhammad was alive, was the cradle of Christianity to the Muslim.  Constantinople, the Capital, was a cherished target.  They wanted it destroyed and the people converted.  It took over 800 years, with areas surrounding Constantinople, raided, pillaged, burned, treasures taken, crosses removed (not even permitted), churches destroyed, and thousands upon thousands enslaved, until the city was besieged. Attempts by the Pope (from Rome), and other non-Muslim groups to find a way for peaceful co-existence, were never fully embraced by the Islamists, unless convenient as a temporary measure until they could regroup and take charge.  Once seized the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia was readily converted into a Mosque (today it is a Museum).  

Open Dialogue

When faith leaders reach out seeking peace with others, many incompatible, it can be seen as gestures of tolerance, or call it, ‘good faith.’  But for the Islamist they see it as opening the hen house and welcoming the foxes, as their Allah will never be God. Those making the invitation must spend some time, do some research and study to understand Islam, and Allah, before ever meeting, even reaching out, to the Islamists. Attempts to reason with, have a discussion, or open a dialogue about the various faiths is not permitted in Islam.  Their Scripture (Quran) makes that clear. 

Scripture of Islam Closes Ears of Muslims

From the Quran – Sura 2.23 says raising doubts about Islam is persecution. Sura 2.120 tells followers to make NO friends of infidels.  Use them, but do not be as a friend. Sura 4.36 makes clear God’s commandment to ‘love your neighbor’ is not Allah’s command. Sura 4.75-76 wants Muslims to be in constant opposition, overtly or covertly, with infidels. Sura 5.102 informs believers to never ‘doubt’ Islam, in part out of fear followers might leave. Sura 8.39 makes it clear Muslims are to fight, fight, fight those who persecute.  Any religion other that Islam, when speaking to a Muslim, proselytizes, and thus persecutes. Sura 9.3 allows Muslims to lie to idolaters (infidels).  Any agreement or treaty is valid until no longer useful for a Muslim to the promotion of Islam. Sura 9.29 stresses the superiority of Muslims over infidels, even those within their own ideology whom they consider heretics. Sura 9.123 tells Muslim when living among non-Muslims, Christians and Jews, to resist, even fight, those near you.  Thus keep the belief.  This leads to Sura 10.21 whereupon Muslims are to continuously ‘plan,’ against infidels.  Deception is permitted. Sura 14.14 suggests imperialism for Islam, until all is for Allah. This is a segue back to Sura 2.191, which tells Muslims that land that they conquer, once theirs, once ruled by Islamists, “belonged by right to Islam forever…stated in the Quran in the command ‘drive them out from where they drove you out’” (R. Spenser, The History of Jihad, pg. 182).  Sura 32.18 addresses equality, and non-Muslims are not equal.  Sura 47.13 informs Jihadists to ‘destroy’ towns from whence the followers of Muhammad were driven. Sura 47.34 says there is ‘no forgiveness’ for any who hinder the way of Allah. 


Apostasy, whereupon Muslims who leave Islam are subject to the punishment of death, is not prescribed in the Quran.  However associated documents, the Hadiths, containing what Muhammad said or did, and the Laws of Islam, most created after the death of the Prophet, order severe chastisement for any who choose a path other than Islam, whether born into this ideology or having converted (even to save themselves from slaughter).   Islamic Law or Sharia Law was developed by Caliphs.  These kings needed to insure their control and power. How their army, or followers, were to treat Christians and other non-Muslims (they really despised the Hindus) was prescribed.  Apostasy law was designed  so there would be no loss of followers, or potential warriors.  

Islamic Humiliation of Infidels

Examples of humiliation – taken from Robert Spencers book, The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS, Post Hill Press, NY, NY, 2018.

  • Manner of dress prescribed, in some cases wearing arm bands of color to distinguish Christian, Jew and other non-Muslims.
  • Not permitted to ride a horse
  • No fur, fur caps, satin, silk or velvet.  No dress similar to that of a Muslim of high standing
  • Boys taken from families, those that appeared strong, to be raised as a Muslim, taught the Quran, and trained as warriors – janissaries.
  • Convert or die – if of value pay the tax (jizya).  Protection, but subject to death if dissent arises.  Death most often – beheading and display.  The tax was income for the Islamists, often their only income except for treasure gained stealing from others. 
  • Payment of Jizya – assembled in public on the given day, in ‘the lowest and dirtiest place.’ Officials placed above with a ‘threatening attitude.’ Those that pay must be thankful, degraded but thankful, as their freedom remains. Dragged to the official to be paid, as a supplicant they are to be struck, insulted and tossed aside.
  • Considered low-born, to be shunned in society.
  • Jews treated as ‘apes’ and ‘pigs’ – Quran Sura 2.63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166.
  • No funeral processions by infidels
  • No church bells
  • No open display of a cross on church buildings
  • No public celebration of divine liturgy
  • A  Christian value 1/3 that of a Muslim.  A Zoroastrian (Persian), 1/5.
  • No new churches
  • No repairs, outward. of existing churches
  • Make them slaves, for work or for sex.
  • Muslim is not to go to meet an infidel; they must come to them.
  • No kissing or a Muslim’s hand, or being seated among Muslims
  • Infidels are not to be shown any respect, honor, even for their success. Not even to wish them success.
  • Muslims are not to stand for an infidel.
  • No charity for the infidel
  • Never to be called as a witness.
  • Treatment was as dhimmis – accorded a protected status and allowed to retain his or her original faith. 

In Consideration

When you understand Islam you can appreciate why any meeting with, even collaboration with, scholars, leaders, teachers, or Imams, of Islam, is an exercise in futility.  Even if the goal is peace in your neighborhood.  To the Islamist it is but a waiting game.  They will listen, but not hear if it deflects their attention from Allah, Muhammad, or their role as a Muslim/Islamist/Jihadist to seek a world All for Allah.  They must remain focused on the goal.  All land is to be their land.  If they think otherwise they are heretics, or worse, apostates. 


The thought of co-existence with a non-Muslim is anathema to a Muslim that knows ‘true Islam.’  For them there is only Jihad and a world to be, All for Allah.

….to be continued.  In two days. 

Grace and Peace


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