No Peace in Islam (2 of 2)

UI – Part 603 – Peace within Islam Impossible (2 of 2)

The first part of this two part series outlines the tribal nature of Islam, where a peace among factions never evolved.  The only unity in Islam was a unified effort to rape, pillage, steal, and conquer using fear and violence, while declaring Allah is great.  Unified in jihad only.

No Peace in Islam

The No Peace reality within Islam continues.

The struggle within Islam for dominance seems never ending.  Suleiman after taking Baghdad in 1534 declared, “In Baghdad I am the shah, in Byzantine realms the Caesar, and in Egypt the sultan.” But he was never a peacemaker.  He was the one that attempted to break the eastern edge of Europe through Vienna, stopped (thankfully) by Ferdinand of Austria (1532) in Hungary.   A second attempt also failed (1683) led by Memet IV.  All was quiet then on the western sphere as the Ottomans did not attempt again an invasion west (until, you might say, 911).

It was also decreed that to make peace with an infidel was only possible, or legal, if there was a benefit to all Muslims.  When the benefit went away any peace agreement was nullified.

Pirates took to the sea and caused havoc, the Berbers taking anything they could for ransom.  They even traveled by sea to coastal areas of England taking prisoners for ransom.  Ships, traders, were stopped, boarded and crews taken too.  From Spencer’s book, “By the end of 1625, the English had lost a thousand ships to the pirates, and the warriors of jihad from Morocco had gained a thousand English slaves” (pg. 232, The History of Jihad).  American colonial ships were not ignored.

The Ottoman Empire was over-extended and weakened and the conquests slowed, but the desire for expansion for Allah was never lost.

In the 1700’s in Arabia a Muslim priest, last name Wahhab, campaigned for Muslims to be stridently pious, fully respecting the Quran and the words of Muhammad (Sunnah). Jihad was mandatory and obedience to rulers (righteous or sinners) required.  Only Islam is to be worshipped.  Each rung of the hierarchal ladder was to be obeyed from those beneath.  At the top, of course, was Allah.   “During these declarations that the Muslim ruler must be obeyed, Wahhab and his jihadis began to wage jihad against the local authorities in Arabia” (pg. 254, The History of Jihad, RS).  The others were Muslims, but not as pious, and thus more heretics, committing shirk, and expendable (as apostates). Wahhab developed an affiliation with Muhammad ibn Saud, a local ruler. The rest is history.   A new wave of pillaging and plunder began against those who were not Muslims, or not Muslim enough (“not implementing Islam properly” pg. 255).

The Ayatollah (Iran) makes it clear, there is no peace, nor Muslims that pursue peace (pacifists). Read translation –

The Middle East Regions

Turkey and the Middle East remained steadfastly Muslim with numerous competing factions.  These factions were always battle ready to defend their ‘true Islam.’  Peace has not yet come to these areas.  Today we have the Turks battling the Kurds and Assad for parts of Syria.  Iran is circling their militant groups, Hizbollah, Hamas, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Force and the Qods Force around Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Iraq is steadfast with their Republican Guard Force. The Shiites are after the Sunni’s where there is little peace, and always after the Jews, where there is no peace.  Shia vs Sunni, Turks vs. Kurds.  We cannot ignore the internal strife in other Islamic nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and among India’s Muslim population.

Love of neighbor is not part of the Quran, and certainly not proactive in the Islamic world.  Love Allah, obey your boss, but all else, resist, fight, and never forget the infidel and heretic is your enemy.

Do not Ignore History or the Facts

There is so much more to be told and shared.  Just do some research on your own and you will find nothing that suggests Islam is peaceful.  History is proof it is aggressive and not just towards infidel occupied areas, but within.  The power of the throne of Islam is attractive for the benefits to the rulers.  Allah permits conflict.  Whoever’s definition of ‘true Islam’ wins is OK with Allah, as long as his name remains at the masthead of Islam, and Muhammad’s sayings are as direct messages from the master as Almighty.   

As long as there is Islam.  As long as Islam controls its populations with the laws of apostasy and death as punishment for those who leave.  As long as the jihad imperative is proclaimed.  As long as Islam in practice remains imperialistic and seeks a world All for Allah, and only that. As long as Islam restricts its adherents from thinking independently and considering another religious path.  As long as Islam finds innovation, or progress in the Islamic world wrong.  As long as Islam continues.  There will never be peace.  Neither in the Islamic majority domains nor where pockets of Islam spring up and grow is peace possible.

Where there is no peace, there is no justice.

The Christian world offers a peaceful solution.

America was the experiment.  But Christians, the Judeo-Christian moral and ethical value structure, is being attacked by Islamists as well as secularists.  ‘Live and let live’ is not an acceptable credo.  There is much for everyone to be concerned.  But will we be concerned enough as a whole to cause there to be a resurgence of Christianity, of the family structure and personal moral values.  We cannot let government dictate how we live our lives, or what is right and wrong.  We need a moral code, not a consensus, and that exists, born from biblical principles of human rights and equality, love of neighbor and love of God.  God is not Allah, except from a linguistic point of view.  As governments change, if left to dictate, and become more secular, the codes of morality will vacillate.  That should never be allowed, or the basis for common law. A higher power was the first cause and must remain the primary source for moral and ethical values, family values, and human rights.  Then there can be peace.

Peace is anathema in any Islamic structure. That is true also for Freedom. As we all sin, none can be perfect, forgiven, or acceptable to the sinners above on the ladder to Islam’s Paradise.  Allah can forgive, but an Islamist cannot. Between the sinner, those who commit shirk, and Allah are a multitude of Islamists, the more pious, the jihadist. They enjoy killing.

A Sidenote

Understand Islam.  Study its history.  Read other issues on this blog.  From the internet website,, go to the upper right corner and push the menu stripes.  It will take you to a page where you can input your email to receive every posting.  It will also allow you to search for other topics on Islam, its history, its nature and its fallacies. This blog encourages Judeo-Christian values and independent thinking be embraced.  Focus on family, and your own abilities.  Do not become dependent on government. 

Government has a secular nature, it is necessary, but its populace, the voters, must find a moral guide greater than a political Party or President.  The Founding Fathers of America’s Constitution found that in the biblical God.  There was a cogent reason for that. Let’s not have our Nation decline into anarchy due to ungodly desires.  Let ‘live and let live’ be a motto.  That will engender respect and tolerance.  Only allow those ideologies that embrace such thinking, and their practitioners applying the same, to develop.  Do not be fooled by polices the intent of which is to destroy faith, family, human rights, equality, liberty, common law, and our Godly values.   God Bless America.

There is no peace in or from Islam. Religions can cause problems, but objectivity is essential. Let others ‘live,’ as they should do the same. Secularism opens the tent to every belief, whether in God or not, but must have a guide. That guide is not an earthly one. People need a personal compass that points to what is right. Their north is not man.

Grace and Peace

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